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Ludwig couldn't stop grinning, he'd been looking forward to this for months, dreaming of it for years. Finally he was there, Gilbert indifferent at his side, he was happy Ludwig was happy of course, but he wasn't interested in these foreign pop singers as much as his brother was, if at all. Gilbert didn't know what his brother saw in the Italian group they were seeing tonight, but Ludwig had been hinting for far too long that he wanted to see them live, when they finally toured in Germany… what was Gilbert supposed to do if not buy tickets?

Ludwig stared out the window of the car, frowning at the snow, hoping it wouldn't affect the snow, hoping to god that they wouldn't cancel at the last minute.

It would be a waste of their own time and money, Ludwig assured himself, they wouldn't cancel, they hadn't cancelled any of their previous shows.

They wouldn't.

"They won't cancel," Gilbert smirked, "They haven't cancelled any of their shows and they weather last week was worse than this week. Don't worry."

"I'm not worried," Ludwig lied, his eyes still fixed on the falling snow, his fingers absent minded playing with a loose thread of the car's seat fabric.

Gilbert frowned, leaning over to pull Ludwig's hand away and break the thread. "Then stop mumbling, you're going to give me a headache."

Ludwig bowed his head slightly, biting his lip and returning his gaze to the snow, "When will we get there?"

"2 minutes," Gilbert stated, pointing to a spot through the darkness, "There's the turning."

Ludwig could feel the butterflies building in his stomach, all his muscles twitching and tensing with excitement. "Mein gott…" he heard himself whisper as Gilbert turned in, and he saw the large venue building, where he would finally see Feliciano sing, in person.

Gilbert groaned and rolled his eyes, "Apparently you are not the only one who wants to see this band… I am not ready to be surrounded by squealing teenage girls," he groaned as they hit the inevitable car parking traffic. "Don't they normally have people telling you where to park?"

Ludwig glanced around, raising his hand to point at a parking space, "There Gilbert," he said loudly, urging his brother to turn into the space.

The car skid slightly on the ice as Gilbert turned to park. Gilbert laughed as the vehicle came to a stop, "I love driving on ice," he said sarcastically. "Get out then," he grunted, opening his own door and stepping out into the cold.

"You don't sound happy," Ludwig observed, all his effort going into not smiling through happiness.

Gilbert shrugged, digging his hands into his pockets for warmth, "Lets just get inside ok?" he urged, beginning to walk towards the building. He could hear them already, from 150ft away, people screaming for their 'idols'.

They walked together down the hill and into the alcove, into the building, queuing with the similarly ages boys and girls, mainly girls, hoping they would get to their seats before the group went on.

"You have the tickets?" Ludwig asked, trying not to let his nerves show but failing miserably.

Gilbert nodded, "Yes, of course I do," Gilbert half-growled, getting out their tickets and handing Ludwig his.

"Why are you in such a mood?" Ludwig asked, "You know you don't have to watch with me."

"No, I-" Gilbert huffed, "I want to… I just don't like this whole 'thing'. The hero-worshipping that comes with all this. The music is good but all this isn't needed."

Ludwig frowned and nodded, "Yeah, I know." He looked down at the floor, chewing his lip, " …I don't take part in that bit, I just like the music."

Gilbert huffed, "Yeah right you fucking don't." He shook his head and handed his ticket to the usher and waiting for Ludwig to give in his, taking both their stubs back. "Just pick a seat and enjoy the show, ok? Don't worry about me."

Ludwig frowned, his mood suddenly dampened, he huffed and walked in, Gilbert immediately walked away, towards the back. Ludwig huffed slightly, he wasn't going to let Gilbert ruin his evening, he was going to stand as close to the front as he could get and enjoy his night.

His walked to the front, finding his seat in the fifth row, feeling himself shudder with anticipation. Feliciano was going to come on stage in less than 4 minutes, Ludwig was going to see him, not his image of a screen, him.

When the singer finally came on screen the room erupted into hoots and screams, Ludwig's head twitching down with the shock of the noise. When he looked up he could barely believe his eyes. He was right there.

"Feliciano!" he found himself shouting, along with the other teens, letting a grin spilt his face as the group assembled themselves.

The youngest, smallest member of the group approached the centre of the stage, tapping the microphone and grinning out at the crowd, speaking broken German in a sweet Italian accent, "Hello Germany. I am Feliciano Vargas, it is nice to see you all, thank you for coming, enjoy the show, I will see you after."

