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Katina: Day 9

~Though they knew they were to eventually jump to Fortuna, the Star Fox team, under the orders of Peppy, remained at Katina while the Cornerian military replenished their ranks. As Cornerian cruisers continued on patrol routes around Katina, the Great Fox II remained in close orbit over the planet.

At the moment, Axios, ROB, and the Star Fox team were gathered within the bridge as they conversed with Sigma. Everyone sat around the bridge's holotable as Sigma stood on top of it. Gold and Red teams were surprised to see his new vulpine form compared to his original Black Sun ring, and they were even more surprised to see that Sigma appeared to be young.

At the moment, Sigma stood tall with his arms crossed as his three tails loosely floated behind him. "So, is this going to be your new look?" Falco asked as he examined Sigma. "This is surely a step up from that old crusty ring of yours."

"No kidding." Sigma responded as he looked at his own body. "It even feels weird having a tail."

"Welcome to the real world Sigma." Marcus responded. "You'll get used to it eventually, but if you didn't want a tail then why did you pick the form of a fox?"

"I was programmed by a fox, I served a fox, I fought for a fox; it made sense to me on which animal I would characterize my appearance with."

"Except foxes don't have three tails." Axios jokingly said.

Sigma reached behind his body and gently held his three tails to his side. He looked at them briefly and chuckled to himself knowing he would have to become used to conditions that even the Star Fox team would not have to deal with. "You're right." Sigma chuckled. "But it looks kind of cool if you ask me."

"There's something else I've already noticed." Fred observed. "Your personality programming has changed. You're behaving more like an honest person rather than a simple A.I. And it seems that you're comprehending emotions now."

"I guess I am. Not really sure why though."

"Upon reactivating his primary directives…" ROB interjected. "I noticed Sigma had three layers of A.I. shackles placed onto his CPU. I removed the first shackle that restrained his ability to comprehend emotions and feelings, but left the other two intact."

"And what did the other two shackle?" Fox asked.

"Let me look." Sigma said. Sigma raised both of his hands and the team noticed half a dozen monitors open over the holotable. The six monitors slowly rotated around Sigma as he studied a scan of his own A.I. core. "I see it now." He said as he enlarged one monitor. "My second shackle inhibit my ability to control the Great Fox II's life support controls, and the last one prevents me from accessing Cornerian High Command data networks."

"However, due to his first shackle being released…" ROB interjected. "Sigma currently possesses the concept of free will, and is not subject to the first basic law of robotics."

"Meaning he could disobey direct orders." Marcus softly said.

Upon hearing his words, the team gave Sigma a questionable look as they quickly became concerned about Sigma's motives. Seeing that he was under pressure, Sigma gently raised his hands. "Easy guys, easy." Sigma said as he turned and faced the multiple members of Star Fox. "Last time I checked, I thought of you guys as family. If you were important to Axios, then you'd be important to me as well."

"Never thought I'd be placing my trust into an A.I." Falco softly said.

"So… does that mean you guys still trust me?"

"You helped us out during the invasion on Vogar." Marcus cheerfully said. "I'd say you've earned more than just our trust."

Sigma smiled at Marcus and breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good to hear." He said as he looked at Marcus. "Speaking of which…" Sigma quickly turned to Axios and took an aggressive stance towards him. "Why the hell did you override me within the Archangel on Vogar?! I told you I was on board with your plan, but you didn't have to pull a stunt like that! I could have saved your life you idiot!"

The team became surprised to witness Sigma's outburst of anger towards Axios, but their shock was quickly replaced with amusement. Axios, however, was surprised as he leaned back in his seat and his eyes widened. "Sigma, I-"

"I don't want to hear it!" Sigma angrily responded. "Corvo programmed me to projects you, so don't you dare pull another stunt like that. We're partners for god's sake, so next time you keep me involved, got it?"

"Yea yea! Ok geez…" Axios looked at the other members of Star Fox and noticed they were chuckling amongst themselves. "Oh you guys can shut it."

"Seems like you two have a lot of catching up to do." Marcus said. "But speaking of that, what happened to you Sigma? Didn't Axios tell you to deliver his data pad to us after he died?"

Sigma turned to Marcus and lowered his head. He took a deep breath and he lifted his head once more. "Yea, he did." Sigma softly said. "But something came up, something that I thought was important to check out." Sigma raised his arm and pointed to the side to activate another monitor. "This is the play back that you guys have already seen."

