"He woke up Tony, I'm getting him some water and tending to him, he wants to talk to Loki,"

"Well, let him. I'll be up there shortly. Try to keep him in bed and attached to the IV until a full vital scan can be done Cap," Tony disconnected the line,

"So there is a chance I can have a sample of vibranium for analysis?" Tony asked again, leading T'Challa to the elevator.

The man still wore his Black Panther mask, but Tony could hear the sardonic smile in his voice,

"After we tend to my people you can have more than a sample Stark," He answered in a smooth voice, and Tony just smiled. He was trying to cover his worry for Harry with an overbearing mask, a mask he used to wear frequently. T'Challa had already caught on. There were just too many observers on this damn team. It almost angered Tony, that he couldn't even wear a convincing mask in his own tower.

"Where is this Loki?" Black Panther asked once they were in the elevator,

"He's in the library. I ordered Jarvis earlier to set up a floor for you, and you can just go ahead and either go to your chambers or go meet with Steve, and I'll retrieve him." Tony answered as the elevator jerked to a halt. T'Challa gave him a raised eyebrow, but said nothing, and allowed Tony to get off on the library floor.

"He's awake"

"I figured," the disembodied voice answered,

"He wants to talk to you" Tony said, angry at Loki's petulance...though he had little room to talk.

"Does he really?" the wizard asked in a sarcastically sad way,

"Yes he does so stop pouting and get your moody little ass to the med bay" Tony lashed out, suddenly Loki appeared before him, and before he could block it, Loki's fist connected with his nose.

"Aw fuck, you brough muh nooze" Tony said while trying to stem the blood, Loki laughed openly at him before flicking a wrist at Tony's face, which caused a loud sickening crack and the blood to stop,

"FUCK that hurt worse than breaking it, damn you're such a shit" Tony exclaimed, still holding his nose. Loki, smirking, answered,

"I've wanted to do that all afternoon Stark"

"After you insulted me? Oh no wise guy, you had that coming," Loki rolled his eyes and side stepped Tony to get into the elevator.

"Why did you do it?" Harry asked upon seeing Loki. Steve looked upon the scene worriedly, T'Challa had came here instead of retreating to his quarters, and Tony was watching the ordeal from the chair beside Harry's bed, occasionally stroking Harry's hand or hair.

"You know why, don't ask pointless questions" Loki answered in a bored tone, to which Harry sneered and said,

"I don't want your help if you're going to act like a giant prat the whole time you're trying to teach me," Loki snapped his head around to face Harry, and smirked,

"Well, maybe you should have just submitted to start with. You need my help. You need me, and you know it,"

"I've lasted this long without you, I've come up with ways to fend for myself before and I can do it now. I don't need you. So stop acting like a stuck up wanker because you feel guilty that you hurt me," Harry stated, blank faced. Loki reeled a little, surprised that the smaller wizard had read him so easily,

"I feel guilt for nothing,"

"Not true Reindeer Games, don't think that no one in this room has talked to Thor," Tony said in a monotone, pretending to admire his nails. Steve said nothing, choosing to remain neutral rather than butt in.

"Oh and don't think any of you are off the hook either Anthony, I am very vested in beginning a relationship with you, but do not think for one moment that I've fallen into a comfort zone. Do not think for one moment that I am anything different than the soldier that Fury tried to recruit. Don't think that just because Fury has cut you loose that he still doesn't have fingers in this pie, I-" Jarvis cut Harry off, to which he shot an annoyed look at the ceiling and fiddled with his IV.

"Sirs, Miss Romanoff is in the building, heading for your floor. She has contacted the remaining unassembled Avengers."

"Very well Jarvis" Tony said, allowing the conversation to flow once more, after the little bit of a calming break. Harry took a deep breath and decided to redirect the conversation for a moment,

"I want your help," He directed towards Loki, "I do not need it, and I will only ask once. Do not mistake me for a weakling, if you want to help me, you can, but I will not beg or plead with you." Harry said resolutely, observing the way Loki's face shifted and pinched.

