Part 3

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Ludwig kept glancing down at his phone, on the bus to school he rarely had anything to do, he had thought Feliciano would prove a nice distraction from the monotony but he hadn't said anything this morning.

For the past few days they had talked on and off, usually early in the morning when Feliciano had just got up, and mid afternoon when the celebrity had his lunch.

But Ludwig hadn't heard a hello from the boy this morning, it shouldn't worry him, but it did. What if something had happened over night?

He shook his head, his grip on the phone tightening, he shouldn't worry, they had probably just passed through a bad wifi area, and he'd be back on later.

He smiled slightly at his friends as he got off the bus, they sat waiting for him on the wall by the front doors.

"Hi," he said as he sat next to them, his phone still clutched tight in his hand. Part of him wanted to tell them, part of him wanted to keep it to himself, he knew hey would only pick on him for it, almost no one in his friend group liked Feliciano's music. It was something Ludwig had always tried to keep to himself.

"What's happening to your facebook, Ludwig?" one of the boys asked in a thick Japanese accent, "You've been getting really weird comments."

Ludwig nodded, glancing down at his phone, it seemed he would have to tell them. "I have been talking to uh, Feliciano Vargas, and some of his fans have found out and started talking to me."

One of the tallest boys laughed, "What? That little shit? How did you even meet him?"

"He started talking to me," Ludwig said through slightly gritted teeth, "I don't know."

The tall boy's eyes fixed on Ludwig's phone, "You have the conversation on facebook? Can I see?"

"No Mathias, you cannot. I'm not letting you look through my messages," Ludwig almost growled.

The boy huffed indignantly, "Why not? Is it embarrassing?" he raised an eyebrow, "What have you been talking about?"

The German shrugged, "Nothing, I just don't want you snooping."

"If it was nothing you wouldn't mind me looking, you're hiding something." The boy ran his fingers through his hair, pricking up some of the strands that had started to sag. "At least tell me you don't actually like that boy."

Ludwig nodded, staying quiet. He got to his feet as the bell rang and headed towards his first class.

The Japanese boy, Kiku, trotted after him. They had most of their classes together so they naturally spent most of their time together. Ludwig had become closer to him over the year than he had with any of the rest of his friend group even though he'd known them for most of his life.

"Are you ok, Ludwig?" he asked, "You seem on edge."

Ludwig nodded, "I'm fine, I just don't want them reading my conversation."

Kiku nodded in understanding, "Mathias doesn't seem to have a grasp on the concept of privacy."

Ludwig bit his lip, "If the bell hadn't rung I think he would have snatched my phone."

"That would have been very rude of him..." Kiku said, looking down at his feet as they walked, "I must say I am curious though."

Ludwig frowned slightly, "You want to read it?"

Kiku half shrugged and nodded, "A little... I actually quite like the music. It would just be interesting. I understand if you don't want to though, it is a private conversation."

Ludwig nodded, sighing to himself and weighing in his head if it would be a good idea. "Don't tell anyone Kiku, you can't tell anyone."

Kiku nodded, "I know, I would never."

Ludwig bit his lip and got the conversation up on his phone, handing it to Kiku and letting him read over it.

Kiku smiled as he read, making sure to be quick so Ludwig wouldn't feel embarrassed, giving back the phone when he was done. "He's very nice," Kiku noted, "I expected him to be more spoiled."

Ludwig shook his head, looking down at the phone with a small smile ghosting his face, "No. He's very nice, he's very interesting."

Kiku nodded, "I can see that. ...You like him a lot?" he inquired quietly, not wanting to put Ludwig on edge.

Ludwig nodded, seeming almost shy, "I do."

"Are you going to get to see him again?" Kiku inquired, seeming to push himself to ask and being rather forceful as he did.

Ludwig nodded, the thought bringing a smile to his face. "We have talked about it, before he leaves the country at the end of the month."

Kiku nodded, his eyes fixing on Ludwig's shoes, "Will you be seeing him as, uh… more than friends?"

Ludwig frowned and shook his head, almost startled by the question, "What? No," he tried to hold back a smile, running his hand through his hair, "What would give you the idea that I'm… Are you trying to insult me?"

Kiku shook his head quickly, waving his hands to force his point, "No! No of course not, Ludwig, I wouldn't…It's just, I've never seen you so excited about seeing someone, I've never seen you talk with anyone the way you talk with him, I have read the conversations."

Ludwig frowned and huffed, biting his lip, "Of course not, he's just a friend…" His frowned softened and he exhaled slightly, shaking his head lightly, leaning himself against the wall, "I don't know. I have tried to bring it up with him but he keeps avoiding the subject." He smiled softly, his gaze dropping, "I really enjoy talking with him, everything he says makes me happy."

