Two words: Pie Sex.

Carry on.

Summer time was the best time of year as far as Dean was concerned. Summer time meant falling asleep naked without waking up freezing. Summer time meant turning the air down low and sleeping under a sheet. Dean just liked sleeping naked with Cas and Cas was more prone to do it during the summer time. Plus, this summer was especially nice since he and Cas decided to take the semester off from school. It would be the last one they got before they graduated and became full-fledged adults.

Graduation meant getting a job. It meant getting Cas a car and finding an apartment. It meant working from nine to five and paying bills. Neither of them were particularly ready for any of those things, so they took the time off to enjoy this while they could. So far, the summer had been them swimming in the pond they found in the woods behind the house, experimenting in the kitchen, and hanging out with their friends around their little part time jobs.

Dean stretched out in bed, smiling at the feel of Cas' soft skin sliding against his. Dean was practically falling off the bed since Cas was sleeping right next to him on his back. Dean liked it – no matter how much he joked with Cas about it. Dean rolled over onto his side, kissing Cas' shoulder, running his hand over his stomach. Cas didn't stir. Dean slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom to grab a quick shower before starting breakfast. Today was Cas' birthday and Dean wanted to treat Cas to anything and everything he could – starting with waffles.

Dean pulled on a pair of pajama pants and slipped into the kitchen, softly shutting the door behind him. He started a pot of coffee and pulled out the cookbook he bought the other day. They had taken a cooking class together, just like Dean had said he wanted them to, and learned to cook. Dean had a knack for it. He really enjoyed making food and Cas really enjoyed eating it. Dean read the directions on how to make the waffles and started pulling out all the ingredients he needed. As soon as the waffle iron was making the first batch, Dean started scrambling eggs and frying bacon.

"It smells delicious in here," Cas said, shuffling into the kitchen and over to Dean. He hugged up to the slightly taller man, laying his head on his shoulder and wrapping his arms tight around his waist. "What are you making?"

"I'm making the birthday boy his favorite breakfast."

"Waffles…" he said with a happy little sigh. He picked his head up and looked over to the waffle iron. "Thank you, Dean," he told him as he walked over to the machine, taking a slow whiff of the air.

Dean chuckled, setting the spatula down and stepping over to him. "You're welcome," he said before kissing Cas' cheek. "Happy birthday."

Cas smiled at Dean, pulling Dean against him as he kissed him lazily. He was still half asleep. "Thank you," he mumbled against his lips.

"So, since it's your birthday, we're going to do anything you want to do. You name it, we're doing it. That's how it works."

Cas chuckled. "That's how it always works, isn't it?"

"Then you know what's going on," Dean said with a nod before stepping back over to the stove, pulling the eggs off the burner.

"I don't want to do anything today, Dean. Maybe relax in the hammock out back? I just want to be lazy."

"Party too hard last night?" Dean asked him as he chuckled. Their friends had decided to take Cas out to a bar last night since tonight they were going to have a party with family.

"Shut up," he said, scratching his face. "I'm going to go take a shower."

"Breakfast should be waiting on you. Oh, and don't forget about lunch with your dad."

Cas sighed as he leaned against the counter. "I totally forgot about that," he said, groaning. He and his dad had become close since his parents' divorce. Naomi left Kansas after that; went to stay with family since Cas wanted absolutely nothing to do with her.

"And that's why I reminded you," Dean said smugly.

Cas walked over to Dean, running his nose across Dean's back. "You should come take a shower with me."

"If I weren't in the middle of cooking your breakfast… Jeez, Cas, so demanding. I'm only one pers – hey!" Dean yelped, chuckling softly as Cas smacked his ass. Dean turned around, pushing Cas back against the island and trapping him between his arms. "What do you want in the shower that I can't do to you right here?"

Cas ran his thumb over Dean's bottom lip. "Nothing. Get on your knees."

