Planet Krypton

"Lara! I want you to run! Now! Take Kal-El with you!"

"But what about you-"

"I'll hold them off while you escape!"

"I don't want to leave you"

"Don't worry" Jor-El gave his wife a reassuring smile, "I'll be right behind you… Now go!"

Lara-El ran with her son wrapped in a silk blanket through the wide corridors of their palace. The metal pillars that held their home together stood still and quiet as the battle cries from the room she left echoed in the hallway. Lara's tears continued to flow down her cheeks as she thought of all the horrible and possible outcomes that could come out from the battle.

Lara finally arrived at her husband's laboratory. It was where he conducted experiments on his own without the help of the other scientists under their command. Lara was the only person allowed inside his laboratory apart from Jor-El himself; that was why it was easy enough for her to press the passcode to open the door. Once inside, she tried to find a place to leave her infant son in order to keep him safe for a while- away from the prying eyes of Zod's army.

"Find her! Find the queen and her son!"

She heard the voices of the soldiers nearing her location. She couldn't waste any more time and decided to lay her son inside the spaceship her husband had secretly been working on.

"I saw her enter through this door! Break that door!"

Lara closed the spaceship in hopes that the soldiers won't find her son inside it. She gave her son a kiss on the forehead and whispered, "Everything is going to be okay my son. I love you"

With that, Lara covered the whole spaceship with a silver blanket and turned towards the door. The door was suddenly opened by force and three soldiers charged in.

"Arrest her! Arrest the queen!"

The soldiers wore strong suits of armour over their bodies and carried high powered solar guns on their hands. Lara scanned the room for means of defence… There!

Lara quickly grabbed a silver pellet from the table beside her and threw it on the floor. The pellets emitted smoke everywhere in the room which caused the soldiers to slightly panic and turn their heads from every direction.

Lara, who closed her eyes, relied only on her hearing. Due to the sounds they made as they stirred and panicked, Lara swiftly took down two of the soldiers near her. Lara-El was a lot of things: scientist, queen, mother and… a former high ranking soldier of her country's army. The head of the soldiers group was finally irritated, "Damn it!"

He began shooting randomly around the room without any other conviction but to take down his target. Lara managed to hide away from the shooting's range. She thought she and her son are almost finally safe but…


The control panel for the space ship was hit! The spaceship that her son was left in began to emit smoke from its engine. It then slowly lifted itself from the ground…

"NO! KAL!"

The smoke from the pellet she threw slowly disappeared but before the soldier could spot her; she swiftly ran towards his direction and knocked him out. She then turned to the control panel and tried to stop the spaceship from launching. NO NO! It was no use however… the control panel was completely broken; there was nothing she could press or activate as nothing appeared on the touch screen. By the time she looked up, the space ship was already on the air and escaping through the ceiling. The ceiling broke immediately- her husband made sure that metal properties used in building the ship were strong and could withstand enough force and temperature. She tried to chase after the ship but-


A sudden force appeared from the back of her head and as she fell to the ground, her blurred vision focused only on the spaceship that was escaping through their palace ceiling- the spaceship that carried her only son; the spaceship that was slowly keeping her son out of her reach….

"If you please, stay down…. Your highness!"

She kept her vision on the ship but she clearly recognised the voice of her attacker… Zod! Lara slowly fell unconscious but only after she heard her husband's voice…

"It's over Zod! Let my wife go!"

"It's not over yet!"

Lara slowly closed her eyes with one thought in her mind…

"Kal-El… my son…."

12 years later

Planet Earth- in a town called Smallville from the country America

"Welcome home"

Martha Kent greeted her husband and son as they arrived home from their work in the town market. A young boy of about 13 with messy black hair and blue eyes trailed after his father; his head was down the whole time. It seemed he was in deep since he failed to reply to his mother which Martha found unusual for her son to do.

"What's wrong with him?" she asked her husband after she kissed him on the cheek

Jonathan, Martha's husband, gave out a sad and rather worried face as she looked up to his wife's face, "… there was… an incident in the town"

"An incident?"

"Hello Ma… we're back" Clark greeted his mother as he walked past her; his head was still down as he walked past. He quietly entered their house.

"What happened?" she asked her husband again


Clark allowed his whole body to fall on his bed. He buried his face on his pillow as he thought of what he had done at the market that day. He stared at his hand- his strong hand…

He didn't mean to use his full strength when he threw the football back to the local football team who were training that morning. The football ended up breaking the front glass of an oncoming truck causing the truck driver to be blinded and the huge truck to stir along the town centre. Clark was about to his strength to stop the truck from continuously stirring but thankfully, the truck stopped on its own. It resulted in no damage in the town except the broken glass of the truck. Instead, what he got were criticisms and anger from the town's folk. At one point, the truck driver began shouting at Clark on how he was irresponsible and always fails to think of others around him. Clark, of course, took the words as a thousand knives stabbing him on the back.


