Smoshtastic Adventure
Chapter 1 Shadowy Schemer
By: Major144

Disclaimer I do not own Smosh. This is just a story for fun.

In a dark room filled with computer monitors an elf named Ethan Twinkle sat in a chair. On the monitors were several images of a house. On one monitor their was an image of two guys eating tacos. The guys names were Ian and Anthony.

Ian had blue eyes, dark brown hair, and pale skin. He also had a beard that was a darker shade of brown.

Anthony had brown-colored eyes, a slightly tan face, and short dark brown hair with bangs.

Ian and Anthony were some of the biggest stars on YouTube. They ran a channel called Smosh. They were also the biggest pain in Ethan's neck.

In 2008 the duo had prevented Ethan from requiring a powerful mystical Easy Button that would grant any wish. Ian had used the Easy Button on Ethan by saying he wished everybody in the world had a bonner. Ethan had covered the groin area of his pants and retreated. It was a very embarrassing defeat.

To make matters worse Ian and Anthony had taken the Easy Button home with them and had had completely forgot out it. Now it was just sitting there collecting dust. Ethan was afraid to go get thinking it would lead to another embarrassing defeat. So for the past few years he had been plotting his revenge. He wanted to make Ian and Anthony's life a living hell!

"Once I put my plan into action those two will regret the day they ever gave me a embarrassing bonner and took the Easy Button away from me!" Declared Ethan.

He moved his face close towards the images of Ian and Anthony.

"Your going to wish I killed you two all those years ago." He said as he burst out laughing.

Oh revenge was going to be sweet with extra sugar on top!

To be continued.