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Chapter 2

Carver screamed, trying to wriggle out of the Troll's hand; already knowing it was a futile battle. Carver looked into the throat of the Troll, seeing his whole life flash before his eyes as he got closer and closer to his death. As he was at the last breath, he gasped, shocked at the fact that he didn't expect to die so soon. Suddenly, a wave of heat hit Carver as he fell to the ground. He knelt on all fours, heavily breathing as he tried to come to terms with the fact that he could do nothing at that moment in time and yet, still, he was alive and breathing.

Carver looked up to see Hawke with a bow and arrow in her hand, and smoke lightly coming off the tip of it. "Nobody is going to kill my brother apart from me" Hawke placed her hand out for her brother to use it to help himself up. Carver refused, almost looking furious at the fact that Hawke had saved him. He grunted, and pushed himself up on to two feet, grabbing his sword in the process. Hawke aimed and shot another arrow, aiming at the giant's feet. This Bursting Arrow better work, Hawke thought to herself. She made the shot and the entire ground around the feet of the beast exploded into flames. The troll fell, growling in agony as he held his feet. Bethany used the opportunity to Mind Blast the enemy; which, in turn, caused the troll to roll on to his chest, face down, in front of Carver. "Carver, he's yours. Finish him, brother" Hawke called, with a sense of happiness for her brother's quick recovery.

Carver did nothing. He just stood there, angry, confused and frustrated. He didn't want anything from his elder sister. And he sure as hell wasn't going to kill something she pretty much prepared for him. He turned to Alice, shaking his head and putting his sword in the holder on his back. "No. I don't want anything from you, Alice" Carver turned and faced his big sister, with fury in his eyes "I don't want ANYTHING from you at all" The Troll slowly started to stand behind Carver, its eyes on his initial prey.

"CARVER YOU MORON, MIND OUT" Hawke quickly shot a Rhyming Triplet at the head of the Troll; causing sudden death and the ground to shake as the Troll hit the ground. "Maker's breath, I'm sure you're going to get yourself killed with that type of attitude" Hawke walked and headed the group only to be met by an enormous wave of enemies.

Carver, Bethany, Hawke and Aveline were standing back to back with each other, slowly being engulfed by the swarm of enemies that had ambushed them. Carver swung his sword at the Dark Spawn closing on his sisters and new companion. Bethany used Spirit Bolt to injure the enemies if they got too close. Aveline Assaulted them as much as her Stamina would allow her and Hawke used her arrows as much as possible. It was no use, though. The group were outnumbered by far and therefore out matched. Shit. Hawke thought. How's your smart ass going to get us out of this, this time, Alice? She continued, effortlessly shooting arrows at the Dark Spawn that found their way too close to her allies.

"What the heck is that?" Carver remarked, pointing to the top of a mountain that was seen.

"Maker's hands, is that a Dragon?" Bethany stepped back, finding what she saw as incomprehensible.

The creature spat flames, effortlessly charring all the enemies it hit; within seconds, the entire team was Dark Spawn free. The Dragon slowly floated its way down to the ground that the Hawkes and Co. were standing on. Suddenly, in pretty much just a puff of smoke, the Dragon turned into a woman, with gothic get-up and dark, malicious features.

The woman's features were beyond description, with the pale, white make up, black extras and horns, making her exceedingly difficult to want to thank. The woman stood there in front of everyone, waiting for somebody to speak. Aveline walked quietly away towards where Wesley and Leandra were waiting, Leandra ensuring she was doing all she could for Wesley whilst their allies had a confrontation.

Everyone was unsure of what to do next, Carver, even though he has been surrounded by magic all his life, found terribly uncomfortable to accept this woman's existence. He felt his body begin to sweat, at the thought of the woman in front of them only seconds ago being a huge 12 foot dragon. He couldn't bring himself to talk to her, feeling almost compelled to kneel down at her feet. He didn't know where this oppressive feeling was coming from, but if someone didn't do something about it, quickly, he knew he would have to succumb to its powerful calling. Bethany, on the other hand, felt liberated by the realisation of this woman. She had to fight herself smiling; as, being a twin, she knew how uncomfortable her brother was with regards to magic and she didn't particular enjoy how he would get when he gets very upset with her. She kept quiet, allowing herself to keep vigilant and ready for anything that the dragon woman may have thrown to them at any given moment.