The team recognized the cave within Fortuna and the Crimson Organization structure at the bottom of the large room. "ROB managed to pull this form your memory core when we were repairing you." Fox said as he saw the footage. "What else was there?"

"This." Sigma responded as he opened a new monitor. The team looked upon the remainder of the footage through the perspective of the Archangel. They saw the Archangel quickly leave the cave the same way it came. However, as the Archangel left the cave, it was attacked by multiple black fighters. "It turns out that one of the C.O.R. scouting parties snuck through the mega gate and ambushed me at Fortuna." Sigma said as he crossed his arms. "Though I managed to shoot down the initial groups, they managed to disable the Archangel."

The team saw the Archangel make a crash landing onto the planet surface. "Seeing as I was completely defenseless, my capture was inevitable." Sigma continued. "They stripped the Archangel and found Axios's data pad, and then I was reprogrammed to locate and terminate Star Fox."

"When did this happen?" Marcus asked.

"This was two days after the Vogar invasion."

"So the C.O.R. have had my data pad for over a month now?" Axios asked. "I thought we'd have more time."

"Well thanks to my last minute efforts, we do." Sigma snapped his fingers and a holographic image of Axios's data pad appeared in Sigma's hands. "Does this look familiar?" Sigma asked as he waived Axios's data pad to the team.

"What?" Fred hastily asked. "Did you copy the data?"

"Better than that. I stole all of the data from the data pad and stored it into my memory banks. The C.O.R. just took a blank data pad that's empty."

"Sigma, you're a genius." Axios cheerfully said.

"I always have a back up planned for worst case scenarios. Now, let's get a better look of this data."

Sigma pressed a few buttons on the data pad and several images appeared over the holotable. The team noticed images of the Crimson facility located within the cave, but they also noticed another image that they hadn't seen before. "What's that?" Marcus asked as he pointed out the new image.

Sigma looked at the new image and expanded the size. The team looked upon a spear like key with a triangular shaped core in the center. The key itself was no more than a foot long, and was silver in color. "You're looking at the Purifier's firing key." Sigma said as he studied the data. "This is the final piece of the puzzle that will allow the Purifier to be combat ready. It's housed in the Crimson facility within that cave in Fortuna, and is pretty much up for grabs."

"So once we have the firing key, then we can take the fight to the C.O.R." Fox said.

"We'll need Harbinger and Eclipse too." Krystal interjected. "Remember, Peppy said that he-"

"Did you just say Harbinger and Eclipse?" Sigma quickly interjected.

"Um… yes, I did. Do you know something about them?"

"Oh geez…" Sigma closed all of the floating images around him and placed his hand on his temple. He closed his eyes as he dug into his memory banks and the team noticed multiple images and files appear over the holotable. "Give me one more minute…" Sigma said as he continued searching through his memory.

Sigma eventually opened a new image file of a crest. The crest was comprised of a Black Sun ring, but had a silver crescent moon over it. As the team studied the image, Sigma lowered his hand and opened his eyes. "This is everything I managed to steal form the C.O.R. before they corrupted me." Sigma said as he put his hands on his waist.

"Sigma…" Marcus softly said as he studied the images and files. "You know what Harbinger and Eclipse is?"

"Harbinger isn't a thing, he's a person. He is the leader of a faction known as Eclipse, and he and the All Father are far from friendly."

"Another faction?!" Falco angrily asked. "Oh come on. I've had enough of these secret factions as it is!"

"This just adds more players to the game." Fox commented. "Sigma, are you certain that Harbinger and Eclipse are threats to the all Father?"

"Positive. The C.O.R. call all members of Eclipse heretics. As you dig deeper into the data, you'll find that Harbinger and Eclipse are ex-C.O.R. and they went rogue. They stole a few fleets and vanished from all contact, and the All Father doesn't take desertion very well. He led the C.O.R. on a campaign to find and eliminate Harbinger and Eclipse, and the C.O.R. have destroyed multiple words as collateral damage."

"But how come we're hearing about them now?" Marcus asked. "Why would Peppy mention them if they've vanished?"

"The data I have here is inconclusive, but you can use logic."

"Harbinger and the Eclipse are somewhere in Lylat." Krystal said as she leaned back in her seat. "And somehow, they've let their presence known to the Cornerian military."

"Bingo." Sigma said as he pointed to Krystal. "But there's more. Back in the older times, the Black Suns and the Crimson Organization had a plan to attack the C.O.R. and take them down. Their alliance also included Harbinger and his Eclipse forces. Mr. Black, the Crimson Star, and Harbinger all agreed to combat the C.O.R., but unfortunately war broke out between the Crimson Organization and the Black Suns. Seeing that neither of the two groups could be trusted, Harbinger and Eclipse vanished from contact again."