Dean smirked and knelt down in front of Cas, reaching up to pull his pajama pants down. "You're going to burn the waffles."

"Then just fucking making me some more," he said, tilting Dean's head back as he rubbed his semi-hard dick along Dean's lips. Dean opened his mouth and tried to wrap his lips around Cas, but Cas moved his dick out of the way. "Do you want it, Dean?" he asked him, smirking down at him, keeping his eyes glued to Dean's lips.

Dean nodded his head. "I always want it, Cas."

Cas bit his bottom lip, pulling Dean's chin down and sliding his dick into his warm, wet mouth. Cas hissed at how good it felt. It always felt amazing, but the added fogginess that came with his sleepy mind somehow made it feel just a little better. He didn't have the will to fight off his orgasm. He didn't necessarily want a quick release, but he was too tired to make it last. "Shit, Dean," Cas groaned. "I'm about to come."

Cas grabbed a hold of Dean's head, making him hold still as Cas started fucking his mouth. Dean reached up and gripped Cas' ass with one hand, smacking it hard with the other. It was all Cas needed. His head fell back as he came in Dean's mouth. Dean drank him down, licking his sensitive dick clean as soon as he was finished. Cas looked down at Dean as he sat back on his feet. He was rubbing himself through his cotton pants, looking up into Cas' eyes.

The most wicked thought came to Cas' mind. "Stop touching yourself," he told Dean.

Dean frowned. "What?"

"It's my birthday, I get what I want and I want you to stop touching yourself."

Dean narrowed his eyes, pulling his hand away from his dick. "What are you about to do?"

Cas smirked. "Invoking my birthday power. Dean Winchester, you are not allowed to come today. Not until I tell you to."

"What?" Dean asked slowly. He couldn't have heard Cas right.

Cas bent over, tilting Dean's head back as he kissed him. "You heard me. You aren't coming until I tell you to."

"Cas, that's – what the hell? I'm fucking hard as a rock. I could probably cut glass with this thing."

Cas chuckled. "Good," he told him before kissing him again. He stood up straight and walked out of the kitchen.

Before Dean could chase him down, he smelled something burning and realized it was the waffles. Dean swore and opened the waffle iron, sighing angrily. Today was going to be the worst day of his life. He knew it.


It was hard – difficult. It was hard, too, but it was difficult not to get off. Only because he knew he wasn't supposed to. The way his boxer briefs rubbed against his dick was even getting to him. He spent the afternoon cleaning the house, getting it ready for the party tonight… all with an erection. This was Cas' fault. He couldn't believe his boyfriend was so evil. He created a monster.

When Cas got home from his lunch with his dad, he greeted Dean with a kiss – a long, slow agonizing kiss. Cas smiled as he reached down and rubbed Dean's dick through his jeans. Dean knew his torture was about to end, but Cas yawned and told Dean he was going to go lie out in the hammock. Dean watched as Cas walked out the back door. He took a deep breath and sighed. He was going to kill him.

He finished sweeping and dusting and hurried out back to find Cas asleep. Dean smiled, walking over to the hammock and getting on it, rocking the boat enough to make Cas wake up. Cas smiled and curled up against Dean. "I'm glad you came to join me," he said, muffled against his neck.

Dean hummed an affirmation as he started rubbing on Cas' back, slipping his hand under his shirt. He pulled Cas against him before moving his hand around to the front of Cas, pushing his hand down the front of Cas' pants. Cas moaned softly as Dean started rubbing him. He pulled his hand out and unfastened Cas' pants, pushing them and his boxers down far enough to release Cas' growing cock so he could continue stroking him.

Cas waited until he was close before he started rubbing on Dean's dick. He didn't put his hand down his jeans – or put much effort into it. Cas was moaning and thrusting into Dean's hand, rocking the hammock as he did. When he came, he came all over his and Dean's clothes, chuckling softly as he laid back on the hammock. "Thanks," Cas told him, kissing him for a moment. He pulled away and got off the hammock, leaving Dean to lay there in angry confusion covered in his come.

