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Hamesh (meister) Gertrude (weapon)

Isaac (meister) Anastasiya a.k.a Ana (weapon)

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3rd person POV

"Wake uppppppppppp you flamboyant chicken man child!" Gertrude sings as she passed her partners door, her scottish thick and loud.

She makes it around the apartment tripping over her untied combat boots, making quick effort to not burn the toast.

"HAMESH GET YOUR IRISH ASS IN HERE!" She calls from the kitchen table as she pulls up her thigh high socks and ties her shoes.

A large crash is heard from the next room and Gertrude chuckles to herself quietly.

"Wha i'm misstthhhin?" She says with a piece of jam toast in her mouth.

"Your cardigan." Hamesh says approaching her from his room.

"Got it!" She replies spitting out her toast and running to her room, Hamesh shakes his head slightly before grabbing a piece of toast for himself.

Gertrude comes out fully clothed in a cropped superman muscle tee with ripped high waist shorts, a large black cardigan, thigh high socks, and her trusty dusty combat boots.

"Oh great now I think I am missing something!" Hamesh says and Gertrude can't control her laughter.

"Um...everything!" She exclaims motioning to the half naked boy, clad in only his pj pants.

"No, that can't be it...wait, wait, you are right." Hamesh says rushing off to his room to get dressed.

"Well hurry up or we are going to be late!" Gertrude shouts as she slipped her messenger bag on her shoulder.

Gertrude's POV

I begin to walk out of our apartment, I don't want to be late just because of stupid partner, that dumb fuck can run to school for all I care. Once I get outside I get on my penny board and head to school.

As I walk up the stairs to the large school I see my friends Ana and Isaac.

"Hey guys!" I exclaim as I rush up to them stopping my penny board before I ran anyone over.

"Where's your partner?" Ana asks and I laugh.

"Let's just say he remembered everything but clothes before we left!" They all laugh as I hear loud footsteps behind me.

"Gawd! I couldn't find you anywhere! I didn't know where you were! Why didn't you wait! I ran all the way here!" Hamesh says panting in between sentences.

Now he was clad in (I forgot what Hamesh's description was so I am making this up! sorry A/N) a grey undershirt with a dark black flannel shirt over, he wore dark wash jeans, converse, and a black beanie in his hair.

"Aw! Was someone worrying about me!" I say and he turns slightly red before storming off into the school.

"Come on, it's about time we head in anyway." Ana says, Isaac and I nod our heads in agreement.

For classes we had gym, soul perception/resonance, and combat class with the EAT class and then we had our weapon/meister class, group resonance class, privates, special skills, and lunch with the small population of Hybrids, no one except for the staff and Hybrids, knew what or who the Hybrids were and just thought we were a bunch of freaks with a bunch of problems. In reality though we work the hardest and take the hardest missions.

Often the popular kids in the EAT class claimed that they took the Hybrid missions just to brag because no one knew who took the hardest school missions, Death Scythe Soul and his meister Maka didn't take missions from that board and neither did BlackStar or the new shinigami, Kid.

We all had gym first hour with all the popular, snooty, kids from the EAT class...just great, perfect way to start the first day of classes.

Hybrids fortunately got their own locker room but there was only one so guys and girls had to share but we didn't change in the section, guys were over at one end while girls were at the other.

Our gym uniforms consisted of short SOFFEE DWMA gym shorts and a white under armour shirt with the DWMA logo on it, not bad especially when it was this time of year.

I pull my blonde, curly hair out of my face into a ponytail before putting my gym shoes on.

"I can't wait to show the EAT class what we got!" Ana says and I chuckle.

"Yeah, this is our first chance to show them that we aren't freaks!" I reply and the other girls around us agree.

"Okay guys head out to the gym!" The gym teacher calls and we head out through the doors and Hamesh returns to my side.

"You excited?" I ask him and I could tell by his eyes that he was ready to go.

"YES!" He says and I chuckle. Despite not looking like the strongest person in the world...he kinda was, he was extremely strong and had great endurance, I was extremely athletic but I wasn't a hybrid for that reason, I was a tech prodigy, could hack government computers fast than Hamesh could wipe out an army of Kishins.

Kids were already stretching and warming up when we got out which left us with about 5 minutes to warm up ourselves before class started.

I sat in straddle as Hamesh pushed on my back inching my stomach closer to the floor.

"Hold there!" I say as I pushed myself down.

"Good?" He asks.

"Yep, your turn!" I reply and he groans, stretching was probably his least favorite thing to do which is weird because he is flexible but all the Hybrids were speaking that we have lived and have been trained since 1st grade.

"OKAY CLASS LISTEN UP! WE WILL BE PLAYING SOCCER TODAY!" Out gym teacher, Sid yells and we all wait to be put off into teams.

Coincidentally all the Hybrids are put on one team and all the kids from the EAT class are on one team.

"Oh my gawd! All the freaks are on the same side!"

"This will be an easy win!"

"I heard that they are so bad that they aren't even in the NOT class!"

More shouts and talk about us was heard throughout the gym as each team split up on our designated sides.

"You ready to kick some goalie ass!" Hamesh asks me and I nod heading over to the net.

Sid blows the whistle and kids begin to scramble and cheers erupt to the kids that are "benched" right now.

"Come on Hamesh!" I yell as he gets closer to the goal not having mercy for no poor soul on the field.

The other kids from the EAT class that were, "benched" shout nasty things out to our team on the field and I could really punch one of them right now.

Breathe. Breathe. GO GO GO!

I send to Hamesh through my wavelength and he shoots.

"1 POINT FOR TEAM 1!" Sid yells as and we all reset, except I stay goalie.

"Good job boo!" I exclaim as Hamesh passes me and gets set to play defense.

The game goes on and it is 3 to 1, the ball is heading it's way toward me and I keep focus on where it is headed.

Right. Sammy tells me, if any of us are close enough we can often share a few words between wavelength but it often does take a lot of concentration and energy.

I position myself left to trick them and when James a kid from the EAT class kicks I lunge for the ball and time seems to stop as my fingertips grab the ball and I clutch it to my chest as I fall to the ground.

The Hybrids cheer and EAT class stares at us wide eyed.

Before I can even process anything from my spot on the floor James reaches his hand out to me and I grab it he pulls me close enough to him to whisper to me.

"You got lucky cuz of your friend, I can tell, we will settle this the fair way, after lunch make sure your partner knows." He says before walking into the locker room and stand there dazed for about 2 minutes.

"Come on blondie!" Hamesh says throwing me over his shoulder and walking into the locker room.

"I can walk you know."

"Yes, but you are too slow."

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