Castiel Novak had had a very… life altering couple of days. It all started when he realized – completely out of the blue during a math exam – that he was an eighteen year old senior at Lawrence High School that had never been kissed, never been to a party, or even stayed out past curfew. Cas was a very straight laced kid. His GPA was 4.0. His attendance was perfect. He was getting acceptance letters from all of his colleges with college grants practically being thrown at him like dollar bills at a stripper. Everything Cas had worked for was finally coming to fruition.

And that's when he realized he was missing out on all the experiences of your average high school student. It's not that he didn't know these things were going on. He lived next door to the Winchester brothers. Sam and Dean were always going out and hanging out with friends. Dean had invited him to hang out with them a million times, but Cas always had homework to do or a test to study for. Schoolwork was what drove their friendship apart in the first place. Cas understood what a good GPA could get you when you graduated while Dean understood, but realized how boring it would be.

But that didn't stop Dean from trying to get Cas to still be his friend. When they were younger, Dean looked at Cas like another brother. He, Cas, and Sam would play cops and robbers or video games or ride their bikes. He missed that. But then Dean got older and his interests – and body – started to change. When he looked at Cas, he no longer saw the best friend that taught him how to pop wheelies, but as more as someone Dean wouldn't mind teaching a thing or two.

After Cas came to the realization, he made the decision that the next time Dean asked him to hang out, Cas was going to go. He had no idea that decision would lead him to being inside of a utility closet in the basement of Jo Harvelle's house with Dean Winchester.

It all started out pretty simple. He rode with Sam and Dean and when they got there, the place was full of people from school. They were all surprised to see him and happy he'd decided to come out of his shell. Cas was nervous, but not near as nervous as when Jo pulled out an empty bottle and waved it in the air declaring they were going to play a game.

Jo gave the crowd a choice, "We can play Spin the Bottle or Seven Minutes in Heaven."

Dean smirked. "Seven Minutes in Heaven. I like to do my business behind closed doors."

Jo rolled her eyes. "That's a service to humanity since there isn't enough alcohol or therapy to unsee that."

Dean's smirk fell as he narrowed his eyes at the short blonde girl. As the group that was interested in playing decided on what game to play, Cas leaned into Dean. "I've – I've never done this…"

Dean chuckled. "Obviously, Cas. You'll be fine."

Cas gulped. He would not be fine, but he didn't have much of a choice now, did he? He got himself into this mess and there was only one way out: seeing it through.

"Seven Minutes in Heaven it is! Only this time, we're going to liven it up a little," Jo said with a devious look on her face. "Someone is going to go in there and face the back wall. We'll spin for you and whoever gets picked get to surprise you. It's up to them how they surprise you. But if you get in there and the person says no, that means no. I don't need this night ending with trauma and police, got it? Cas, since you're the new one here, you're up first."

"Wait, what? I'm – I mean, if someone else wants to go first…" Cas said, waiting for someone to take his spot.

He looked to Charlie, who was smiling and shaking her head. She might've been a lesbian, but she wouldn't have minded seven minutes alone with the nerd. Cas looked at Jo's brother, Ash, to find him doing the same thing. He looked at Kevin, Anna, Gabe, Benny, Meg, Dean, even Sam, and they were all shaking their heads. Cas took a deep breath and walked into the closet on the opposite side of the room, making sure to face the back wall. He had a bad feeling about this.

Jo put the bottle on the ground and spun it. "Whoever gets to go in there, be nice to him. He's probably never even kissed someone before."

The bottle stopped, pointing straight to Dean. Jo went to spin the bottle again, but he stopped her. "What? I'm not allowed to go in there?" Dean asked as he leaned off the wall.

"Really? You're going to waste his turn?"

"It's only a waste if he doesn't like," Dean said with a wink before strolling over to the utility closet as everyone watched in surprise or – in some people's eyes – arousal. Before walking in, he set his phone to alert him in seven minutes. He wanted to make sure he used up every second.

When he shut the door, he stood there for a second in the almost dark. A tiny sliver of light shone from under the door. Before he could make a move towards Cas, Cas told him, "Look, I don't know who you are, but, I doubt this is a shock, I've never kissed anyone so… I'll understand if you just kind of want to… stand here for seven minutes."

"And if I don't want to stand here for seven minutes?" Dean asked.

Cas spun around to find Dean standing there. "Dean?"

