Harry had always liked revolving doors. As a child, they were wondrous; he could, and would, run around in circles all day long. This was one of the few pleasures he remembered from his childhood, this particular joy came from being Petunia's shopping bag donkey at the mall. Harry straightened and forced himself to move instead of just staring at the ostentatious column of light, steel, and concrete.

Upon entering, he was met with an immaculate lobby, a receptionist taking calls and appointing people to their locations, and a large reception area, nearly 1/3 full. Harry had hacked into Jarvis' mainframe using magic, and even though Jarvis was a computer operated being, he still fell victim to compulsion spells. Harry wasn't going to snoop on Tony anymore than necessary, he wanted to hear all about the man from the man himself, he just liked knowing what sort of situation he was walking into. The bottom floor held bathrooms, elevators, and stairwells to the garage submersed below the building. There wasn't an actual security hub, because Tony could survey the entire building at a click of a button. However, there were a few uniformed men, that Harry suspected to be SHIELD agents. He had done tons of digging on SHIELD as well. He wasn't a skilled computer hacker, as much as he had connections. He got lucky with Stark's AI. Very lucky. He was only going to attempt it, when the AI popped up. But Lucky should very well be his middle name at this point.

In his snooping, he had encountered the blueprint of the tower, which was what he was looking for in the first place. He liked being prepared, and part of that was knowing possible escape routes, if necessary. He had skimmed through the plans, finding that the first 20 floors of the 93-storey tower were offices, including Stark's own formal office. However, Harry felt like he already had an insight into Tony, and he had a feeling that the man would probably prefer working from his own home. The next few floors were apartment floors, since the great entertainer Anthony Stark always had guests popping in. He had a pool floor (complete with sauna and spa services), a gym floor, a combat room, two conjoined floors that made a large (and beautiful) library, and a large gaming room. What piqued Harry's interest out of the "common floors," happened to be a "creative" floor, which he assumed meant pianos and musical instruments and art supplies and tranquil spaces would take the cake for that area.

The man honestly had more floors than he knew what to do with. According to his floor-plan, he kept about 25 middle floors open, just in case he needed something specific, and probably to keep a nice cushion between the normalities and the Avengers Initiative.

Following all of Stark's luxuries, the Avengers segment of his tower began. It started very subtly, with several unspecified floors that Harry assumed were laboratories or R&D floors due to their layout. Then there were five apartments labeled with each Avenger's name, including a "Green Giant Proof" floor, enforced with vibranium and 4-inch thick plexiglass windows. Above his team's quarters were some extra apartment floors for the likes of extra agents. To finish off the habitat area for the Avengers, there was a floor labeled "common room," which Harry tapped into the cameras to find was a large space resembling a living room and kitchen combined. Above that was a weapons floor, firing range included, and then above that a weapons research and development. There were about three floors taken by a meeting/intelligence area, which acted as a mini-SHIELD headquarters whenever necessary. There was an add-on floor above the intelligence areas that was a containment floor for any villains apprehended. From what Harry understood, the Avengers team lived here during most of the year. Whenever they weren't on missions or holidays or in their own homes, they lived here.

Right before Tony's apartment were two floors for Pepper Potts to use as she wished, most likely apartments, but they were labeled by her name. And above all this grand tower of money and power was a private elevator, activated only by Tony's hand print, retina scan, and passcode. Or, perchance, if you were Virginia Potts or deemed familial, you received a passcode of your own. This private elevator lead to about 5 floors worth of Tony's personal apartments. Tony's official laboratory was tied into his apartments, as well as his work room where the suits were stored and operated on. Included in Tony's apartments was a very acoustically designed floor, labeled "The Den of Rock." Tony certainly had a sense of humor and he labeled his personal floors more liberally than the rest of the building.

Harry's favorite part of Tony's personal quarters, even though the sun deck/landing pad extending from Tony's apartment was nice, was the observatory which took up two floors up and onto the roof. He had telescopes and star charts and Harry was very excited to see it.

The receptionist didn't even look at him as he strolled to the main desk, hands in his pockets, non-confrontational as always.

"Name and appointment?"

"James, and no appointment," the receptionist laughed a little and looked up to see that Harry was completely serious,

"I'm sorry but I legitimately thought you were joking. No one comes in here without an appointment." She deadpanned staring at him in what was supposed to be an intimidating manner.

"Well, you see, Mr. Stark and I are...close...friends and I am sure he could find a few moments in his busy schedule to speak with me," once again, the impeccably dressed woman laughed at Harry being completely serious, and he finally just rolled his eyes. He whispered an imperius charm, and the woman immediately picked up her phone.

"Mrs. Potts? Yes we have a visitor, says he's very important, wants to speak to Mr. Stark...does he have a name? Yes of course. James," the receptionist looked to him expectantly,

"Potter" he whispered,

"Potter. James Potter," she reiterated, she then listened, nodding her head, and hung up the large desk phone.