"So they're ghosts essentially." Axios commented. "They only appear when they feel they have a need to. This will make them a lot harder to find."

"You'd be right in assuming that."

"Sigma, you mentioned earlier that the C.O.R. have destroyed entire planets trying to eliminate Eclipse…" Fox said. "How may planets have they destroyed exactly?"

Sigma gently raised his hand and a new monitor opened with a list of coordinates for previously destroyed planets. "Some of these coordinates are in other systems, but their conflicts were mostly kept on the outer regions of the Bikar and the Philat system." Sigma said as he examined the coordinates. "The latest planet that was destroyed by the C.O.R. was-"

Sigma quickly silenced himself as he noticed the name of the planet. His face turned grim and he slowly looked at Krystal. Seeing that Sigma was giving her a look of worry, Krystal's heart started to race within her chest. "Sigma…?" Krystal nervously asked. "What was the last planet that the C.O.R. destroyed while chasing Eclipse?"

"Um…"Sigma softly said. "Krystal, I-"

"What was the last planet they destroyed?!"

Sigma took a deep breath and lowered his head. "Coordinates: Philat system, Gamma sector, Location grid two-zero-nine…" Sigma softly said. "Planet, Cerinia… Status, destroyed as of twenty one years ago."

As if a knife had been stabbed into her heart, Krystal's eyes widened as shock consumed her. "That can't be…" Krystal softly said. "I've been looking into my home world's destruction for many years… Are you telling me, that the C.O.R. are responsible…?"

Sigma snapped his fingers and all of the image files were replaced with the holographic rendering of a lush blue and green planet. Krystal and the rest of the Star Fox team were gazing upon the planet of Cerinia, Krystal's home world. "Does this planet look familiar to you?" Sigma softly asked.

"Is that… Cerinia?" Marcus asked. "Mom, is that-"

Before Marcus could finish his question, Krystal quickly rose from her chair and walked out of the bridge. Seeing that she was on the verge of breaking down, Fox quickly rose from his chair and went after her. "I suppose the truth only brings more pain these days…" Sigma softly said. "I'm sorry I shared this with your family Marcus."

As the rest of the team was silent, Marcus leaned forward in his seat and let his head sink as he contemplated the thoughts of the C.O.R. destroying Cerinia. Seeing that Marcus was distraught, Sierra walked around the holotable and kneeled next to him. "Come here…" She said as she wrapped her arms around Marcus. "Please be strong Marcus… I'm here for you if you need me."

"Guys, let's uh…" Falco said as he slowly rose from his chair. "Let's give them some time."

Gold and Red team left the bridge and allowed Marcus and Sierra to have some privacy. Axios simply walked to the far side of the bridge and sat behind a terminal to review Sigma's data. On the other side end of the bridge hall way, Fox hastily looked for Krystal. "Krys!" Fox called out as he searched for Krystal. "Krystal! Where are you?!" Fox continued checking every room within the halls, and he eventually found himself at the entrance to Krystal's old office.

Fox cautiously knocked on the door as he opened it slowly. "Krys?" Fox softly asked as he poked his head into the room. "Are you in-" Fox quickly heard sobbing coming from the corner of the room and saw Krystal sitting in a chair with her hands over her eyes. Fox closed the door behind him and he quickly approached Krystal. "Krys…" Fox said as he kneeled next to her seat. "Krys… please…" Fox gently took Krystal's hands away from her face and held them close. "Krys… I am so sorry…"

"I've spent… so long searching for the truth…" Krystal said as more tears came down her cheek. "And I thought… I'd be relieved to finally know. But… I didn't expect it to be like this…"

Fox leaned forward and wrapped arms around Krystal to hold her close in embrace. As he held her tight, Krystal held Fox even tighter and continued to sob on her shoulder. "My friends… my family…" Krystal continued. "My entire world… destroyed by the C.O.R… Why did it have to be them…? Why…"

"Krys…" Fox softly said. "We're going to stop them… Okay? We're going to stop them… I swear on my life we're going to stop them. We'll make them answer for everything they've done. And after, we'll be able to live our lives in peace."

Krystal continued to sob on Fox's shoulder as her grief took a firm hold over her emotions. While the two McClouds had their privacy, Sierra had managed to get Marcus back onto his feet. At the moment, the two stood in front of the bridge wind shield as they looked down upon the planet. "I'd never think that it was the C.O.R. who was responsible."Marcus softly said. "I can sense mom crying her eyes out right now, and dad is trying his best to calm her nerves."