Ludwig's eyes widened, he'd heard that after shows Feliciano would sometimes wait outside the door and greet people, even shake their hand or sign something, he'd thought it was just a rumour. Ludwig hadn't thought to bring anything for him to sign. He looked down and smiled at the ticket stub in his hand, that was perfect, a fantastic idea.

The smile on Ludwig's face didn't leave over the next two hours, he became hoarse from shouting and he found himself shaking, he didn't know his heart could beat this fast, he felt like he was going to explode.

The boy sang so beautifully, pausing inbetween verses to sweep his curled brown hair from his eyes or shoot a perfect smile across the room.

When the show was over Feliciano left the stage, Ludwig bi his lip as he heard some of the others talk amongst themselves about what they were getting signed. It must be true, Ludwig couldn't believe it.

Two lines formed to leave the building, one going straight out and one, far longer, passing Feliciano.

Ludwig entered the line to meet the singer, his heart thumping in his throat, sandwiched between the other teens.

Gilbert passed him, in the other line, he stopped and frowned, "Ludwig what are you doing?"

Ludwig shifted uncomfortably and groaned slightly, "I just want to meet him, I just want to shake his hand. It won't take long."

"I heard someone say they were having to wait an hour. Are you really going to wait an hour?" Gilbert asked, still frowning slightly.

Ludwig nodded, "Yeah," he said stubbornly, straightening up as he spoke.

Gilbert frowned, "You expect me to just wait in the car? For an hour?"

"There's a place across the road where you can get food," Ludwig stated, crossing his arms indignantly.

"Ludwig…" Gilbert started, groaning slightly.

"Gilbert," Ludwig said back shortly, "…Please."

Gilbert rolled his eyes, "Fine," he said with a shake of his head, beginning to walk toward the door, "Come and find me when you're done."

Ludwig nodded politely, feeling the smile return to his face, "Thank you, brother."

He watched Gilbert walk away, and felt the smile on his face widen. He hoped it wouldn't take a whole hour to get to Feliciano. That would be so unfair, not on himself but on Feli. The poor boy had sung all night, it couldn't be nice for him to be paraded about after for over an hour.

Ludwig's spirits soared as he approached the table that Feliciano was sitting at. He listened to him as he tried to German, stumbling and stuttering, managing to keep a fragile smile on his face despite getting his sentences wrong.

He felt his pulse quicken as he came to the table, feeling his breath shorten.

"Hello," the boy said, looking him over, his smile changing slightly, as if Ludwig was not the type of person he expected to see in line to see him. Which was true, even Ludwig knew he wasn't the typical 'type' to go one of these concerts. "What is your name?" He glanced towards the paper in Ludwig's hand, "You have something for me to sign?"

Ludwig pushed the ticket stub across the table, letting Feliaino take it before he began to respond, speaking almost perfect Italian, "My name's Ludwig. It is nice to meet you."

Feliciano smiled widely, bright and genuine, responding in Italian, "It's nice to meet you, it's nice to meet an Italian speaking fan, but your accent is very funny."

The man standing next to the table cleared his throat, and Feliciano glanced up at him, "…He thinks I'm taking to long," he signed the piece of card and handed it back.

Ludwig nodded and took the card back, holding out his hand for Feliciano to shake, "Please," he asked, smiling softly.

Feliciano smiled and took Ludwig's hand, clasping it tight and shaking it forcefully.

Ludwig gave a small nod as he moved to walk away, suddenly unsure of what to say in parting, "You are very handsome," he said softly, moving away slowly, wanting to speak more.

Feliciano cocked his head, and he smiled widely and blushed, "Oh… Thank you, I don't usually get called… uh." The singer looked away, another teen forcing a piece of paper in his face for him to sign. "Ludwig you said?"

"Ludwig Beilschimdt," Ludwig confirmed before turning fully away.

He walked from the building, stopping outside the door and pressing himself against the wall, "Oh my god…" he said quietly to himself, clutching his hand to chest and digging his nails into the material, "Oh my god.." he chuckled to himself.

He had just met Feliciano Vargas. He had just met him and he had liked him, he had genuinely been interested in him and wanted to talk to him more.

He could hardly believe it.

This was more than he ever could have hoped for.

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