As soon as they left, the girl looked more serious. "Listen. No matter what, try archery. It's your best chance."

Rose frowned. "Someone else-"

"Told you that," finished the girl. "Amy. She told me that this year the Capitol would be undermined, but only if I told you that. Good luck." Then, she left, leaving Rose with her mind in turmoil.

After Rose's conversation with the girl, some people who looked like soldiers escorted her to a train. Everything past that was a blur, up until right after dinner when she was in her bedroom.

The Doctor walked in, quietly closing the door behind him. "Rose," he began. "Why did you volunteer?"

Rose bit her lip. "I... I just..."

"Rose, these games are a fight to the death. Why?"

"There was this girl in the crowd named Amy. She told me that you were going to be picked, and she didn't call you 'John Smith' like the people on stage did, she called you the Doctor. I couldn't just watch you go through that - what if you died? I couldn't bear that," she said.

"If you knew that I was going to be picked, then the obvious thing to do would be to not volunteer. Only one person can win these games!"

Rose smiled slightly. "Only if we play by the rules," she said. "And you're not one to play by the rules."

The Doctor grinned in response. "You are right about that," he said. "But it's going to be hard, much harder than everything else we've done," he said seriously.

"Harder than the Gamestation?" she asked.

"Most likely, yes," he said grimly.

"We'll get out though," said Rose. "I just know it. We always get out."

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