It's just a drabble that I had stored away in my computer for some time now. (Since we first learned about Madara's past) Figured I'd share it with you guys. :) This was on my posted on my Quizilla account 'IxHeartxMadara' so if it seems familiar please do note that I'm the same person. Hahaha Anyway I may make this a series of random drabbles about random Naruto characters, who knows. Drabbles are easy and fun to write so if I ever get bored I may just add onto this. Enjoy! Tell me what you think!

Five times prior...

He had been in the same position five times prior... but this is the first time he was standing there alone. He could remember the death of one of his eldest brothers and Izuna would cry and weep into his chest. He was used to being the one standing tall, strong, and calm; but at that very moment he was anything but.

It was raining, he hated the rain; but this time he was grateful. Uchiha Madara did not shed tears, he did not cry and show weakness; but this time, it was an exception. Falling to his knees he sulked, running his slender fingers through that of the moist topsoil that buried the coffin of his brother. Grabbing onto the single headed gunbai that had belonged to his dear brother he jabbed it within the ground leaning it up against Izuna's tombstone.

Show them them all...our eyes.

He remembered, Izuna's last wish, his final words that Madara had no intention of disregarding. Looking to the side he stared into a small puddle, peering at his reflection, into his eyes. He would show them, no, they would show them the power of the legendary Uchiha brothers.