Dean could've spit fire at that point.


Dean realized he wasn't going to get any release anytime soon and he didn't want to have a raging hard-on while he parents were there, so he decided to just let it go. If it was going to happen, it was going to happen. He was excited about tonight. He had big plans for Cas' birthday present and having an orgasm paled in comparison to that.

Cas didn't like how he wasn't getting to Dean anymore. His plans of getting Dean to break and fuck him against the nearest hard surface were failing. He tried to up his game as they were getting ready for the party that night. Cas said that his shoulder was bothering him and asked Dean for a back massage. He kept bumping his ass against Dean's dick in hopes to get him hard, but it didn't faze him. Dean was more worried about Cas' shoulder. Once Dean figured out Cas was getting annoyed with how easily he was ignoring Cas' teasing, it made it that much easier.

However, as soon as friends and family started to arrive, Cas and Dean completely forgot about everything and focused on entertaining everyone. Presents were piled up by the food that everyone was helping themselves to. Everyone was wishing Cas a happy birthday and asking him about college. Cas was happy he was almost finished with college just so people would stop asking him about it.

"Alright, I'm ready for presents," Benny hollered over the talking and music.

"It's not your birthday," Dean reminded him.

"I don't care. This is as close as I get to my own birthday. Cas, go open your gifts!"

Dean shook his head at his best friend as Cas laughed. "Fine, fine. Biggest to smallest. Dean, do you want to do the honors and hand them to me?" Cas asked, sliding his fingers in between Dean's as he took his hand and pulled him over to the coffee table.

Dean smiled at him, nodding his head as he sat on the arm of Cas' chair. He got everything from clothes to electronics to gift cards. As he went through each gift, he thanked and hugged the person that gave it to him. Dean – of course – saved his gift for last.

"I was starting to wonder…" Cas said, smirking up at Dean. He looked back at the coffee table to grab the gift before Dean could hand it over, but there wasn't anything there. "It isn't your presence like it was when we were six, was it?"

Dean chuckled, remembering how he fooled Cas that one year. "No, no. Though, that is a daily gift, Cas, and you know it."

"It's the gift that hasn't gave in a long time, Dean," Cas joked, winking at him.

"Do you want your present or not?"

"Of course, I do!" Cas said, turning to him and holding out his hand.

Dean grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. "I know you said biggest to smallest, but I wanted to save my present for last," Dean said, turning Cas around and putting his hand over his eyes as he pushed him towards the door. "Everyone follow us!" Dean commanded.

Everyone did, following Dean and Cas outside. There were several gasps and Cas demanded, "What is it?!"

Dean pressed a kiss to Cas' neck before removing his hand and gripping his shoulders. Sitting beside Dean's Impala was a dark blue car that Cas had never seen before. He didn't know what it was or who it belonged to, but something told him it was his. "I knew you weren't looking forward to finding a car… so I spent the summer building you one."

Cas' jaw dropped as he turned around to look at Dean. "You did what?" he asked softly.

Dean smiled at him. "I built you a car."

Cas threw himself at Dean, almost knocking him down. "I can't believe you built me a car," he said in shock as he held Dean tight.

"Go start it up," Dean told him, gently pushing him towards the shiny piece of machinery.

Cas hurried towards the car, getting in and started it up. The engine roared to life and Cas started laughing. "It's so loud! I love it!" Cas said as he revved the engine.

Dean smiled as everyone cheered at Cas, telling him awesome the car was or how good he looked in it. He turned off the engine and pulled the key out of the ignition. This was the part Dean had been waiting for. Cas looked down at the key in his hand as he got out of the car. Something was on the keyring with the car key. Cas held it up to the light and saw a silver band. When he heard the gasps from behind him, he turned around and saw Dean on one knee.

"Dean?" Cas asked as he slowly walked over to him.

