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Esteemed Star Fox fans; hello once more. As you have been waiting, the time has come to share the final installment of my trilogy. For those who are wondering about the first two stories, please search and read Star Fox: Crimson Star and Star Fox: Black Sun to catch up with the setting of this story.

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Now about All Father, this story takes place one month after the events of Crimson Star. For those of you who have been actively following my work, you know what this means. Time is up, and the Children of Red (or C.O.R. for short) is coming through the gates. For those of you who are new, this prologue will give you a minor filler to help understand what has happened before in the past. But if you really want all of the details, I would encourage you to read Star Fox Crimson Star.


~There is a saying: words are temporary, but deeds are eternal. People are remembered by their actions and their deeds, but sometimes their words are forgotten. Within the Lylat system, there were many deeds that were forever remembered by its people. But if there was one group of individuals who continued to write history with their deeds, it was the Star Fox team.

Their deeds are eternal, and have been recorded in history and in the memories of the people they protect. Even when the team had to evolve with the coming and passing of previous members, they continued to protect the people of Lylat. Their latest victory however, was not located in Lylat, but instead a new solar system known as the Philat System. There they hunted down and eliminated a deadly faction known as the Crimson Organization, an organization of master assassins and cunning espionage agents.

Their victory did not come without cost however. A member of the Star Fox team known as Axios gave his life to the cause of eliminating the Crimson leadership. Axios, who was recruited into the Star Fox team at the time of the Black Suns Conflict, became a close friend of the McCloud family and the rest of the team as well. But since he was close with the team; his death weighed heavy upon them. They vowed to never lose another member of Star Fox to the war, but with the Children of Red approaching Lylat; they will have to work to uphold their promise.

To the horror of the Star Fox team however, they learned that the leader of the Crimson Organization, the Crimson Star, had actually survived Axios's assault. The Crimson Star warned Axios, that if he had fallen, and his heart ceases to beat; a signal would be sent to the All Father to begin the annihilation of Lylat and Philat. A team of Cornerian scientists and doctors managed to preserve the Crimson Star's vitals, but shock and blood loss from Axios's assault had rendered the Crimson Star brain dead.

The Crimson Star's heart was kept alive with life support machines, but this would only last for one month. Throughout this month, General Peppy Hare of the Cornerian military had mobilized every single one of the Cornerian fleets to prepare for war. Every planet within the Lylat system had Cornerian colonies and major cities that needed protection, and so Peppy ordered all of his fleets to protect the colonies and major cities until each colony and major city could evacuate its inhabitants.

To divide their efforts accordingly, Star Fox had divided themselves into three teams: Blue, Red, and Gold. Blue team comprised of the McClouds and Sierra Spectra, Red team comprised of the Toads and Abigail Hare, and Gold team comprised of Falco Lombardi, Katt Monroe, Joey Todd, and Isaac Doran. The Great Fox II remained with the bulk of the Cornerian military protecting Corneria, and so the Star Fox team lived aboard the flag ships of whatever Cornerian fleet they were with at the time.

While the Cornerian military continued its efforts to protect and evacuate the people of Lylat to Corneria, the Star Fox team provided security and over watch for the Cornerian fleets. However, the evacuations were proceeding slower than anticipated. To the horror of the Cornerian military and Star Fox, their time had run out. The C.O.R. came through the Lylat and Philat mega gates with numbers nearly double that of the Cornerian military. They swarmed all the outer words at once, and the war had begun.

There is one more saying: wars come and go, but our solders remain eternal.