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Life couldn't get better.

That's what Levi thought at least. Ever since he and Eren had confessed their feelings, they spent their whole days together. Not that they didn't before, but a lot more touching was involved now, not that Eren didn't cling to him before, but now it also happened every now and then that Levi would initiate a kiss or hug the younger boy.

Had someone told the raven-haired man a few months before that he would live happily in a small hut with another man, kissing and loving him, he would have right out laughed at them. Laughed so people saw it as him taunting the idea of two men in a relationship, the idea of him leaving his home. But here he was, sitting in front of a campfire, holding his, dare he say, boyfriend in his arms, pressing the younger to his chest.

Months, maybe three or four, have passed ever since Levi's father had left for a business trip, since he ran away with nothing but the things he wore, which in hindsight, wasn't such a good idea. But now he was here, and he just couldn't bring himself to regret anything.

He had encountered bad weather, sickness, hunger and even a werewolf, but he would do it all over again if it meant that he could be free, away from his abusive father, and most important, to be with Eren.

It was obvious that Eren had been living on his own for quite some time. The small hut they lived in had been broken down when Eren first came here, and he rebuilt it as much as he could, but as to why he came to the woods to live a such lonely life, he didn't tell. But he wouldn't ask. If the green-eyed boy wanted to tell him, he would eventually. He also knew how to sew clothes, something Levi was glad for, he didn't really want to wear fur in summer. But more importantly, on some days the older would wake up alone, only to have Eren arrive a short time later, dragging parts of a dear or some other kind of animal behind him, providing them with food. Now that's something that was odd. Why didn't he just wait for Levi to get up, or wake him, when he went out to hunt? Sure, the shorter man had never really hunted before but he was a fast learner, and he would have to at some point. He couldn't rely on Eren for everything. But what bothered him the most was that Eren was alone out there, he could get hurt by an animal, or even worse, cross paths with the werewolf. Levi hasn't seen it ever since that fateful night nor has Eren ever seen it at all, but there was still this worry. Worry and fear.

Worried that something might happen to Eren, that Levi wouldn't find out in time, unable to find him in the woods.

Scared that the thing he feared the most might appear when he was alone, even if he never wanted Eren to be there should that ever happen, which he prayed would never be.

So here he was, sneaking through the woods, barely seeing two feet in front of him.

The stoic man had decided to pretend sleeping, since he was pretty sure that Eren would leave again, which he did.

What he didn't expect was for him to disappear so quick that he had lost him before he even managed to put on his clothes and follow him out of the house. All he could do was listen to the eery silence of the night and follow the soft crunching of sticks and leaves on the ground. The stars were covered by thick clouds in this night, making it impossible to see anything in the dark, but that only spurred him on to find Eren. Whatever Eren was trying to hunt, he wouldn't let him do it. It was just too dangerous.

I should have just stopped him when he got ready, I'm such a moron, the man lamented. Worry was eating him away. What if he slips and breaks something? What if he gets attacked? What if the werewolf finds him before I do?

His steps sped up the more thoughts shot through his head. He had to find Eren, and that soon!

Before he knew it, the worried man was running through the woods, calling for his lover.

"Eren!", he yelled.

"Eren, answer me!"


Not even once did he receive an answer, only a silence that kept speeding up his heart.

"For fuck's sake, Ere-", suddenly he lost his footing and tumbled down a small hill, sticks and stones tearing open his clothes, scratching him and drawing blood. With an Oomph he landed in a clearing, surrounded by fallen leaves.

"Oh fuck..."

His body hurt, but not too much, nothing was broken, thankfully. The scratches stung but he could bear that. He had to get up and find Eren.

But there was a sound. Something was here with him. Silver eyes stared at the unknown in the dark, trying to make out anything to go by.

In this exact moment the clouds decided to move and give away some of the stars lights. The first thing he could see were eyes, big, golden eyes. They held a very familiar passion in them, and they were fixated on him, watching his every move. Then followed big, sharp teeth, fur and the form of a wolf. A big-ass wolf.

You gotta be kidding me.