"I know we can't get married here in Kansas, but I figure that'll be changing soon. I want us to be one of the first ones to get married as soon as the law changes. If you'll have me," Dean said, waiting for Cas' response.

"If I'll have you?" Cas scoffed. "Of course, I'll have you, Dean," Cas told him as he threw himself at Dean against, knocking him back on his ass before he straddled his hips, grabbing his face and kissing him.

Everyone cheered as Dean and Cas smiled into the kiss. "This is the best birthday ever, Dean. I love you so much."

"I love you, too, Cas. Always," he said before kissing him again.

"Alright, alright! Don't make us turn on the hose!" Benny hollered at them. "I want some birthday pie!"

Cas pulled out of the kiss and looked down at the ring, pulling it off the keyring and slipping it on his finger. "What about you?" Cas asked softly. "You need a ring."

Dean leaned back and shoved his hand in his pocket, pulling out a band. "You mean this?"

Cas grabbed it and slipped it on Dean's finger. "Do I have to wait for a marriage license before I can go ahead and introduce you as my husband?" Cas asked, smirking down at Dean as he pushed the ring on Cas' finger.

"I'm not," Dean told him as he looked up into Cas' big blue eyes.

"Ugh," Cas groaned. "Everyone needs to leave to so I can fuck your brains out," he whispered before kissing Dean again, pushing him onto the grass as he kissed him.

"Forget them," Sam declared, actually not minding the display of affection between Dean and Cas. "I want some pie."

Everyone went inside, but Mary warned them, "Don't you dare cut that pie! That pie is not yours to cut Samuel Winchester!"

Cas pulled away to look at everyone walking inside. He looked down at Dean. "I'm not sure what I want more, pie or you."

"I wouldn't mind you covered in pie," Dean said with a smirk.

Cas cocked his eyebrow at Dean. "Is that so? Maybe that can be arranged."

Cas got to his feet and grabbed Dean's hands, pulling him to his feet. "Don't tease me, Cas. I can't take anymore."

"Now I feel like a jerk for doing it," Cas said, thinking about all the teasing he did do.

Dean shook his head, pulling Cas against him. "Don't worry about it. Just know that I'm going to fuck the hell out of you as soon as everyone leaves."

"That was my plan all along," Cas said, pulling away from Dean and laughing evilly.

Dean laughed as he followed Cas into the house. Everyone stayed long enough for pie and a brief conversation about Cas' 1962 Dodge Dart. Once everyone decided to leave, Cas and Dean walked them out, handing out hugs and thank yous. As soon as all the cars were out of the yard, Dean chased Cas back in the house.

"Wait," Cas told him, holding his hands up. "It's still my birthday."

Dean looked at the clock on the wall. "You have twenty minutes," Dean told him.

Cas smirked. "That's all I need. Take off all your clothes," he commanded. "And kneel down in the kitchen."

Dean didn't hesitate for a second, walking straight for the kitchen, stripping down to nothing as he went. He was out of all of his clothes before he even got into the kitchen. Cas followed suit, stopping to stand in front of the kneeling Dean.

"Suck it, Dean," he told him. "Don't make me have to tell you."

Dean smirked at Cas. He loved it when Cas told him what to do. The effect it had on him went straight to his dick. Now that Dean didn't have to not think about, his dick was harder than before, faster than ever. Once Cas was fully erect, he pulled away from Dean, grabbing what was left of his birthday pie. Dean watched as Cas took the still warm apple pie and started rubbing his dick on it, grabbing a handful and stroking himself with it. Dean's eyes got wide as he realized what he was about to get to do. Cas grabbed a handful of Dean's hair with his pie covered hand and tilted his head back, pulling his chin down with the other.

"You want some pie?"

