"Come now darling, you look fine," Magnus was attempting to coax Tessa out of her tank top and shorts to ride one of the large attractions.

"Magnus nooo. And that thing looks terrifying," Tessa was scrutinizing the towering water ride. It had more loops than a curly straw. Jem and Will were already doing quite the splashing in a small pool. It had taken little persuasion to get Will out of his shirt. Jem on the other hand had been slightly more stubborn, but not as stubborn as Tessa was being.

"Come on Tessa!" Will exclaimed loudly and splashed water at her. It his Tessa square on and she gaped. It was freezing and she had the right mind to kill Will. Finally Tessa removed her over clothes.

"Oh Will you will get it now," Tessa waded out to him and pushed him off his feet. The poor boy went under and swept arm out to hook Tessa's legs, pulling her under. They both came sputtering up while Jem chuckled. Tessa and Will exchanged a devilish look before they waded over to the young pale boy, pushing him under.

Jem came up with a surprised face, "How could you. My so-called friends."

"You should choose your friends more wisely Jem," Magnus was standing close by. "Now are we going to go on the ride or not?" the shadowhunter group made their way up at least a thousand stairs before they reached the top.

"Why… are… there….. so many… damn stairs?!" Jace was leaning over with his hands on his knees.

"Aren't you a shadowhunter? Shouldn't you be able to climb a few stairs?" Alec mocked Jace lightly. Jace just glared and punched Alec's arm.

"Ow," Alec said in the most serious monotone voice.

"Well I for one am done waiting, I'm going down," Izzy walked pointedly to the lifeguard at the top of the slide and sat at the top. The boy's face lit up at such a pretty girl. He gave her a smile as she pushed off. Clary went right after.

"Tsk Tsk. Boys don't know what they're getting into with those girls," Magnus sighed. "Alec you're going down with me." Alec blushed but obliged and sat between Magnus' legs as they slid down.

"I really don't know if I wasn't to do this," Tessa said with doubts. Jace didn't listen as he ran at the slide and shot himself down. Will, not wanting to be bested, did the exact same but with a flip. But his foot hit the edge of the slide step and he went hurtling down head first.

Jem reached his hand out to Tessa, "Come on Tess, this will be fun." Tessa sighed and took his hand as he led her to the opening of the huge slide. They sat like Magnus and Alec with Tessa in front. Jem wrapped his arms around Tessa as they slid down and Tessa could feel a blush find her cheeks. Maybe this whole future visit wasn't an accident

After the first slide Tessa decided she was done and just sat talking with Clary. They stayed for about two hours before everyone became tired of Will and Jace bickering so they all returned back to the Institute except Magnus and Alec who went to Magnus' apartment.

"Well we all know what those two will be doing," Jace said.

"What's that's?" Tessa asked innocently.

"Oh you know the frick frack. Doing the do. Hiding the snake. Spanking the monkey," Jace tried to make it obvious.

"What are you talking about?" Tessa was still confused.

"Oh for angels sake they're going to-," Jace was cut off when one of both Jem and Will's hands slapped over his mouth.

"They're going to bake a cake Tessa," Jem said with a sweet smile.

"Oh that sounds like fun! We should bake one as well," Tessa smiled. Everyone just looked away grimly.

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