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Chapter 1

"How'd you get all those scars?" Ryuu asked, pointing at the jagged scars that spread from Natsu's shoulders across his back.

"This one time, my magic went all out of control. And I turned into a huge dragon!" Natsu bent down with a grin. "And that's where my wings grew. They burst from my shoulders and were huge, like this!" He held his arms wide to illustrate the size of his wings.

"Yeah, right! People can't become dragons!" Ryuu rolled his eyes. He had gotten used to his parents' stories. They were always wild and full of adventure. Natsu and Lucy had seen a lot of crazy things, but the thought of his father actually becoming a dragon was ridiculous.

Ryuu was only twelve. He had grown up with magnificent stories of battles and dragons and other worlds and strange magic. He had formally joined the guild only two years prior, and his adventures hadn't been nearly as exciting as his parents made them out to be. He had taken after his father quite a bit, both in looks and in magic. He had spiky pink hair, but brown eyes like his mother. Ever since he had learned to crawl, Natsu had been teaching him dragon magic. And now the fire came just as naturally as breathing. Though he was a fire mage, he still possessed a bit of Celestial magic. It was faint, but he could summon lesser spirits, like Plue. In fact, he wore Plue's silver gate key around his neck, as a sort of memento.

Arms folded, Natsu frowned. "Don't believe me, you little jerk?"

"Natsu!" Lucy shouted. "Don't yell at your son!"

"It's not my fault! He didn't believe me!" Natsu tugged his shirt on.

"So when can we go on an awesome adventure like you guys?" Ryuu asked. "I wanna beat up demons and fight dragons and save cities."

"You're not ready," Lucy said. "I hope you never face that kind of danger!"

"Aww, Mom," Ryuu groaned.

"That's no fun!" Ryuu and Natsu said in unison.

Natsu draped his arm around his son's shoulders. "You'll pass the S-Class test soon. And then we can go off on fun adventures together!"



Lucy shook her head. "Just thinking about it makes my heart ache. What if he gets hurt?"

"How could he get hurt with us there?" Natsu boasted. "Two Fairy Tail mages, some of the strongest there are! There's no way he'd get hurt with us around!"

"I suppose you're right…."

That was the last time they had all been home together.

On Ryuu's insistence, Lucy and Natsu agreed to take him on an S-Class Quest. They were supposed to investigate odd rumors about a band of demons who were destroying entire towns. It had some kind of connection to Tartaros and to Zeref. But things had gone downhill quickly. Not only had they found the demons, but had fought a few of them as well. Ryuu couldn't do much to help and was soon beaten and bloody. His mother and father held out against the onslaught, but soon they too were being pushed back.

With a mighty roar, Natsu's fire turned golden. His flames shot skyward as his magic increased. His skin cracked like dragon scales as he summoned his Dragon Master magic—a magic he had never passed on to his son. But the more they fought, the more the demons fought against them. Lucy's magic slowly drained as she fought. She was bloody and battered, her clothes torn. A blast of magic struck her. Lucy shrieked in pain and collapsed. Ryuu could barely move.

"Mom!" he cried, dragging himself toward her.

Natsu glanced back at them. They were fighting a losing battle. He rushed toward them. Scooping Lucy up in his arms, he glanced down at Ryuu. His son was badly wounded, and Lucy as well. She was barely conscious and her magic nearly gone. Natsu tugged Ryuu onto his shoulders before picking Lucy up in his arms. He carried them a safe distance, crouching behind a cluster of enormous boulders. He laid them down gently. Lucy groaned, her eyes fluttering open.

"Natsu…" she muttered.

He was injured as well. Blood rolled down from a deep gash in his head. He was covered in cuts and bruises. Natsu gently brushed her blonde hair from her face, caressing her cheek. He kissed her passionately.

"Sorry," he whispered between kisses.

"Natsu, what are you doing?" She realized something was wrong.

He unraveled his scarf and laid it in her hands. He reached down and ruffled his son's pink hair for the last time.

"Take care of your mother."

"Dad?" Ryuu's voice cracked with fear.

"Wait!" Lucy cried. "Don't!" She tried to move, but many of her bones were broken. She could hardly move. She knew he was about to leave them, perhaps forever. "Don't go!"

He smiled. "I love you."

Tears rolled down her cheeks. "I love you," she said, her voice shaking.

Ryuu watched his father's back as he strode proudly toward the enemy. He walked with his head high, his golden flames blazing around him. The shadow of his silhouette glowed in the bright pillar of flame. Ryuu shielded his eyes against the bright flames. He could barely make out his father's shape. Soon Natsu's shape contorted and twisted. What appeared to be enormous bat-like wings exploded from the pillar of fire. With an ear splitting roar, light engulfed them.

It was the last time Ryuu had ever seen his father. He carried his mother out of danger and to a nearby village. They had waited there in hopes that Natsu would return from the battle. But it was in vain.

That had been nearly five years ago. Natsu had not been seen or heard from since that day. Lucy had ceased her activities as a Fairy Tail mage. She stopped taking jobs. She lived in grief. The experience had broken her. She was never as cheerful as she had been before Natsu's disappearance. Despite what many believed, Lucy and Ryuu knew Natsu was alive somewhere. But no one in the guild had managed to find any traces of him. He was gone.

Ryuu stood in the guild hall, seventeen years old. He was the spitting image of his father, roudy, pink-haired youth that Natsu had once been. He wore a red jacket with flames at the hems, a black shirt underneath it. He wore his father's scarf around his waist like a sash. Happy hopped up onto the bar, a flier in his hands.

"Hey, wanna go on this one?" he asked, holding up a job listing.

Happy had taken the news of Natsu's disappearance hard at first. But with Ryuu around, he soon perked back up. They had traveled all over, looking for Natsu. And neither of them had given up hope yet. Taking the paper from him, Ryuu glanced at it.

"Sounds interesting. But I think we should take someone else with us."

"What about Myrna?" Happy asked.

Myrna was Gray and Juvia's daughter. They had been close ever since they were little. But they had a very…love-hate relationship. Ryuu groaned.

"I dunno…" he said. "Myrna's kinda…you know."

"Come on!" Happy insisted. "You can't pass up this opportunity. It says a Salamander attacked a village near the border. It could give us a clue about Natsu!"

"Yeah, you're right." He stared at the flier a long while before standing up. "Yeah. Let's go see if Myrna will go with us. We don't have any time to lose!"

"Aye, sir!"

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