Not even thinking about it, he ran in the opposite direction. He had to get away, had to find Eren and drag him out of this goddamn forest. Eren wasn't safe, he wasn't safe, he had to get him out of here.

Run, run, run.

He had to get away from that thing, had to get to Eren, to get him to safety.

Run, run, run.

Either he ran fast or he hadn't gotten that far in the first place, because after only a short time he had reached their home, which meant that the werewolf had been close to them.

Which means that Eren might have run into him.

Running into the house he had only one thought.

Oh god, please, please be home. Be safe, be safe, be safe.

But he wasn't there.

Levi never felt so much like crying. Not ever, not when he got beat unconscious by his own father, not when he had to act as the perfect fiance for Petra, nor when he watched people getting burnt on the stake.

Taking a deep breath, he stilled his movements. Listening to any sounds, anything, but there was nothing.

Only light footsteps, walking hastily over to him.

Letting out a shaky breath, he turned around, running towards the boy, pulling him into a hug.

Relived sobs were shaking his body, the boy's name leaving his lips over and over again, kissing his face, his lips, his chin, his lips, his eyelids, his lips, his forehead, his lips, his lips, his lips.

"Fuck Eren, you got me so fucking worried.", he let out between quiet sobs.

"Levi, I-", the young boy started but got interrupted by a harsh pull on his arm, dragging him behind Levi.

"Eren, we need to leave. Now.", the older said and continues to drag the boy behind him, he had to get him out, get him away, get him somewhere safe.

"Levi! Please don't! We're safe! I ha-" Again, he got interrupted.

"Eren! I saw it again! The werewolf! It was close to our home, and it might have followed me he-", as he turned around to look his lover in his eyes, he froze.

His heart skipped a beat, his breath leaving his lungs, and he couldn't move.

His beautiful, beautiful green eyes were a vivid gold. Almost glowing in the darkness of the night, illuminated by the little light the stars provided.

This...this couldn't be.

Or could it?

Big paws were touching his cold skin, a cold nose nestled in the crook oh his neck, then hair, sniffing him. And Golden eyes. Big, golden eyes shining in the dark. Strong hands picking him up, pressing him to a body way too hot, but the warmth felt good.

Memories of him waking up, sweating in the embrace of his lover, scared that he might have caught a fever. But it never was a fever.

Memories of Eren hugging him, clinging to him in a way that made it hard to leave the embrace. Strong arms curling around him, holding him in place.

Hot hands running over his always so cold body, warming him, leaving a hot feeling all over him. Lips pressed onto his neck, his collarbone, his stomach, his legs, his whole being, Eren taking deep breaths, as if trying to inhale the essence of Levi.

He didn't notice the tears running down his face until Eren tried to brush them off with his thumb, causing the smaller to flinch. Suddenly the touch felt too hot on his cold skin.

"Levi, please, don't."

But it was too late. He was running. Running away from the only place he ever had called home.

Ignoring the desperate calls of the younger boy.

Ignoring the sobs coming from the boy, or were it his own?

Ignoring the burning in his lungs, ignoring the pain in his legs, ignoring the first rays of sunlight as they hit his tired eyes.

Never has he felt so tired before, not at home after dozens of sleepless nights, not in the night he met...Eren.

And never has he cared less of what would happen next to him.

Slowly coming to a halt, he slid down to his knees, curling into himself.

Violent sobs were shaking his small frame.

Oh had he never met him, had he just left like he intended in the first place, had he just stayed in their bed, being oblivious to Eren's secret.

The man let out everything. All the years of pain he had endured were nothing compared to this. Finding out that the love of your life was a monster, lying to you.

But is he really a monster? A small voice asked.

Not being able to think anymore he shut out everything around him, falling into a restless sleep.

Oblivious to the grief-stricken howl sounding through the night.

It has been days. Three to be exact. Levi hadn't moved at all. He still sat on the spot he had first broken down.

He was cold, he was tired, and hungry. All he managed to do was drink some rainwater he had gathered.

His head hurt. He had been thinking about Eren all day. The first day he just sat on the ground, like a lifeless doll, his mind numb.