"What if I'd rather do what we're supposed to do instead?"

"W – What?" Cas asked in confusion.

Dean didn't explain as he took the couple of steps towards Cas and kissed him. Cas was too shocked to react at first, but Dean cupping Cas' face in his hands made Cas kiss him back. Dean chuckled as he pulled out of the kiss. "Your lips are too stiff, Cas. Just relax," Dean said softly.

"Okay," Cas whispered before pressing his lips back against Dean's.

He was better this time. Dean slid a hand into Cas' hair, pushing Cas back against the wall as Dean pressed himself against him. Cas' hands were balled into fists at his side. He had no idea what to do with them. Dean pulled his hands from Cas and grabbed his fists as he continued kissing him innocently. Dean put Cas' hands on his back, under the blue plaid shirt he wore. "It's okay to touch me," he mumbled against Cas' lips.

"Okay," Cas managed to say. He didn't know how to respond to any of this. Kissing had always been the last thing on his mind and when it finally came to the forefront, he'd never imagined doing it with a boy, let alone his childhood best friend.

"Do you want to stop?" Dean asked, thinking maybe he was over stepping his bounds and that's why Cas was so tensed.

"No," Cas said hurriedly. "I'm just… nervous," Cas admitted.

Dean smirked at him, moving his lips to below Cas' ear. "There's nothing to be nervous about, Cas. Just follow my lead."

Cas nodded his head and did as Dean said. His head fell back against the wall as Dean kissed and sucked on his neck. He moaned softly as Dean ground his hips against Cas'. Dean sighed against Cas' ear, making the boy shiver as his hot breath ghosted down his neck. Dean moved back to Cas' lips, reaching his hand up the back of Cas' shirt and sliding his other hand back into Cas' hair. Dean started a rhythm, grinding himself into Cas. Dean felt Cas getting hard against his hip right as the alarm went off in his back pocket.

Cas jumped as the sound echoed through the room. Dean chuckled softly as he pulled himself away from Cas. "Times up," he told the blue eyed boy.

"I – I can't go out there. I'm – I have…"

Dean smirked. "Here," he said before pulling Cas' shirt up enough to shove his hand down the front of Cas' pants. "You just have to know how to hide it," he said over Cas' gasp of surprise.

Cas tried to keep himself in check as Dean positioned his cock so that the waist back of his jeans and boxers kept it against his stomach. "Wow, Cas. I had no idea you were working with that," Dean said, impressed. "It's always the quiet ones," he said more to himself. "Now zip up your hoodie and you should be good to go. Oh, and if you want to ever… ya know… continue that, just let me know."

Before Dean could walk away, Cas stopped him. "I do. I want to continue it."

"Right now?"

"Yes," Cas said before he could really even think about it. Cas felt good and it was because of Dean. He knew that if a simple make out session could make him feel like this, then all the other stuff must be like a drug.

Dean smiled at Cas, but before he could say anything, there was a knock on the door. "Alright, you two, it's been seven minutes," Jo informed them.

Dean opened the door and smiled down at the blonde girl. "We're – uh – gonna need a little more time," he told her.

"Stop fucking around, Winchester," Jo told him, rolling her eyes at him. Dean moved out of the way so Jo could see the messy haired, swollen lipped Castiel Novak leaning against the wall of her utility closet. "… oh. Oh! No! Get out of there! The both of you! Leave it to you to turn some innocent kissing game into some lewd sex party!"

Cat calls came from around the room as Dean and Cas emerged from the room. Cas blushed a bright red. "Cas forgot something out in the car, so – uh – carry on," Dean said as he grabbed Cas' hand and pulled him out the door and over to the Impala.

"In the backseat?"

"Well, I mean, we could do it on the hood, but I think that might be a little too much too soon," he said, fighting his grin.

Cas looked back at the basement door nervously. "Won't people… see?"

"I could always take you someplace else."

Cas looked around. The sun was setting, it would be dark soon. He didn't really want to waste the time to drive someplace else. That was precious time he could be spending making out with Dean. Dean walked over to the back door and opened it, smiling at Cas. "Everyone already knows, Cas. If we just stay low in the seats, no one will see us," Dean reassured him, holding out his hand to the nervous boy standing in front of him.

Cas looked back at the house before looking at Dean. "Fuck it," he mumbled as he took Dean's hand and got in the back seat.

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