Hey guys! This is another OC story, but for X-Men: First Class. This is a preview, so expect regular updates starting in February. Although it is an OCxAlex story, it will mainly be about establishing my OC. There might not even be a DTR in this story, but I absolutely plan on a sequel that really ups the Romance. So... here's the first chapter. :]

Charles and Erik approach a circus tent. They walk on a freshly beaten down path towards the carnival music emitting from the tent. Charles brings his hand up to his temple, reaching out telepathically for the mutant within the coordinates. "The girl, Nicole, is over there."

"Well let's get out here before the show ends. Trusting the carnival people doesn't end well." Erik huffs, not very happy to be in a rural farmlands. Charles nudges him, pointing towards two people loitering around the back of the tent. Erik looks and sees the figures standing around with cigarettes sticking out of their mouths. "Great. Teens smoking, perfect for an elite team of mutants."

Charles and Erik approach the teens, realizing that the two are related as they get closer. "They're twins." Charles whispers to Erik, picking up on the mutant's thoughts. Erik can't distinguish any similarities about the twins from this distance, but he decides that one's a girl and the other a boy. The taller one pulls his cap further down onto his head, taking a weak drag from his cigarette and flipping his collar up against the brisk air. He has a good three inches on his sister and steps in front of of her when the two men approach, flicking the mostly unfinished bud in the ground. He looks up, cerulean eyes reflecting momentarily before setting into a glare aimed at the strangers. Charles steps ahead of Erik, taking the initiative to talk to the two. "Hello I'm Charles Xavier and this my companion, Erik Lensherr. We need to speak to Nicole Smith."

"Yeah, I don't think she wants to." The guy spits a loogie and crosses his arms. "Just go in and enjoy the show, misters." Addressing them with pseudo respect as an afterthought.

Charles two fingers move back up to his temple. 'I think it's important that we talk Nicole.' He says in both of their minds, causing the short one to jump and grab on to their sibling's coattail. Nicole looks at him, eyes flashing for the second time. "Leave." She spits.

Erik huffs, finally noticing that Nicole is the taller twin who's currently locking eyes with Charles venomously. He demonstrates his ability by unzipping the Nicole's parka, revealing a leotard. "Great." He says, "We're recruiting a carnie." Then he holds out his hand and smirks when the knife hidden in her boot flies into his outstretched hand.

She flaps at the green garment, covering up the silvery material and turning her glare on Erik. "Don't call us that." Nicole at least has the decency to be bashful about being caught with a weapon.

Charles steps in before Erik can say anything else to further anger the mutant in front of them. "Yes, well Nicole, we need your help."

Her nose wrinkles as she let's out a sarcastic chuckle. "You're already in my mind. You know the answer, but I'll tell you anyway: No."

"But we can help you. We can help with your control over your ability." Charles tries to appeal to Nicole.

"Do it." Nicole spins on her heel to glare at her brother. "You need to do it Smiles. It's time to stop to hiding from your shadow. I don't always need you to protect me." Erik watches the twins, noticing the twins similarities as they face each other. The brother is three inches shorter than his sister, and his hair tumbles down over his eyes as he takes his cap off. They both have the same black hair curling at their necks. The same slight overabundance of freckles across the nose. The same blue eyes, although Nicole's have a tendency to catch the light and shine like a cat. They both have a slight frame, making the boy appear weak and the girl seem willowy.

"Come on Colton," Nicole huffs at her brother. "We're going to stick together. Some men with pointy shoes aren't going to coax me into abandoning my little brother." Erik glances down at his dress shoes, noting the small point in at the tips.

Charles looks at the boy, feeling his sincerity about wanting his sister to help. He addresses Nicole "Your brother is very smart." He ignores the glare she sends at him for a second.

"You always seem to forget the fact that I was born first." Colton steps up to her and wraps her in a hug. "I'm not a mind reader, but I know the reason you're not taking these guys' offer is me." He steps back and pulls his cap back on, tucking his hair out of face and putting on courageous facade. "If you leave, then I can finally get on construction duty." He puffs out his chest. "No more spandex for me." He gives a half smile and a shoulder shrug.

Nicole mulls over the idea, snapping her head towards Charles as she feels a small voice in her head nudging her towards going with the mutants. "Stay out of my thoughts." She growls at him.

Charles raises his hands, palms facing up in a sign of surrender. "But I'm not in your head."

She sighs dejectedly, realizing that she has made her decision. She touches her forehead with Colton's. "Don't think your going to get rid of me so easily. I'll be back as soon as I can." He nods and she turns away from her brother and the tent. Nicole brushes in between both Charles and Erik as she starts walking the way that they came. "I'm assuming you drove here?" She calls back to them, not turning around to see if she would follow.