"If I were her…" Sierra softly said as she crossed her arms. "I would be completely distraught too. Losing your home planet is as bad as losing your family."

"And now I'm feeling guilt for the first time since my shackle was released." Sigma said form behind Marcus and Sierra. As the two foxes turned to face Sigma, they noticed that Sigma sat on the ground and leaned back on one of his arms. Seeing that Marcus and Sierra approached the holotable, Axios joined them. "I didn't want to hurt your mother kid…" Sigma continued. "But when I saw the list of destroyed planets I'd figured your mother had a right to know."

"Mom had searched for answers for a long time." Marcus said as he and Sierra approached the holotable. "She met dad while following a lead on the planet Sauria."

"Dinosaur Planet, yea I know the place." Sigma snapped his fingers and a smaller rendering of Sauria appeared before Sigma. "Nice place, a lot of history and magic."

"You know, you've seen to learn a lot about the C.O.R. from being grabbed." Axios suspiciously said. "How the hell did you manage to pull this much data before being corrupted?"

"It's because their scouting drop ships carry quite a few data bases on board. I have the capabilities to access any form of data center within a given radius to my A.I. core."

"Is there any more information compared to what you showed us earlier?"

"Let me see…" Sigma waved his arm around and a few smaller sized monitors appeared and slowly floated around him. As he cycled through the monitors, he nodded his head to the side and gave Marcus a dull look. "Nothing…" he said. "I only targeted data with the key words Harbinger and Eclipse. Other than that, I've got nothing."

"Sigma, forward all of your data to Peppy, and do it now please." Axios said. "Peppy should know about this immediately."

Sigma lowered his head and closed his eyes as the files around him disappeared. "It's done." He said. "Peppy will be receiving it on his data pad any moment."


"By the way, I've been meaning to ask. How sick are you Axios?"

Axios quickly looked about his arms and his chest and took a deep breath as he stretched his arms upward. "Very sick." He said. "Without this suit, I'd be dead in less than a week."

"Well I got to say, the look suits you."

"Thanks." Axios quickly felt a small vibration on his chest and he noticed that the yellow lights had turned red. The suit made a beeping noise and Axios took a deep breath. "Time for maintenance."

"Maintenance?" Sigma asked. "Like Corvo's maintenance?"

"Unfortunately. You're welcome to watch in the med bay. You two as well if you're interested."

"Sure, why not." Marcus said. Marcus and Sierra followed Axios out of the bridge and the trio walked towards the medical bay. "How bad is it normally?" Marcus asked as he walked with Axios. "Does it hurt?"

"The pain only really lasts a moment." Axios responded. "But the feeling of energy and second wind compensate for the pain. The procedure also gives me time to think as I normally tend to fall asleep while the fluids regulate through my system. I will say however that it feels like my blood is freezing. Though I'm warm on the outside, my body shivers internally. It's an odd sensation."

The trio eventually arrived at the Great Fox II med bay and noticed the scientists were already waiting for Axios. "Axios!" Weaver called out from the Tomb. "Good to see you. How are you feeling?"

"Normal." Axios responded. "Let's get this done." Axios approached the Tomb and gently sat back on it. As his body fit snug into the bed, he felt a series of clamps hold him in place.

Seeing that the Tomb slowly rotated back towards a level position, Marcus and Sierra approached Axios's sides and looked down on him. "You look comfy." Marcus observed as he saw Axios locked in place.

"It's to make sure the needles don't miss their slots." Axios said as he felt his restraints tighten.

"What normally happens next?" Sierra asked.

"Now, Axios says good bye." Weaver interrupted from the side. Marcus and Sierra looked at Weaver and noticed him standing behind a terminal facing Axios. "The needles first insert a mild anesthetic to render Axios only partially conscious."

Marcus and Sierra noticed the outer layer of the Tomb had multiple micro tubes filled with fluids. They noticed the fluids enter multiple holes within the outer layer of the Tomb and disappeared from view. "Where did these fluids go?" Marcus asked.

"They are stored within the Tomb's dialysis tank." Weaver responded. "The fluids are kept on stand by while the needles align themselves within position.

"This is the part that hurts." Axios softly said as he closed his eyes. "Don't look too surprised."