Kiku smiled sadly and nodded, a breath gently leaving him as the teacher appeared and unlocked the classroom door. "Then I am happy for you, Ludwig."

Ludwig gave a slightly frown of confusion, pausing momentarily before pursuing Kiku into the room, unsure of why Kiku would say that in that tone, "What do you mean? I didn't ask for approval."

Kiku sat at his desk, his eyes avoiding Ludwig's still as he fiddled with his bag. He had no idea how to word himself without sounding creepy. "I didn't mean anything like that. I am happy for you, but I never expected you to end up with-"

"With another boy?" Ludwig finished the sentence, "You think that because I look like this, and have friends like mine that I-"

"No," Kiku insisted loudly, causing the teacher to glance round. They waited until he returned to his papers before continuing. "I just never expected you to end up with someone less bubbly, more calm."

Ludwig shifted slightly, "I like him, he is always happy," he looked up, frowning, "And I'm not going to 'end up with him', he is a celebrity, he won't want someone like me."

Kiku let out a small laugh, almost a scoff, "Ludwig," he hook his head, "You are perfect, why would anyone not want you? I would be ecstatic-" The boy bit his lip, knowing he had said too much, he cleared his throat and turned to his books.

Ludwig paused for a moment, watching Kiku fumble with his things, "Kiku why are you talking like that? I've never know you to be…" Ludwig huffed slightly, unsure how to finish the sentence.

"It doesn't matter Ludwig," Kiku said shortly, hunching himself over, "Forget I said anything."

The German frowned and bit his lip, partially unsure if he should push the conversation. "Kiku tell me," he urged, leaning over his desk.

"No, Ludwig, please, I said it doesn't matter," Kiku said quietly, trying to hide the blush on his face, trying to calm himself, the last thing he wanted was a panic attack.

"Kiku," Ludwig stuttered, an odd feeling ebbing in his chest, "Do you-Are you…?" he huffed again, no idea how to lay out his question.

Kiku shook his head, "I don't want to talk about it Ludwig, it doesn't mean anything. I didn't say anything."

Ludwig let out a small moan, chewing on his lip and deciding not to continue asking questions, staring blankly at the back of Kiku's head as he filled out his work and tried to forget the conversation had taken place.

He kept looking down at his phone, looking over the conversation and wondering if Feliciano would contact him soon, it was far later now than he usually contacted him, and Ludwig was starting to worry.

Maybe he should send the first message this time? He swallowed hard as he typed out his hello, 'It's getting late, are you still not up?'

He waited a few minutes, glancing down at his phone and waiting for his reply, frowning every time he didn't see one.

His heart leapt as his phone buzzed over 10 minutes later, he grinned at the sight of the Italian's name.

'I'm sorry, we were allowed to sleep in today because we have no performance tonight!'

Ludwig grinned, hiding his phone under his desk as he typed out his reply, 'That's good, you need a day off to rest your throat. What are you doing tonight?'

'I don't know. I think Romano wants to go out drinking but I'm not old enough to do that.'

Ludwig tried not to laugh, biting hard on his lip to stop noise escaping. 'Where are you? I could give you ideas for something to do?'

'We're in the city next to where I met you, I don't know how to spell the name.'

Ludwig's eyes widened, that was his city. 'That's where I live,' he stated dumbly, typing and sending the sentence without really thinking.

Feliciano replied with an exclamation mark, followed by 'You could show me round!'

Ludwig stared at the screen, his mouth lulling open in a happy grin, he swore to himself before answering 'That would be great. Would you be allowed?'

'I'm sure my brother wouldn't mind, he doesn't really need to know the specifics of what I'm doing.'

Ludwig squeaked slightly and smiled, shifting on his chair through joy, holding back the urge to scream. 'Ok,' he said, his mind blanking. 'Where should we meet?'

A few minutes passed, during which Ludwig tried to do some work, unable to focus on the sentences on the page due to the happiness filling him.

'You go to the public school?' Feliciano's answer read, 'The one in the centre of the town?'

'Yes,' Ludwig replied, frowning slightly, partially hoping Feliciano wasn't planning what he suspected.

'I can meet you out the front. I have nothing else to do today.'

'I have school for another 5 hours," Ludwig replied, 'But I can meet you after.'

Feliciano sent a smiley face, 'I can wait 5 hours.'

Ludwig smiled softly, cradling the phone in his fingers as he thought of a reply. 'Go to the cinema, watch a film while you wait.'

Feliciano sent and exclamation mark, 'That sounds wonderful. …Send me a message when your schools almost over!'

'Ok, I will.' Ludwig replied, still trying not to smile, 'I'll see you later.'

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