After several moments of silence, people thinking and Carver shuffling, Hawke spoke. Instantly breaking the ice

"I thought dragons were extinct?" the woman calmly looked at Alice, doing nothing but slowly narrow her eyes a little. And then, she began to chuckle quietly; causing the whole group to breathe a sigh of relief.

"It's nice to see there is still hope for this forsaken world" The gothic attired woman remarked, bringing her hands to her hips as she said this.

"Thank you, for helping us" Hawke spoke again, with a softer tone this time around.

"I see something in you that I am sure, I do not see often. You hold promise…" The woman then began to look at Wesley, whilst he was writhing around in agony. "… That man"

"He… He was unfortunately infected by the Dark Spawn" Bethany spoke, hesitant at first "But... But I'm sure if I could find a way to help him if you would help us get to Kirkwall. Please. Is that possible?" Bethany pled in her words, she just wanted her companions to reach to safety, away from The Blight.

"Well... Let's just see here… One..Four..Five and six… Okay. But for helping you, what will I be receiving ? No work like this is done of a free price; you know you are now in debt to me" The woman stated plainly, almost smirking as the last few words slipped through her thin lips.

"For helping my family and friends, I will do all that I can as you see fit" Hawke said, Breathing deeply she continued "What is your… Who are you?"

"The Witch of the Wilds, that's who" Aveline sneered, seething disgust and annoyance as she spoke.

"Witch, Dragon, Goth – many people call me many things, I do, however, often go by the name of Flemeth. Call me as you please" The woman curtsied as she spoke, mocking Aveline with a glace and amusement and pure enjoyment

"I'm Hawke, this is my family and those are my Companions… Your price?"

"I will ask of you two things. One, you must bring this amulet to the top of a mountain off the outskirts of the valley among people that are called the Dalish. The second, you must…" Flemeth again peered at Wesley.

"No. Not Wesley. No" Aveline protested, tears in her eyes, holding his hand tight.

"The man is infected by the taint. There is no way he can fight this" The woman began to walk towards Leandra, Aveline and Wesley.

"Is there nothing else you could use as payment, my dear friend?" Leandra finally spoke, softly but firmly she allowed herself to speak.

"Leandra, you know how this works. He is likely to infect others and cause another Blight"

"But Fle-"

"Wait a moment, you two know each other?" Hawke spoke, placing her hands on her hips, annoyed and tapping her foot.

"This is not the time, nor the place, for us to be discussing our entire pasts" Flemeth began, shuffling her dress as she did so, allowing it to carelessly flutter in the breeze. "And no, there isn't another way" Flemeth's attitude began to get blunt; almost bitter as she spoke, every word beginning to feel like she was spitting venom.

"But I'm sure I can help him" Bethany began but her sentence barely begun before she was met by a glare from the dragon woman.

"No child, you cannot" Flemeth bitterly said, looking at Leandra as she spoke.

"She's right, Aveline" Wesley slowly began to speak, allowing his head to roll in the direction that Aveline was in "I can feel the taint infecting me in my veins as I speak. I can go no longer, My love"

"Wesley… I cannot let her kill you" Aveline's eyes began to well up with tears.

"Aveline, perhaps if you allowed him to rest by your hands you could find rest easier, too" Hawke said, walking over to her new friend and rubbing the shoulder of her for support.

"I.." the red head looked at her dying husband, eyes full of sorrow and grief as she tried to use her eyes to ask him questions of who, what, where, when and whys. And he answered all of her questions, with just a simple nod.

Aveline lifted her sword to strike, and as she brought the weapon down, she growled and flinched as she heard the thud of his head hit the floor.