Hey guys, I know a lot of you don't like that there's going to be a non-bechloe ending and a bechloe ending, but it's all part of the plan. I'm hoping to have a kind of cliffhanger chapter where it leaves you in suspense and then have the two alternate endings clear it all up. So just be patient with me I guess :) I've also recently become addicted to a web series called Carmilla. Two words: Lesbian Vampire. That's it, that's all you need to know. If you haven't checked it out, please do. You won't regret it.

Chloe POV:

Alix runs down the stairs into the kitchen and plops herself onto the counter, starting at me. I glance at her before reaching forward and shutting off the water tap, raising my eyebrow at her. "What's up?" Alix shrugs nonchalantly before her eyes well up with tears. "I just really fucking miss her." And then she's crying, hands gripping your shoulders as you embrace her, really sobbing into your neck. Her shoulders are heaving and you're sure that you'll need to change your shirt but you don't care at all and you aren't sure who she's talking about, Terra or Beca, but it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that she needs you.

You're still rubbing her back when the doorbell rings. You know who it is by the way she knocks, three quiet raps of her fingers against the door and then three pounds of her knuckles against the door.


"Come in!" You call. You hear the door creak as it swings open and hear the telltale thump of Beca's sneakers hitting the floor before you actually see her. She turns the corner and opens her arms, wiggling her fingers at Alix.

"C'mere, Al." She scrambles from your side and flings herself into Beca. Beca shoots you a half smile before planting a kiss on Alix's temple, murmuring to her.


After a while, Alix calms down and goes to clean her room and get her siblings, leaving you alone with your ex-wife. She leans against the counter and watches you as you dry off the last plate and put it in the cupboard. "I'll bring them home tomorrow night. Or I can take them to school Monday morning and then drop them off Monday night." Beca offers.

"That'd be great, Beca." You say quietly.

Her eyebrows furrow for a second before she sighs and shakes her head. "Chloe, don't be like that."

"Like what?" You ask, scrubbing furiously at the counter.

"All... hurt. Like I didn't have a right to yell at you about Molly."

You slam your hand down. "You did. You had every right, okay? I understand."

Beca shakes her head. "You don't, but that's alright. I'll see you Monday, Chloe." She turns and walks out of the kitchen and you hear her laugh as she greets your kids. You feel a pang in your chest, right underneath your ribs, but ignore it and scrub harder.


Beca POV:

When you reach your house, Cassidy opens the door and ruffles Molly's hair as your kids run past her. She smiles at you somewhat shyly and you give a small wave back. She walks to you and stops about a foot away. "Are we alright?" She asks, biting her lip nervously. "Because I really don't want to ruin our friendship. I really treasure it, Becs."

You reach for her hands and squeeze slightly. "We're okay, Cass. I just need to process." Cassidy smiles warmly and hugs you tightly before running in the house. You vaguely hear something that sounds suspiciously ice cream related as she disappears from view, which sends you sprinting after her as you shout "No way!"


An hour and puppy dog eyes from four girls later, and you're paying for ice cream as the last cone is placed in your hand. "Thanks." You tell the acne-ridden teenager behind the counter. She gives you a friendly smile and a mock salute in response before moving to serve her next customer. You grin at Molly as she pokes Rose's nose with her ice cream. The older girl lets out a shriek and swats at the brunette's arm, grumbling about decency and how Drew wouldn't be laughing at her right now. You roll your eyes, sitting beside Cassidy as you watch them.

"They're good kids, right?" You mumble. Cass laughs and bumps your arm with her shoulder.

"They're amazing kids, Beca. You're a great mom." You laugh and swallow, hoping she's right.


Once the kids have passed out while they're watching a movie, you escape to the roof with Cassidy. She smiles at you as you lock your fingers with hers. You watch her eyes as she takes in the picnic you've set up. There's a plaid blanket on the ground with pillows and a picnic basket on top of it, along with a bottle of wine and some glasses. Their are candles surrounding the blanket and a stereo playing soft music. You smile as her eyes light up with hope. "Beca, are you-?"

"I want to give us another try. But I'm not promising anything. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about you, but I know that it's entirely possible for me to fall for you." Cassidy grins at you and tugs you over until you're both leaning on the pillows, facing each other. She opens the basket as you pour the wine, your hands still intertwined.


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