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Intruders Chapter 2

That morning went by in a blur. Shawn was so tired, but so wired he couldn't tell which way was up, which way was down, left, or right. He even tried to snap out of it by drinking coffee, an act that didn't go unnoticed by Juliet.

"You're drinking coffee?"

"Yeah." Shawn didn't say much else, his head was up in the clouds and he was thinking of Desperaux and 32. "I guess I am."

"Shawn." Juliet went over to him, taking his cup away. "You don't drink coffee."

"I know." Shawn agreed. "However today is a special occasion, so if you please?" The tone in his voice was rather sharp. He watched as Juliet pursed her lips and held back a remark. Eventually she put the porcelain mug back in front of him and continued on with her morning routine.

"So what is this special occasion?" Juliet asked from over her shoulder as she proceeded to grab her jacket and gun holster.

"Ridiculously tired." Shawn was honest. "Sleep was impossible last night."

"I noticed." Juliet's voice was flat, she was still a little sour and concerned that she had woken up to find her live-in boyfriend awake at 2AM and drinking. "Did you want to talk about it?"

"No." Shawn sounded apologetic. "I'm sorry, I can't I'm sorry."

"Right." She reached into the middle drawer of the island pulling out her badge. "Did you want a ride to your office?"

"I'm not going in today."

"You're not?"

"Not after last night. I'm calling Gus and telling him to stay home."

"Huh." Juliet finished buttoning up her blazer and turned to look at her reflection from one of the hanging pans in the kitchen; she touched up her hair and looked back to Shawn. "So you're staying here then?"

"May go for a walk." Shawn told her. "Don't worry about me."

"I do worry." Juliet countered. "You rarely have trouble sleeping."

Shawn took a second to look over Juliet. The concern etched on her face was almost enough to make him feel bad – almost. "I'm sure tonight will be better." He did his best to make it sound like a promise.

"Okay." She finally gave in. "You'll call if you need anything?"

"Absolutely." Shawn was up out of his chair finishing the last of his disgusting coffee. "Have a good day." He went over to her and gave her a quick kiss. With one more concerned look, she was out the door, and Shawn waited until her car was out of site before he was in action.

He showered, and made sure to use his best scented soaps. It took him almost a half an hour to get his hair done just right – it wasn't until after he was in his bedroom, with a towel around his waist, and picking out nice clothes did he realize he was doing all of this for Desperaux.

"Oh my." Shawn had to back track a moment. "What is happening to me?" He honestly didn't know.

Regardless, within the next two hours he was standing outside of the Shakey Motel infront of door 32. It was approximately 10AM and Shawn couldn't decide if he was making a mistake.

I'm just here to talk.

He repeated the mantra to himself, but even after a few dozen times he still didn't believe himself. Finally with a bit of defiance, he knocked on the door. There was a moment of silence, then another moment of silence, then another. It became apparent after about a minute that no one was answering.

Shit. Shawn looked around, and took in his surroundings. Shakey's motel was a royal dump, every other room had a boarded up window, and the ones that didn't had garbage piling up under the windows. Down in the center of it all was a little porta-office with the vacancy sign flickering with uncertainty and near death. There was a glass window where a woman sat disinterested, her laptop open. Shawn was convinced she didn't even notice that he had strolled in. He turned and looked back at Desperaux's door and quirked his brows, he hadn't noticed that the door had opened just a click.

Taking a breath, Shawn stepped out of the room, and closed the door behind him. "Hello?" Shawn looked around the room, a queen sized bed in the middle with beige sheets that have seen better days. A night stand that looks like someone had beat the shit out of it, and one of those old small black and white TVs on a stool. Shawn closed the door behind him, and called out again. "Hello?"


Desperaux's voice sounded like it was coming from a back corner of the room, Shawn followed the sound, and when he was halfway across the room Desperaux called out again.

"Turn around."

Shawn turned, and there Desperaux was. He stood against the door, wearing the same suit as a few hours ago.

"You're here." Shawn fumbled on his words a bit.

"That I am." Desperaux went over to the edge of the bed and sat looking Shawn over. Shawn took a second to look at the scene around him – and he laughed.

"You're amused?" Desperaux asked.

"Very." Shawn was honest. "The great Pierre Desperaux, a man of class, and with a portfolio rivalling that of Carmen Sandiego's, is hiding out in a seedy motel."

"Ah." Desperaux seemed to understand. "Next time then, I will treat you."

"Treat me?"

"To a better hotel room, no worries about the money though boy -Staley's buying."

Shawn continued to stand where he was, feeling uncomfortable. Though he noted Desperaux was trying to ease his mind by sitting down – giving Shawn the upper hand. Though it didn't really help. Shawn knew from experience that Desperaux could fight just as well as any cop, he had seen him in action.

"So." Shawn tried to start the conversation. "You've been watching me?"

"When I can." Desperaux nodded.

