Izzy looked around the room morbidly. She hated when there was nothing to do. Suddenly the girl sprouted up with an excited and evil look plastered across her pretty face.

"Magnus!" she shouts in glee.

"What Izzy? God you don't have to yell," the sparkly warlock groaned slightly to himself.

"Do you want to go shopping?!" Izzy couldn't control her excitement. She absolutely loved to shop, no matter how many times she had done it before. And she knew that Magnus had a weakness for going with her.

"Ummm sure. But where?" Magnus was suddenly not too shadowy. He loved shopping even more than the shadowhunter girl. Izzy huffed at the warlock and grabbed her coat, "Dominique's of course," she gave a small chuckle. The pair hustled quickly out the door. Clary scoffed.

"Is that all those two ever do? I know I for one don't enjoy it THAT much," Clary leaned her head against her hand. Jace looked over at his pixie like girlfriend, "Hey you wanna go out tonight?" Clary nodded her head.

"Well Good Angel don't kill me with your enthusiasm Clary!" Jace glared over at the ginger. Alec mumbles something under his breath. Jace thought it sounded a lot like 'I feel so left out' but he just lets it go and he grabs his and Clary's coats and they walk out of the Institute together. Alec wanders around the big Institute. No one else was here considering that his parents and Max were in Idris. And his sister, boyfriend, and 'friends' had left him to do their own things. He didn't mind it much but he also wished that there was something he could do. He was uber surprised when there was a loud, booming knock on the front doors. He narrowed his eyes in confusion. 'Who could be at the door? Its pouring rain so nobody would be out. Especially at this time of night.' He thought as he glanced at a clock on the wall that read 11:39. He stalked towards the doors of the massive Institute, all the way preparing for whatever was beyond the doors. When he finally opened the doors he was surprised to see three people. A dark-haired boy with blue eyes much like his, a girl with brown hair in a very old style dress, and another boy with unusually pale hair well actually a pale everything. All three seemed to be covered in dirt and blood. So much that Alec couldn't tell if the blood was theirs or not.

Alec shook out of his trance when the black haired boy swayed dangerously on his feet before collapsing in front of Alec. The silver haired boy caught the other before he could hit the ground, and the girl asked most politely, "We are in dire need of your help. May we come in?" Alec blinked at the formalness in her tone, but he moved to the side and gestured the three inside. After they were in and the door was closed Alec led them to the infirmary considering the black headed boy was barely standing. He watched silently as the other boy helped the almost unconscious one into a bed. Finally Alec's blue eyes were met with silvery white ones.

"We are so sorry to be troublesome. I am Jem and this is Tessa," Jem motioned to Tessa who was sitting in a chair near the bedside, "and that's Will."

"Ummmm I'm Alec. Why were you out in the rain? And what happened?"

Jem sighed," We honestly have no clue. All we know is we were in combat with a greater demon and now we're here."

"You don't seem like you're from around hereā€¦" Alec trailed off.

"How not? This how everyone is in 1800 England is it not?" Jem asked Alec. Alec gaped at the boy. Why did the think it was 1800? And that they were in England?

"I hate to burst your bubble but you're not in England we're in New York. And it is not 1800 its 2010" Alec stared at the three people in front of him like they were crazy. But Jem and Tessa looked at each other with scared looks.

Tessa finally pipes in, "All we remember is fighting a very powerful greater demon then suddenly there was this kind of bright flash and before we knew it we were here, a little ways from this Institute."

"The demon must have done something. Some sort of time travel or something I don't know," Jem looked down in defeat.

Alec looked Tessa and Jem up and down, "You two should get some sleep. We have plenty of time to figure out what exactly happened tomorrow. You can both take a shower and then I can show you to a room for the night." They nodded their heads and Alec led them to two of the Institute's many bathrooms. Alec was alone again and he thought to himself 'I've changed my mind. I would rather have nothing to do then deal with such a strange predicament."

A/N: I'm so sorry if the years aren't right :( please tell me if you know the real year but since I couldn't find a definite year I will say 1800 and 2010. Again please tell me if you know the real dates! If you were curious this is based on an old story I wrote with the same title, sadly though I had to take that one down because it was in a chat format and that is against the rules of Fan Fiction. So I finally decided that I knew how to rewrite it in an appropriate manner. Tell me if you likes it or not :)