Rated: K+

A Frozen x Rise of the Guardians Crossover

Pairings: Jack x Elsa

Summary: The only thing that got Elsa through all those years of solitude was her winter friend. And it was this friend who helped her and understood her like no one else did. [Jack x Elsa]

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen, Rise of the Guardians, or any of it's characters. All rights reserved to Disney and Dreamworks.

It was a day just like any other day.

The middle of spring was a good day for a brisk breeze in the land of Arendelle, and I was only too willing to oblige.

With a hop, skip, and a jump I was at the lively marketplace of said kingdom, the fresh air at my tail chasing me as I raced up to the top of the castle.

But then I heard a sound.

I stopped in my tracks, the wind whistling ahead of me and leaving me to my curiosity, the sound became much clearer…it was crying. Closer and closer I oh so sneakily approached this crying, no way I could let this continue after all, and it was to no shock that I found a little girl, at her window sill, sobbing her eyes out. What did surprise me though, was her appearance and the state the window sill was in. The little girl had white hair like mine and the window sill had ice embedded all over it. And the worst part is that the more and more this little girl cried; the further up the ice traveled up the window sill.

Not knowing exactly what to do I just settled on the necessary thing to do, cheer her up. As the ice traveled the window sill I used it and made little pictures I think a little girl would like, butterflies, smiley faces, unicorns, you know the works. Then, with a tap on the glass, the little girl should stare up at the window in the wonder and amazement, boy was I wrong. When I tapped on the glass and the little girl raised her head, I only saw her shock and fear as she let out a small gasp-like shriek and ran to hide under her covers.

"Mommy!" she yelled "There's a man at the window!"


Does this mean she can see me?

Furious footsteps halt my train of thought as I make a quick retreat beside the outside window. I hear two voices, a man and a woman, must be her parents "What's wrong Elsa?" the lady voice asks as I hear heavy footsteps open the window. I look to my left and there I am face to face with the little girl's father, I hold in a breath on instinct but the man just keeps his worried face as he holds for no more than two seconds before checking the other side and then closing the window all together "There's no one out there." He says to the mother and she just hugs her daughter before saying "If you see anything again, come find us and we'll have the guards take a look around the castle." The little girl nods and the parents each give her a kiss on the forehead before leaving her to herself again.

After hearing the door 'click' close, I peak my head out to see the young girl, she slowly turns herself to face the window and with the corner of her eye, she spots me. She lets out another gasp I cut her off before she screams again "I'm not here to hurt you." She goes silent for a few moments before she inches towards the window "Who are you?"

"Well little lady, I'm Jack…Jack Frost."

She smiles "I know about you!" She runs and opens the window "My mom always tells me bedtime stories about you, but she never said you look like…well you." She giggles "Oh yeah, what did she say I look like?"

"Hmmm…she said you look…"

"Dashing, handsome, suave, all of the above?"

"Like an elf!"

"An elf!?" There is no way I look like one of North's goons! But her insistent laughing snaps me out of it, "Well do I look like an elf to you?" she shakes her head to say no but the giggle she lets out makes me give her a look of mock disapproval.

"Well little one, what is your name?"

"I am Princess Elsa of Arendelle."

"Ooooh well, Princess Elsa, it is an honor to make your acquaintance." I jokingly bow as she curtsies "The honor is all mine." We both laugh then it hits me when I see the icy window again "What's with the window?"

Her laughter fades away as she stares down into her little hands "I'm like you…" in those same hands she creates a little snowball "see?" she gestures to her hands "I can do this…" then to the window "I can do that too."

"How?" the only word that registers in my brain "My father said it was a curse so they-"

"They locked you up here?" I interrupt "What?" she asked surprised "They locked you up here didn't they, Elsa?" she shakes her head and then says "No, I want to be here." I was taken aback, "Why would you want to be here? Wouldn't you rather be outside and play…"I look out the window to see another little girl playing out in the courtyard "how about her? Why don't you go and play with her?"

Elsa gets off her bed and looks out the window "That's my sister." She states "Your sister?" I repeat "And I can't go play with her..."


"Because I hurt her, it's a long story."

"Oh, I'm guessing that story is the reason you lock yourself up in here."

"Yes." She says with a sigh.

And then a thought hits me "Well!" I bounce off the window seat and float above her bed "Then I'll play with you!" She looks up at me in confusion "Come on!" I say "Do you want to build a snowman?"

She stares at me in horror "What did you say?" she asks "I said, do you want to build a-"

"No!" she shouts, "Jack, I don't want anything to do with these powers…this curse!" she buries her face in her pillow and I can hear the same crying I hear a few minutes ago.

"Fine," I say "No snowmen, how's about we do something else? We could play another game if you want?" She looks up from her pillow "Can you tell me a story?" she asks "Of course I can."

And thus began my friendship with the young Elsa.

Chapter 2 coming soon! Please stay tuned!