Rated: K+

A Frozen x Rise of the Guardians Crossover

Pairings: Jack x Elsa

Summary: The only thing that got Elsa through all those years of solitude was her winter friend. And it was this friend who helped her and understood her like no one else did. [Jack x Elsa]

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen, Rise of the Guardians, or any of it's characters. All rights reserved to Disney and Dreamworks.

As the wind blows in the land of Arendelle and to the unseen eye, Jack Frost bounds and leaps from rooftop to rooftop. Using his staff, he bends the breeze around himself as he shouts "Wind!" A shrill response from the gale was all he needed to continue " To the castle!" and in a single gust Jack is hurled towards the windowsill he is so accustomed to.

The summer had not been kind to Jack and even though it pained his little friend, Jack had to go and create winters for other kingdoms and lands around the world. But each and every time winter found itself back at Arendelle, Jack always knew to pay his visits to someone who was expecting him. The cycle of seasons have now continues for a few of years, now that he has known the Princess of Arendelle. Elsa should be around fifteen right now.

With a small wisp of wind he opened said window and made his way inside "Elsa…you home?" he asked expecting an answer, Elsa never left her room anyways but he should at least be a little polite. When no sign of the white haired girl was found Jack tried to hide his worry "Maybe she's finally speaking to that sister of hers." he said to the empty room. All questions in his mind were answered as the snow princess herself came into her room.

She was staring at her hands, now incased within those white gloves she loved so much, and she was mumbling something to herself "Conceal, don't feel, don't let it show." As she hugged her hands to herself Jack cleared his throat, earning as gasp from the princess "Jack!" she lunged herself forward in a hug, almost knocking down the young man, "I've missed you!" she hugged him a little tighter as to emphasize her words. "I've missed ya too princess." He set her down and took in her appearance for a split second.

She was taller, and her face was less round and more narrow, something that always happens when kids grow up, her voice was a little deeper as well, plus she was a little taller, her head was just tall enough to reach the middle of Jack's chest. "Looks like you've gotten taller huh princess?" he voiced that last observation and was paid back with a giggle "Yup!" she smiled and he responded in kind.

"So how's Arendelle been since I last left it?" The frosty boy perched himself on the window side bench like he always did, Elsa looked down "I wouldn't know, I still don't get out often." Jack then made a sort of "oh" sound and followed with "Then what were you doing outside your room before I got here?"

"That was because of a…because of another matter." She began playing with her hair again, she always did that when she was talking about a subject she didn't want to bring up, she would bring that braided hair of hers to the front and run her fingers through it, fix it, re-braid it, anything to get her mind away. Jack knew this, but his curiosity got the better of him. "Well can I ask what matter is was?"

Elsa let out a loud sigh, something unusual coming from her "It was my mother; she wanted to talk to me about my sister." Jack remembered the little red headed girl Elsa referred to "Your sister…Anna right?" she acknowledged with a nod "Mother said she wanted me to at least talk to Anna. She doesn't like that I haven't been…active, in my sister's life." She went to sit on her lounge chair by the fireplace "But…" Jack egged her on "But I don't want to hurt her again. It's too risky! What if it's not her brain this time?" her voice grew louder, she stood up, and Jack knew he made a mistake "What if it's her heart? What if she dies?"


His voice silenced her "Elsa," he breathed in and out as to make a pause for her to calm herself "you've gotten a lot better at controlling your powers. Remember what we did last time I was here? You made snowflakes more beautiful than I could ever imagine!" Jack tried to cheer her up but it was obviously not going to work "Jack that's not important! Anna is not a snowflake! I could actually hurt her!"

Jack let out a sigh "Did your mother understand?" he asked as he tried to take the focus off himself, he didn't want her mad at him the whole winter "Kind of, she doesn't want to push me but she wants me to try. But Jack, I just can't." she sat back in her lounge, her face now in her gloved hands.

Getting of the window seat, Jack walked over to Elsa and laid a soft hand on her shoulders, shaking her a little in order to get her attention "Hey," he smiled "It's gonna be okay." He reassured and she let out a breath of relief "One day, it will be." She complied.

"So...meet any boys?" he couldn't stop the smiled forming on his face as he saw the young girls cheek gain a tint of pink "Actually yes." She huffed and strolled over to her bed, this confession caught Jack off guard "Really?" he prodded "Can you explain this chap?" he phrased his words like she would, just to tease her a bit more "He's tall, fair skinned, a full head of red hair, and he loves me very much." Jack gulped at this, no way a fifteen year old could be in love, that just spelled bad news "Elsa I think I need to give you a little-" his words were cut off by her loud laughter which she muffled by stuffing her face with a pillow "Jack, I'm talking about my father!" she continued laughing.

"You're sick Elsa!" Jack feigned disgust as Elsa only laughed harder "You know I'm joking Jack!" she smiled brightly at him and Jack naturally smiled back "Well," he spoke "I'm glad you know that you'll always have someone who loves you." Elsa nodded to him "Yeah, I know."

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