On the second day, he got angry. How dare Eren keep such a secret from him. Had he been planning to keep this from him forever?

And today, he was regretting. He regretted walking away, without giving Eren a chance to explain himself. Regretted for being so scared.

Eren had never done any harm.

He had saved him, had cared for him, had loved him.

But Levi only saw the golden eyes and sharp teeth in that moment.

Then he remembered the fear of losing Eren, the panic after he couldn't find him. And to his surprise this fear had been bigger than his fear of the werewolf...or Eren.

Even now the thought of Eren being hurt haunted him.

And he had hurt Eren, he was sure.

He hurt the only person who had ever cared for him. Who made him feel safe. Is this why he didn't listen? Because the only person he trusted and felt safe at was a monster? But Eren wasn't a monster. His father was one, the people who burnt and killed other people for being different were monsters, even he was more of a monster.

His heart was beating frantically, what had he done?

He ran away from the only thing that made him happy.

Gathering his last strength, he ran towards the small hut.

Ran towards Eren.

Ran towards his safe place.

Sitting outside his small home, the young boy looked up to the sky.

He should have expected this. He should have told him earlier, should have told him when he was calm, not panicked.

Maybe he should have just waited until his eyes turned to their normal eyecolor, but his love had looked so stressed, so afraid, and Eren knew it was because he was worried about him. So he had shown himself, shown his true self, and lost the only thing in his life that mattered.

He had contemplated following him but Eren knew he had screwed up, broken his trust in him, and who would want to be with a monster like him, anyway?

That's why he had lived here on his own, expelled from the humans for being a monster, and from the other werewolves for being only half a werewolf.

He belonged nowhere, had no one to go to, nowhere to call his home but this small hut.

But not even that was true now.

With Levi he had created a new home, he had loved that man, had since the moment he saw the man lying on the ground, dying.

Even now, with his heart broken, he still loved him.

But that was just his life, right? Living a lonely life.

The boy just sat there, not even noticing the pained howls escaping him, singing a lament towards the covered moon.

Three days had passed and he still was sitting in front of the hut.

He just couldn't stand to see the space he had called home.

His heart ached, but he couldn't help thinking of short, black hair and silver eyes staring into him.

A small, pained smile graced his lips as he thought of his beloved.

Cold Silver got closer and closer, it was when the eyes where on his level that he registered the person kneeling in front of him, holding his face between long, ever so cold, fingers.

"Tell me about you, Eren. Tell me why I should stay.", the voice he loved so much whispered.

His face looked tired, his voice was rough, and he looked exhausted, but Eren was sure he didn't look any better.

Putting his hands over the cold fingers he nodded.


The boy had proven to be in full control of his other self and Levi had learned to trust him again.

They had talked all night and the following day, then they had eaten and rested.

It took some time but they went back to their old routine, except that Levi would accompany Eren everytime he went out to hunt. Werewolf or not, Levi was not leaving Eren alone in the woods ever again. Especially after he had found out that he got expelled by the other werewolves, and if they found him they might try to attack him. No fucking way would he let that happen.

Since the revelation of Eren's secret, the boy had not held back in his need of physical attention. Sometimes he resembled more of a puppy than a half-werewolf.

Not that Levi complained.

He secretly enjoyed all the touches, all the hugs and kisses he received from the boy. Even more so the heated touches and embraces at night, the feel of naked skin on naked skin, ragged breathing, small moans and quiet whimpers reaching his ears.

To put it in a few words, they were finally happy again.

So when he woke up one morning, and gave Eren his usual morning kiss to wake him, only to have Eren tense and snap his eyes open, sniffing the air, he knew something was wrong.
If he had only known how wrong.

The forest was silent, no birds were chipping, no animals were rustling in the bushes and no wind was blowing. The air felt so heavy it could have suffocated him.

For a moment he had thought that a werewolf had found them, found Eren. But it was something different. Something familiar.

Then there was a knock on the door.

A murderous werewolf wouldn't knock.