"I would enjoy if you could help me control my magic's growth, maybe manipulate it in different ways, teach me things unknown on earth, and possibly become friends. Will you accept my offer?" Harry asked, extending his hand out towards Loki. Tony watched in apprehension. He shouldn't be this nervous right now.

"I accept" Loki bit out, reaching to clasp forearms with Harry, to which Harry laid a hand over their hands, and let some magic seep over them. Soon, red tendrils began to twirl tightly around the men's arms, leaving a breadth of space for another swirl. Loki then hesitantly lowered his hand to their union, allowing his tendrils of green to seal their agreement. After the room watched the exchange warily and Loki stepped back from Harry's bed, Harry continued upon his earlier topic.

"I want to stay here Tony, don't get me wrong, but I have a small window available. I came here for my potions research. I didn't come here to become a hero. I found you, and for that I'm grateful; I've been enjoying making new friends and living here and forming a bond with you...but I have two friends of mine, that have children, that need to get across the pond and I don't want to bring them into whatever war you have coming. I didn't come here to re-enlist," He paused and stared hardly as Tony's pained face, "I'll help you and back you in whatever you need Tony, I want to pursue this relationship, I want to stay here with you, but I also need my life...I moved here for a new life Tony, do you understand?"

"I don't know if that's a good idea Harry...two new people in the tower, plus kids, whenever things are about to blow up?" Tony had been holding his hand as Romanoff strolled into the room.

"They're very strong magical users though Tony, they could help us with whatever it is, but I will not put them in danger...If danger comes to them I will leave as I need to,"

"In the meantime, what about the children? My facilities aren't exactly equipped for children..." Tony said nervously; he was actually more scared of children than his tower was.

"They are older children, and they are very quiet and bookish. Hermione watches after them, and most of the time they don't need looking after 24/7. These people are the closest to my family that I even have lef0..t." Harry looked down in sadness, avoiding the gaze of everyone in the room.

Romanoff butted in,
"We don't have time for babysitting...something big is about to happen in SHIELD. Something big is about to happen with Hydra. Something big is about to blow up. We don't need any more newcomers to take care of or learn to trust," She bit out, Tony turned to her and opened his mouth, about to spill venom in Harry's honor when Harry spoke up,

"You are right. You do not need any more newcomers. It would probably be best if I left the tower..."

"Harry no, you need Loki's help and we...I...need you..." Tony said, Captain America glanced at the man in wonder at his outburst, Romanoff looked slightly annoyed, Loki looked pained, and T'Challa stayed amusedly neutral. This man seemed to garner great reactions, and any great man the Black Panther had ever known had garnered grand reactions from those around him.

"But if I need to leave to support my friends, pursue my potions I will, I do not want to get caught up in your team's politics Tony..." Harry trailed off and refused to look at him,

"Everyone leave the room please," Tony said with a deceptively calm voice. He was staring intently at Harry. The moment that everyone filed out of the room, Tony stood and grabbed Harry's face, pulling him forward. Tony crashed their lips together forcefully, biting on Harry's lips and slipping his tongue into Harry's mouth. Harry moaned and opened his mouth willingly, his face heating, and Tony's fingers twining through his hair. Tony then broke the kiss, still holding Harry's face gently, and bestowed a breathtaking, caring kiss onto his lips.

"We'll work something out. I promise we will. I want you to stay so bad. I understand if you need to leave for yourself, but I need you...More than I've ever needed another person before in my life. You make me vulnerable. You make me feel. You make me want to be a better person. And I want to beg you to stay, but I can't if you leaving is what makes you happy," Tony spoke in hushed tones, getting lost in Harry's vibrant emerald eyes, and after he was through, Harry grasped his face and pulled him in for another kiss. Kissing Harry was as close as Tony thought he would ever get to magic.