"Mrs. Potts, who is Mr. Stark's personal secretary, will consult with him on your arrival and she will then give me further instructions" Harry nodded, a bit more complacent now and he removed the spell. The receptionist looked a little lost for a moment, before going back to her work of answering phones. None of the other people in the reception area seemed to pay the encounter any attention. Harry took to watching the revolving door, as people watching was a habit of his. He resisted the urge to pull out his pocket novel of the day, which happened to be The Little Prince. Most took the book for children's rubbish and anyone who said so to him would have to fight him. He wasn't a rowdy bloke, but he had a killer instinct that laid dormant within him, ready to strike at a moment's notice.

Suddenly the elevator doors opened and Harry was distracted from his revolving door watching. A posh, delicate strawberry blonde woman in three inch heels slinked out of the elevator and headed towards him. She made eye contact and he wondered how she knew exactly who he was.

"Pepper Potts, at your service Mr. Potter." Mrs. Potts looked him up and down, and seemed to approve of his nice jeans, trainers, button up, and blazer.

"I was surprised, normally Tony gets many visitors in this fashion, but he rarely concedes to meeting them. You must be special," she smiled and extended her hand, firm grip Harry noted, to give him a handshake.

"Follow me and we will proceed to the biology laboratory, where he is. He very specifically wanted you to ride on the outside elevator, where you can see the breathtaking view of the city." Mrs. Potts smiled politely and offered her arm to Harry, which he readily took.

"So tell me Mr. Potter, how did you two meet?" she asked slyly as the elevator moved upward. Harry sighed fractionally, there was no going back on his decision now.

"Is that who I think it is?" Bruce asked, looking over Tony's shoulder into the live-feed of elevator C. Tony was smiling slightly at Harry's look of wonderment at the view.

"Yes" Tony whispered,

"Why is he here? I thought you weren't supposed to research each other? I thought he didn't know who you were?" Bruce fired off questions, pacing behind Tony. If it were any random stranger, he would be cautious, but a bit less concerned. This man was a relatively large blip under SHIELD's radar at the moment, and it wouldn't be long before someone noticed he was here. Someone being Fury possibly, if he hadn't headed back to the official New York office yet.

"We didn't know each other. Unless he has good instincts with which he'll know I knew about him, he wasn't supposed to research me. But I suppose it's only fair." Tony mused, still enthralled by Harry's reactions. Tony had taken Harry's file and broken down every single part, and even done his own bit of extensive research via hacking the British government's mainframe. Once he found nothing there, he dug a little deeper, in an archaically fashioned website on a newspaper named the Daily Prophet.

"How are you going to go about this Tony?"

"Do you want the truth or do you want me to lie to you?" Bruce pinned him with a glare, this was a very serious situation and of course Anthony would be cracking sarcastic jokes. Tony sighed and chuckled a bit, rubbing the back of his neck before answering,

"Let's go with the truth...I have absolutely no clue on how to handle this."

"Sir Fury, why do you think bringing my brother here will help? I am not sure he is ready, I am not sure my warrior friends are ready" voiced Thor while Fury prepared orders for Thor to retrieve Loki. Fury turned to look at Thor steadily,

"Even if it may not seem like it, I do have an emotional investment in this team. I would do whatever I would have to in order to save your skin Odinson. The same goes for Romanoff, Banner, Stark, Barton, Rogers, Coulsen, Hill, and whoever else is in trouble. I saw the potential in Loki whenever he attacked the city. He was emotionally fucked up, but he could do great things for both Asgard and humanity. He could get his emotions under control and dealt with, that's what shrinks are for." Thor looked at Fury with an unnamed emotion, a bit bemused at what a "shrink" was. Finally, someone could share the sympathy for his brother that he did. Even though Loki did not want his affection, Thor tried to give it to him, and even though it was a slow moving process Loki was starting to open up again.,

"I am simply not sure if bringing two "potentially dangerous" warlocks into the city is a smart idea Sir Fury" Thor said again, twisting his hands around the handle of Mj├Âlnir.

"It's quite alright Odinson, I have this worked out in my head." Thor looked at Fury with a bit of doubt, but If Thor knew how much Fury had planned in his head, then he would be assured. Colonel Fury gave Thor his papers and everything else he needed before stalking away.

Fury had known that introducing Loki would rile the team, just like he knew that Rogers would take the bait on the faked Captain America cards that day. Rogers hadn't known that Coulsen was already in recovery, being shocked back to life. Fury also knew that this innocent looking wizard would garner their sympathy, at being seemingly blindsided by SHIELD tracking and surveillance. He was essentially killing two birds with one stone in this particular scheme. He would test Loki, on a specific set of events that would ensure the safety of civilians. He would also test and introduce Harry Potter to the rest of his team. He wanted this man as a liaison, he was powerful, and Fury wanted to know exactly how powerful. Fury knew he wouldn't take kindly to governmental manipulation after what had happened to him in Europe. Fury had read his entire file, for everything he needed to know on how to make the man tick, and he thought he had a pretty good understanding of what it would take. He had decided the moment that Potter sent his visa to be cleared, that he was on the maybe list for the Initiative.

"Why is he here?! Are you insane Stark?!" He heard Hawkeye's shrill shout from the floor down and smirked. Of course Nick had also known that Tony had already met the British wizard. He strolled leisurely out of his office area, and took the elevator down to the commons. His plan was accelerating faster than he thought possible.

Well, Nick Fury thought with a smirk, full speed ahead.

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