The afternoon had turned out worse than expected – school had ended early so everyone could get home before the snow storm hit and the roads turned impassable. Basil didn't really mind snow, too many good memories associated with it. He was reminded of last year's neighborhood snow fight in particular, not that he and Amy actually won it, mainly because she managed to get everyone to team up on them. Somehow she also managed to be the only person not to spend the next week sick in bed with a cold, though she might as well have since she wouldn't leave his side the entire time he was sick.

Unfortunately a few months ago she managed to hit a rough patch, she ended up walking in on her best friend and boyfriend together in bed, when she tried to surprise him on their relationship anniversary and while she was still dealing with that one of her teachers started spreading rumors about her when she turned him down. Luckily, her biology teacher was caught and she got over the betrayal after a ridiculously convoluted event ending in the two performing suicide. He managed to catch her sneaking out a few times at night so she probably found herself another boyfriend. Normally, someone might suspect a person in Amy's situation to be resorting to drugs but Basil knew his sister would never do anything like that.

This of course is what has led him to this situation. Basil was standing in an alley he was cutting through to get home earlier staring at a cat.

It of course was not just any cat.

The cat was the spitting image of Amy, well Amy's face whenever she would tease someone. Honestly, it was the same face she had whenever she mistake their rooms and end up falling asleep in his bed only for him to wake up to her crouched over him in the morning sporting a wide eyed smirk. Not that he could ever figure out what was so amusing.

There was no way he could possibly leave a cat like this, or any cat really, out in the middle of a snowstorm. Basil knew that he really didn't have a choice, he would just have to take it home until the snowstorm cleared up and he could find somewhere safe for it to live. Since his parents were away on a trip that just left Amy to deal with, but she would just love the cat. This plan, he thought, is perfect.