Nicole sat in the backseat of the car, wearing at the rim of her cap as she twists it around on her lap. Her eyes cleverly avoid the windows of the car, shifting between the back of Erik's seat and the back of Charles seat every few minutes. Charles looks at the mirror, internally flinching when blue light reflects into his eyes. He shifts his eyes slightly so he can still keep eye contact with Nicole without catching her eyes in the light. "So Nicole," He asks in attempt to break the uncomfortable silence that has fallen on the car. "What was your performance in the circus?"

The girl's eye twitches as she stares at the mirror. "Clearly I'm in maintenance." She mumbles, gesturing at the leotard under her parka.

Erik turns his head around and looks at the girl. "We are two hours into a five hour drive. Sarcasm won't be a wise passing time." He turns his attention back to the road.

They sit in a tense silence for another hour before the girl puts her hat back on, pulling the brim over and past her eyes. "Acrobat." She says, causing the two men to look back at her. "We were… no, we are an acrobatic act."

Charles smiles at the girl. "You and your brother, right?" She nods. "How long have you been with them?"

Her voice turns monotone. "It's almost been nine years, but you probably already know my whole life history."

"Contrary to your belief, I am not one to betray someone's trust. You asked me to stay out of your head, so until I have your permission, I won't reach out for you telepathically." Charles looks at the rear view mirror again, catching her eyes again.

Regret flashes in her eyes as she drops her gaze, pulling the cap off her head again going back to playing with it. "Sorry."

"There's no need to apologize to me Nicole. I'm determined to help you all."

When she hears that, Nicole grips the on the back of Charles seat, leaning forward. "You all?" She falls back in her seat, "There's more?"

Erik looks back at the distraught girl. "Did you think it would just be you?"

"I'm not so good at the whole 'making friends' portion." Nicole leans back into the seat and crosses her arms, scrunching her face.

Erik scoffs, "That is-" he pauses for a second. "Very believable."

"Now, let's not get hostile." Charles tries to defuse the aggressive atmosphere. "We are about 30 minutes away from another recruit. Erik it's the next right."They drive on as another awkward silence blankets the car. The rural country side slowly changes to a small town. Nicole is looking out the window, watching the scenery as Charles gives Erik more directions. Erik parks the car outside an aquarium and Charles turns back and addresses Nicole. "We'll be back soon. It's probably best for you to remain in the car."

Nicole nods and turns towards Erik. "I need it back."

Erik pulls her knife out of his jacket, "Need is an interesting word."

Nicole turns to Charles, "Tell him to give me the knife." She looks at him panickedly.

"Erik." Charles turns to his friend, "Give her the knife." Erik floats the knife towards her and she grabs at it, tucking it back into her boot. They get out of the car and enter the aquarium, leaving Nicole in the car. She stares at the door handle, and the thought of running away flits through her head. People, normal people, scare her. And the idea of having to interact with them is frightening. Even with the circus, she would only talk to Colton; nobody else would want to talk to her. Fear climbs up past her heart and rests in her throat.

Right when she starts to reach for the handle, Charles and Erik reemerge from the aquarium with a redhead stuck in between them. They get into the car, the redhead slipping in next to Nicole. He smiles lopsidedly, "Hey dude. I'm Sean." Nicole turns away from him, looking out the window and ignoring his introduction. "This is the part where you say your name back."

Charles calls back to them, "Nicole, don't be rude. We have an hour and a half before we get to the CIA research base."

Sean looks at Nicole, noticing her bare legs and the leotard under her parka. He does a double take and scoots over to the middle seat and throws an arm around Nicole. "Well Nikki, we're going to be in this car, we might as well get to know each other." Nicole turns towards Sean, her eyes flashing threateningly. She reaches downs and whips her knife out, placing it flat against Sean's hand.

She doesn't say anything, but Erik pipes up. "I wouldn't. She may not have a bark, but we don't know if she has a bite." Sean slinks back to his side of the car, and it's not long before he's happily chatting with Charles. They talk for the rest of the trip, ignoring the sulking girl in the corner. Nicole is mad at herself. She shouldn't have handled Sean that way but she froze, only wanting to get him away from her but no knowing how. She looks over, wondering if he still is mad at her. He smiles at her when he sees Nicole glance over, and she's shocked at his ability to forget that she had threatened such a short time ago.

They pull up to a sleek and modernised building, Erik parking right in front. They spill out of the car, and Nicole stares at the building. Charles puts a hand on her shoulder, attempting to calm her nerves. "You ready?" He asks.

Nicole looks at the glass entrance. "Not at all." Although she says that, Nicole takes the first step towards the research facility.

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