"Fuck yes," Dean moaned before wrapping his mouth around Cas' cock. He sucked and licked his dick clean. As soon as he was finished, Dean got to his feet. "My turn," he told him, turning him around and pushing him against the counter. "You fucking stay just like that," he told him before hurrying to the bedroom to grab the lube. He was so hard and stroking himself with the lube almost did him in, but he had bigger and better plans. He had to keep his goal in mind.

When he got back to the kitchen, Cas wasn't bent over like Dean had left him. He'd grabbed some of the chocolate mouse pie and was smearing it on his chest. Dean shoved Cas' hand away and started cleaning his chest off. He sucked hard, leaving angry red marks all over Cas' chest. Cas grabbed the sides of Dean's face, pulling him up to kiss him. Dean kissed him hard and passionately, digging his fingers into his back and pulling him tight against him.

Cas moaned softly as Dean bit his bottom lip. He pulled away and demanded, "Fuck me, Dean."

Dean smacked Cas' ass telling him, "You don't get to tell me what to do anymore, Cas. Your birthday is over," he said, pointing to the clock to show him it had been twenty minutes. "I should tease the hell out of you," Dean said, getting in Cas' face, kissing him hard as he fingered Cas' hole until he was ready. "Make you beg for me to let you come," he added, lowing his voice. He spun Cas around and bent him over the counter. "But I'd much rather just fuck you until you screamed," he said, shoving his dick into Cas.

Cas gasped before letting out a low moan. Dean grabbed a handful of pie, rubbing it along Cas' neck and shoulder. He pulled him back against his chest, slowly moving inside of him. He knew he was a little too rough, but Cas never complained. Dean sucked and licked Cas' neck, moving down to his shoulder once his neck was completely barren of pie. "You taste so good, Cas," he whispered against Cas' ear.

He started moving faster, loving the sounds Cas was making as he begged for him to. Cas grabbed Dean's pie covered hand and licked his fingers clean. "You want some more?" Dean asked him, scooping some pie onto his finger before feeding it to Cas.

Cas pushed Dean away. "Get on your back," he told him as he grabbed the chocolate pie off the counter. Dean laid down on the kitchen floor. Cas grabbed a big handful and smeared it over Dean's chest, licking and sucking it off of him as Dean fucked him from the bottom.

Dean grabbed Cas' face, pulling him down to kiss him. All he could taste was the pie on his tongue as it squished between them. Cas sat up, stopping Dean from thrusting up as he began to ride him. Cas tossed his head back as Dean wrapped his hand around Cas' dick, stroking him as he watched Cas come undone. Cas dug his fingers into Dean's chocolaty chest. "Fuck," he moaned. "I'm about to come."

"Right here on my chest," Dean told him.

Cas nodded, leaning forward slightly as he impaled himself on Dean's dick. After a few more strokes, Cas gasped, coming on Dean's chest. Cas fell forwards, collapsing against Dean. Dean held Cas against him, thrusting up into him so hard that Cas had a hard time staying in place. Finally, after a few more thrusts, Dean came, legs and arms falling limp. Cas smiled down at him, riding his sensitive dick. A little line appeared between Dean's eyes as his mouth fell open. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain when Cas did this, but he loved it.

Cas bent down, kissing on Dean's neck. "Was it worth the wait?"

Dean smirked, eyes closed as he enjoyed Cas' lips on him. "It's always worth the wait."

"Open your eyes," Cas said softly. Dean looked up into Cas' face to find him smiling down at him. "I love you," he told him. "Tonight was amazing, Dean. Thank you," he told him, kissing him softly.

Dean wrapped his arms around Cas as he pulled out of the kiss. "You make it easy, Cas," he said, nudging Cas' nose with his. "I love you, too."

Cas kissed him for a moment before he sat back and looked down at the mess on Dean's chest. "Maybe we should get a shower," he said, running his finger through the pie and come.

Dean grabbed his hand, sucking Cas' finger into his mouth, licking it clean. "I don't know. I think I might want some more pie," he said, smirking and winking at the man still straddling his hips – his husband.

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