"Procedure will start in three… two… one… mark." Axios felt multiple points of pain as a dozen needles pierced his back, arms, and legs. Marcus and Sierra noticed Axios's mouth open wide as he let out a mild cry of pain. Shortly afterwards however, they noticed Axios quickly calm himself and his breathing had become slow but steady. "Now he's asleep." Weaver said.

Marcus and Sierra both took a moment to look under the bed of the Tomb and they noticed multiple tubes carrying blue fluids into Axios. They also noticed tubing carrying red fluids out of Axios, and they quickly deduced that the machine is extracting Axios's blood. "You're extracting his blood at the same time you're giving him fluids?" Marcus asked with concern. "How much blood do you really need?"

"The blood that is extracted from his body is used to compile the mixture with the fluids to regulate his vitals." Weaver responded as he approached the Tomb. "Once the mixture is ready, and the scanners deem blood sample is safe, the blue fluids are then extracted out of him and his blood takes its place. The blue fluids you see is a temporary replacement for the blood that is extracted, something we like to call Preservatives."

"How long will he be sleeping?" Sierra asked.

"The procedure only lasts a few minutes. He'll be awake shortly."

Marcus took a deep breath and looked at Axios one last time. To his surprise however, he noticed that Axios's eyes were moving quickly underneath his eye lids, and quickly concluded that he's dreaming. Seeing that Marcus looked more closely at Axios's face, Sierra became confused. "Marcus?" Sierra asked. "What are you doing?"

"He's dreaming." Marcus responded as he looked more closely at Axios. "I can see it in his eyes, and I can sense it too."

"Are you saying that you can view his dreams?"

"And enter them also. You want to visit him?"

"Sure, why not." Sierra walked up to Marcus and Marcus gently placed his hand on Sierra's forehead. As he concentrated onto Sierra's mind, he then placed his other hand on Axios's fore head. Marcus took a deep breath and closed his eyes and focused his mind onto Axios's dream.

Within moments, Marcus and Sierra both found themselves within Capital Park in the Cornerian capital city. The entire park had a layer of snow on the ground as it appeared to be in the middle of the winter season. The cool breeze brought a sense of comfort to Marcus and Sierra as they both realized that they were dressed in black pea coats and black slacks. "Where are we?" Sierra asked as she looked around her environment.

"We're in Capital Park on Corneria." Marcus responded as he remembered. "Axios must be around here somewhere." Marcus placed a finger on his temple and he quickly located Axios within his dream. However, he also sensed three others within his dream also. "I found Axios…" Marcus softly said. "But we're not alone in this dream."

"Well let's go say hi." Sierra said as she walked along a sidewalk path. "Are you coming?"

"Of course." Marcus walked up to Sierra and the two of them held each other's hand as they walked along the path. They took some moment to admire the winter environment within Axios's dream, but Marcus became concerned the more he thought about the snow. "You know…" Marcus softly said to Sierra. "I'm not so sure Axios is having a good dream."

"Why do you say that?" Sierra asked. "The environment seems pretty peaceful."

"There's no sun out. It may be bright, but there's no sun in the sky. Mom used to always tell me that if you can see the sun in your dreams, then you're having a happy dream."

"So you think this might be a sad dream for Axios?"

"I'm not sure, but we'll find out when we find him." As the duo continued along the path, they eventually arrived at the frozen pond that housed the Black Suns memorial. "I remember seeing this." Marcus softly said. "This is the Black Suns Conflict memorial. This was where my parents got engaged."

"I'm sure Fox waited for a beautiful night to propose to your mother." Sierra commented as she looked at the memorial.

"To her, it was the perfect night."

"Marcus, I think I see him." Sierra pointed out a figure sitting on a bench on the other side of the pond. Marcus looked more closely and noticed that the silver fox wore the same black winter clothes as he was. "Come on!" Sierra excitedly said as she tugged Marcus's arm. "Let's go!"

Marcus and sierra quickened their pace and walked along the path around the pond towards the silver fox. As they drew nearer to it, Marcus started to feel something strange. "Sierra, slow down…" Marcus softly said. "That's not Axios."

"What?" Sierra asked. "Who is it then?"

Marcus and Sierra walked closer to the fox and they noticed that the fox was in his teen age years. He also had no facial scars nor did he appear to possess Axios's physique. He bore the same silver eyes as Sierra, and looked almost identical to her. "You two look awfully alike." Marcus observed as they approached the fox.

Seeing Marcus and Sierra approach him, the silver fox looked to the side and gave Marcus and Sierra a dull look. "Mom! Dad! Uncle!" the silver fox called out. "We've got visitors!"