"You owe me an explanation." Shawn reminded him. "You said next time, and it is now next time now please – tell me."

"I'm fond of you."

Well. Okay then.

"I'm sorry – what now?" Did Desperaux just grow a second head?

"I'm fond of you." Desperaux said it again. "Lust after you even."

Shawn gestured to himself and gave an inaudible "me?"

This caused Desperaux to chuckle "Yes you."

"Why?" Shawn felt dumb for asking.

"Your amazing skill, your carefree exterior, your smile, you possess a certain…pizazz. Quite frankly I've noticed it the first time we met. A man can only deny himself so long Shawn, and that is why I am here today in-" He gestured to the disgusting room around them. "This."

Shawn had to give it a moment to let this all sink in, Pierre Desperaux -the- Pierre Desperaux was standing in front of him, telling him he liked him. This had to be a trick right?

"I'm…I'm with Juliet." Shawn for some reason decided now was the best time to make that clear.

"Uh-yes, I can tell you now it won't last." Desperaux responded assuredly.

"You don't know that."

"I've been watching you Shawn, and you do love her – but not the way you want too. I see the way you look at men."

Shawn's breath hitched –okay so maybe he did look at men. Not all the time though! Only some of the time! …Or was it a lot? Okay. Shawn swallowed –it as a lot.

"I'm not gay." Shawn defended himself, even though his inner monologue was currently insane. "I'm sorry."

"No I'm sorry." Desperaux sounded sincere. "I'm sorry you're still confused."

… "I'm not confused." Shawn very uneasily shifted his weight from one foot the other – wasn't this the part where he manages to save himself with wit and sarcasm? He couldn't think of any smart-ass comebacks, his own mind was betraying him!

"Ah-ha!" Desperaux was up, and was pointing at him. "You dear boy – you hesitated."

Desperaux took a step towards Shawn, and Shawn took a step back. Okay, so he liked guys? Okay! Shawn could accept this about himself – sort of… At least he wanted to all of a sudden, but it wasn't going to suddenly just happen. Besides, there was still Jules he would have to talk to about this, would she understand? Would she kick him out? Oh god, Shawn wasn't ready for this. He really wasn't ready for this! So why is he suddenly ready to ditch everything he had for Desperaux? Shawn in that moment blamed everything on lust.

"I want to see more of you." Desperaux said bringing Shawn down out of his stupor.

"I - ..err….you're a wanted man." OH YEAH! Shawn worked with cops! This could be problematic.

"And you're the only one who could possibly catch me." Desperaux meant that as a compliment.

"I'm sure I'm not." Shawn backed up, but his backing up only seemed to make Desperaux come closer.

"Oh, but dear boy you are – I think its part of the attraction. What you do, what I do – we're natural enemies. The fact that it's forbidden makes it all the more enticing. At any moment you could say something, anything, a code word -and this place would be swarming with police. For all I know, last night after I left you went straight to Juliet and told her everything. You could be wearing a wire right now."

"I'm not wearing a wire."

"I know you're not."

"You trusted me to come alone."

"You did."

Shawn didn't have an answer.

"Kiss me." Desperaux stepped closer – Shawn didn't step back.

"I'm not…no?" Why the hell did Shawn make that a question? Damn you lust.

"Oh but you want to." Desperaux put his hands on Shawn's shirt and pulled him closer. "As much as I want to."

Up close, Shawn was taking in just how breath-taking Desperaux was. Huh, even gay Shawn had a thing for blondes – go figure. Shawn didn't resist, he found it hard too when every curiosity he ever had was about to be answered. Desperaux's lips pressed to Shawn's, and Shawn for a moment had no idea what fresh hell this was.

Pleasure? Pain? It was all the same. Shawn's eyes slid closed, and the white light that flashed behind his closed lids was enough to render his legs useless. He was a good guy right? He stopped the bad guys? So why was this one special? He should be calling the police, he shouldn't be kissing back, or pulling the other man closer. The kiss shouldn't be deepening –oh but it was.

Shawn's body was betraying him, but he no longer cared in that moment, he just wanted so badly for Desperaux to take complete control. Shawn wanted to be thrown onto that bed, and for Pierre to teach Shawn everything he needed to know about being with another man. However before any of that could happen, Desperaux ended the kiss. Shawn felt cold at the sudden absence of having another body pressed against his, and he looked to Desperaux wordlessly demanding an explanation as to why he suddenly stopped.

"Your friend is here." Desperaux whispered.

"My what?" Shawn went to ask, but before he could even get the full question out of his mouth he was suddenly being assaulted. Desperaux hit him, square in the temple, and all Shawn remembered before falling down, was the way Desperaux spoke before he did it

"I'm so sorry for this Shawn." Desperaux sounded like he really didn't want to hit him – he probably didn't.

The world slipped away, and when Desperaux took his leave, Shawn was alone in the motel room, unconscious.