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I wake up to the steady sound of beeping. I am still tired and my fussy mind can't comprehend, what is going on around me. I feel numb. Not like the kind of numb when you sit too long. Neither the feeling you get after being outside for too long, no just a prickling numbness. I listen to the beeping as I slowly get the feeling back into my limbs. I am still too tired to move so it doesn't matter for now. I hear a door opening and footsteps approaching me. Someone is standing beside me rustling with something and then I am back in the blackness from before.

The next time I wake up I can feel my limbs. Painfully so. I am aching all over and I have a burning headache. And again there is the beeping sound. Slowly I try to open my eyes and after the third try I finally manage to do so. At the beginning everything seems blurred together before my eyes focus again. I look around confused. I am in a completely white room. Machines are standing beside me. The beeping sound obviously coming from a heart monitor, which is right beside the bed I am lying in. But how did I get here? And even more important, why did I even need to get here?

Blinking confused I try to remember, what happened, but I come up with a blank. Still too tired to really gain enough focus to be able to really think back. Sighing I close my eyes again waiting for sleep to take my body under control again. Just as I am on the edge of falling asleep and my breathing starts to even out I hear the door to my room open again. Forcing myself to stay awake I open my eyes again looking at the blonde doctor, who is smiling down at me.

"Oh…good to see, that you are finally awake. My name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen and I am your doctor. How do you feel?" Too tired to speak for a long period of time I only say, that I am fine and only have a slight headache and feel generally a bit achy and wait for his reaction.

He nods and writes something in my file before looking up again. "You are most likely quiet confused right now and probably even have problems recollecting, what happened. But don't worry, this is only temporary. You will be able to remember everything just fine as soon as you have slept for some time." He comes over to the bed I am lying in and busies himself with the machines for some time before turning back to me. "We found you in an ally covered in bruises, cuts and hypothermic. You were lucky, that someone found you and called the ambulance in time. Otherwise lasting damage could have been done." He looks at the file again and then back up to my face. "Rest for a while. Your body still needs to recover." I close my eyes again not certain when I opened them in the first place. I let my thoughts drift as I slowly near dreamland. Hmmm…I am really curious to hear the answer to the question, how I got into the ally before I was found.

Bright light welcomes me as I open my eyes the next time. Wincing I furrow my brows trying to adjust my eyes to the light. I look out of the window seeing that the bright light is surprisingly coming from the clouded sky. So I was out for at least several hours considering the only sources of light at that time were the lambs above me. I concentrate on my body and systematically try to move my limbs one after another. Finally sighing in relief after realizing that nothing is broken and that moving only hurts a little. Probably just bruises and cuts like the doctor said. Nothing serious. Except for hypothermia, which was just a problem at the time they found me and not anymore. I will probably get out of the hospital in no time at all. Just as I was thinking that came into the room again. The soft smile on his lips like the last times I saw him. "So, Miss, do you remember everything again?"

I think about it for a moment before nodding. "Yeah. I remember walking along the street on my way to the grocery store. As you probably know I only came to Forks a few days ago and so I wanted to look around the town and get a few things for supper for the evening. Charlie, my father, was not at home at that time and still isn't, because he needed to meet with a friend out of town, who had an urgent matter he required his help with. As I was just around the corner to the shop I intended to go to someone put his hand on my mouth from behind and dragged me into an ally. I tried to escape his grasp and kicked him, but not before he was able to put a tissue with some substance over my mouth and nose, which let me feel dizzy. I still managed to defend myself pretty well until he suddenly ran away after he heard people approaching. I remember, that he worried for nothing since the people just went by without noticing me, but then I was on the floor. After that everything got fuzzy." He nods again and tells me, that I will be released from the hospital the next day.

The next morning the sky is as cloudy as ever and I slowly change into normal clothes again the heart machine gone since a long time ago. I go out of my room and to the nurse station to fill out the necessary papers before going out of the hospital. As I walk outside and start on my way home I think about the lies I told Carlisle. I feel guilty. Oh so guilty for not telling him everything.

But then again I didn't want to tell him. Still don't want to. It's going to be a secret. My little secret…they are my little secret…just mine…forever