He didn't answer it. This feeling that was creeping up his back felt too familiar, paralyzed him. The shorter man snapped out of it when he heard Eren growl, all remains of humanity gone. His usually cute face was baring his sharp teeth, very pointy teeth, and still letting out all these inhuman growls. His golden eyes never left the door.

With a start he fell out of the bed, when he heard the voice calling out for him, for Levi. Panic-stricken Eren looked at Levi, about to help him up and forgot about the threat on the other side of the door.

With a slow twist, the doorknob turned and the soft click of the unlocking of a door could be heard.

What Levi saw made his blood freeze.

He had found him.

He was free, he was safe, far away.

How did he find him?

Terrified, he looked into his father's eyes. But his father's eyes didn't rest on Levi, but on the boy next to him.

The very naked boy who held his very naked son in his arms.

The man's eyes widened.

Levi didn't know how he had not noticed earlier but suddenly his father raised a gun, and fired.

For a moment Levi did not know what to think. Did his father miss, why had he a gun, why didn't he feel any pain?

The next thing he knew was that he heard a scream, then a whining, resembling the one of a dying dog. His eyes widened as realization hit him and he turned around to face Eren.

His beloved Eren was lying on the ground, shot down like a rabid dog, the bullet had hit him between his ribs, blood was oozing out of the wound and gathering in his mouth, running down his chin.

He had to do something! Anything that would stop the pain, and oh god Eren Eren Eren!

He didn't know he had been crying and calling his name until his father pulled at his hair, dragging him outside, throwing him on the ground.

Kicking him, stepping on him, hitting him with the gun, spitting on him, everything he had done at home but he didn't care because all he could focus on was Eren.
Eren lying in his own blood, Eren watching with a glazed look, Eren not making any sounds except small whimpers of pain.
His own vision began to blur but what happened to him didn't matter.
He needed Eren to be safe.
He tried his best to crawl over to his love, but his father had sent him a hard kick to the ribs, breaking some of them, which made him roll over and scream in agony, just so his father could stomp on the already broken ribs again.

"You piece of shit!" A blow to the broken rips, breaking even more.

"First you run off, making me look like an idiot," a kick to the face, dislocating his jaw. "and then I find you with this piece of filth!" More kicks to the head.

"I should have known! I should have known from the beginning, I should have let you burn on the stake where you belong," Levi couldn't breathe, his lung was pierced, that was for sure. With every word his father yelled he teared up more. Not because his words mattered to him, but because Eren, Eren had to hear all of this. Had to watch through the torture his father put him through. "But than everybody would have known what a failure of son I have! I should have just killed you myself! I. . . !"

Stomp, stomp, stomp.

So this was it. His father would kill him. But Levi didn't care, all he wanted was for Eren to escape...

Suddenly there was the sound of ripping, flesh ripping and a loud growl. Levi remembered it. He had asked Eren to transform in front of him, to prove that he could control himself. He had been scared shitless. But this time he wasn't scared. Because he knew now, that wasn't a monster. The real monster was currently dragged away by an angry wolf, letting out screams of agony.

In the daylight he could see it all clearly, if not a bit blurred. A giant wolf, tearing at his fathers body. There were screams but he couldn't hear them.
It was just Eren and him.

And then it was quiet.

The birds started chirping again, the wind was refreshing on his burning skin.
There was a thump and Eren lay on the ground, eyes closed, breathing heavily.
Quiet whimpers escaped the werewolf and it broke his heart. How could he just lay here, getting beat up by his father, while Eren was in pain?
It took all his energy and hurt like nothing he had ever experienced before, but hehad to do this, he would never forgive himself if he didn't.

Finally, he was able to touch Eren's surprisingly soft fur, leaning against his head, he let his head roll back

No answer, but Levi knew he had heard him.
"I love you, Eren."
The head he was resting against nuzzled against him, slowly sliding down, and the soft beating of Eren's heart stopped.
"And I know you love me, too."
Despite all this, a small smile graced his lips as he closed his eyes, letting sleep take over him forever.
They were free. No one to control them, no one to judge over them.

And in the end they would be together forever.

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