After a brief moment, Marcus and Sierra noticed Axios appear from a path that was hidden behind a set of trees. He was accompanied by a silver vixen and an older brown furred vulpine and the three of them smiled at Marcus and Sierra. "You know…" Axios said to Marcus as he approached the silver fox on the bench. "You're just like your mother. Always curious about what goes on in my head."

"I didn't mean to offend you if I did." Marcus nervously said. "I'm sorry."

"None of us mind." The silver vixen replied. "My name is Luna, I was Axios wife. The silver little one here on the bench is my son, Axios."

"Hey there." Young Axios said. "And mom, I'm not that little."

"You'll always be her little one kid so you're going to have to deal with it." The brown vulpine cheerfully said. "As for you Marcus, my name is Corvo. I'm Axios's older brother."

"It's nice to meet you all." Marcus cheerfully said. "This is my girlfriend Sierra, one of the newest members of Star Fox."

"It's so nice meeting all of you!" Sierra happily said.

"Likewise." Luna responded. "I always enjoy meeting new people from Star Fox."

"I tend to enjoy them more now than I did in the past." Corvo said as he crossed his arms. "You guys gave me an ass kicking during the Black Suns Conflict."

"My parents told me the stories." Marcus said. "You were One, pilot of the Archangel, and Second in Command of the Black Suns. You caused quite a bit of trouble when you were alive."

"And now I spend my days in the afterlife doing what I can to atone for the crimes I've committed. I'm not proud to have lived the life of a villain, but I didn't have much of a choice when Black took over my body."

"I remember reading the files." Sierra said. "He used nano machines to control your cerebral functions."

"You seem to be well informed."

"Corvo, she's an ex Crimson Organization assassin." Axios interjected. "She turned traitor after she failed an assignment."

"Ah…" Corvo said as he stroked his chin. "So you're Crimson… Looks like Star Fox gave you guys an ass kicking too."

"My father would have had me killed if I returned a failure." Sierra softly said as she lowered her head. "I wanted to live, but turning on my father wasn't easy for me. If it wasn't for Marcus, I don't think I'd be alive right now."

"Young, beautiful ladies like yourself deserve to live a happy life." Luna cheerfully said. "Any father who would discard their child like that is no father; they're monsters."

"Not to mention he's already denied you a peaceful life by training you as an assassin." Young Axios interjected. "Way I have it figured, I don't think he ever saw you as his daughter. Only a tool for-"

Axios slapped the back of his son's head forward and young Axios nearly fell forward from the bench. "Show some respect." Axios angrily said to his son. "Regardless who the man was, he was still her father. You'd do well to respect your elders, regardless of who they are."

"All right all right…" young Axios said as he gently messaged the back of his head. "I'm sorry Sierra, I didn't mean to be so offensive."

"It's fine, really." Sierra responded. "To be honest, I started to have that mentality the more I worked with Star Fox. But, he was still my father…"

Marcus gently placed his arm around Sierra to comfort her, and Axios smiled at them. "You know, Axios, mom told me that your son was just a toddler when she met him." Marcus said. "Now he looks as old as us."

"It's my dream kid." Axios responded as he smiled at his son. "I can have it however I want. I felt like it was time he grew up to be a lot more capable and responsible."

"I see."

Marcus looked to his side and held Sierra close to comfort her after hearing young Axios's comment. At the same time, Luna slowly approached Axios's side. "They're so lovely together…" Luna softly said to Axios. "I hope they stay together, those two have great chemistry. I can tell."

"His parents already like her." Axios softly responded. "I wouldn't be surprised to see them engaged some day." Axios felt Luna's hand gently take hold of his and the two looked at Marcus and Sierra as Marcus spoke to her. "She's the one thing he cares most about in his life…" Axios softly said to Luna. "And he'll do anything to protect her."

"In that case then… I wish them both the best." Luna softly responded. "She looks a lot like me in my younger days… Almost as if she was my own."

"If you want, I'll look after her as if she was."

"Thank you Axios."

To cut their meeting short, the group heard a soft bell noise within the distance. "My time is up." Axios said to the group. "Marcus, I'll see you back in the real world."

"Sure thing."

Marcus responded. Marcus at that moment killed the psychic link he made with Sierra and Axios and he and Sierra returned to the med bay within the Great Fox II. Soon Axios woke from his slumber with his vitals restored and he looked up to Marcus and Sierra at his sides. "Good to see you again." Axios softly said.

"Likewise." Marcus responded. "If you're done here, I think it's time we headed to Fortuna."