Romances of the DC Universe

Thanks for the suggestions though I must warn you about the Huntress/Question one...I know little about Huntress (mostly familiar with her through the awesome Arrow show) and same goes for Question. I dont think I remember watching the JL episodes with them though I read Question is somehow more paranoid than even the freaking Batman (then again I have seen the Watchmen movie which featured Rorschach the character based on him so I think I can believe that). I do plan on doing one on Ollie and Dinah as the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Album comic is the funniest comic I have ever read and I am hoping Oliver gets together with the Canary from Season 2 of Arrow (to explain what I mean would give away spoilers). One more thing is someone suggests someone with Power Girl...she is a heroine I don't get the appeal of. Sorry but I don't really care about an alternate version of Supergirl...though that may change if I ever decide to read the new 52 World's Finest comic (I am already a fan of the Earth 2 series that it spun off from).

Dick and Starfire are my favourite DC comics pairing but I don't want to rush it so here is a Dick/Kara (who here are both in their late teens) Story based on an idea I had after reading a scene from Batman: the Court of Owls.

Tim Drake was Red Robin the leader of the Teen Titans was walking by the basement of Wayne Manor. His mentor Batman's fellow Justice League founding member Superman had introduce the Batfamily to his long lost teenage cousin Kara or Supergirl as she was going by.

Kara went around all the time in her S costume as it was actually a uniform with the House of S and she did not feel the need of the secret identity (it took some time before Superman managed to help her speak fluent English). Batman's first protégée and unofficial second in command of the Batfamily Dick Grayson or Nightwing began helping Kara adapt to earth culture.

They actually managed to hit it off pretty well and were going out, Superman was taken aback by this and surprisingly Bats took it better.

Tim walked past the Batcomputer and was shocked to see Kara making out with the Joker, the shock pretty much made him faint.

"What is his problem?" the Joker asked in confusion and Kara giggled.

"Oh I am still wearing the E.M.P. mask, aren't I?" the Joker answered and Kara nodded. The joker then took of an electronical mask which revealed him to be Dick who was wearing an electronic disguise device.

"Now where, were we?" Dick asked as he and Kara began kissing again.

My original idea for this chapter would be Kara stealing Dick's eye mask and wearing it, blackmailing him into kissing him for it back. Then maybe Dick when he got his mask back saying something like 'if you wanted to get with me, all you had to do was ask.'