Clark heard his mother's voice by his bedroom door. He got up and opened the door for her.

"What is it Ma?"

"I heard what happened in the town today"

Martha gave her son a sympathetic look which Clark felt uncomfortable with

"Ah that…" Clark opened the door for his mother and sat on his bed; his head was down the whole time.

"I know you didn't mean to-"

"I know Ma" he stopped his mother. He knew what she was going to say; it was always the same thing since he was child. She was going to tell him to be patient because other people won't be able to understand him and his power of great strength; that he needs to hide his power and be careful with it; that it won't be easy….

Martha saw Clark gave out a despairing sigh and she knew then that the old words won't be able to comfort his son like before.

"Ma why is it that I'm stronger than the others? Why does my body feel invulnerable? Am I really human?" Clark began to ask his mother, aware that his mother would just ignore those questions like before, "I just don't feel as if I belong here… as if… I'm supposed to be somewhere else. I know it might make any sense but maybe… just maybe…"

Martha didn't have a choice. She and her husband have been looking for the right time for them to tell Clark the truth; it seemed to Martha, that it was finally the right time to tell her son everything.

As if Jonathan had sensed what Martha was thinking, he entered the room where they were. Martha looked at her husband as if to convey a message to which Jonathan replied with a nod.

"Clark there's something me and your father have been meaning to tell you," Martha looked at her son with a serious face and Clark saw that, "and I want you to listen very carefully as we tell you the truth"

The Kingdom of Themyscira in the Planet Gaia

"Princess Diana! Where are you?!"

The young warrior in light armour ran around the stone marble palace as she searched for their princess. Diana has always been stubborn when it came to acting properly and following the rules: always escaping her guards and running off to the town where she disguises herself most of the time. The young warrior that goes by the name of Mala have been a personal server as well as friend to the princess since they were children which is why she knew exactly how troublesome her friend is. She continuously looked everywhere around the palace with no luck.

"Princess Diana! Where are you?!" she cried

Elsewhere, in the massive and beautiful palace garden, a person wearing a green coat with hood hid behind the long hedges of the palace garden. They smiled slyly from under their hood as they heard the voice from the palace.

"This is too easy" the mysterious figure whispered

They prepared themselves to run towards the gate when suddenly…

"And where do you think you're going?"

A tall woman with dark skin and braided hair towered over the hooded person. Her glare was piercing as she stared at the person in front of her which then scared the hooded person, "Did you really think you could escape…"

The hooded person decided to stand up and remove the hood from their head. They revealed themselves to be a young girl of about 12 years old with dark hair and oceanic blue eyes


"Hello Philippus," Diana sighed and looked up to the woman, "I actually thought I could've gotten away with it like before"

"The more you grow up, the easy you are to read" Philippus reminded her, "Besides I've watched over you since you were a small child. It's not surprising I know you well enough to know that you will be sneaking out again"

Diana's head was down the whole time Philippus spoke to her, refusing to speak anymore, "It's not as if there's anything for me to do" she whispered to herself

"Come" Philippus called to her, "your mother calls for you"

"I guess there's no escaping this place anymore…" Diana whispered to herself again

Diana trailed after the General across the wide marble hallways of the palace. The hallways consisted of several statues of Gods and Goddesses particularly their patron Goddess, Aphrodite. It took them a while to finally arrive in front of the massive doors to the throne room. Philippus announced herself and the doors were opened by two guardswomen. Diana slowly walked down the pathway to the throne chair where her mother sat.

Her mother, Queen Hyppolyta was both beautiful and strong. As queen of the warrior amazons, she always had to keep a straight and serious face- the reason why Diana couldn't look her mother straight into the eyes immediately without being intimidated by her whenever they meet.

"Diana" she called out to her

"You called for me mother?" Philippus bowed down before the queen while Diana stood straight in front of her mother

"I hear you are trying to sneak away from the palace walls" she glared at her daughter

"It was my intention to see outside the palace; to see how our people lived so that when time comes for me to rise as their queen, I will be able to better govern them with my experience"

"I understand your means and I am glad that you have thought of such an intriguing means but as I've told you before, it is important that you are finely groomed as a princess in all aspects before you present yourself to our people. It is our tradition" Hypolytta slightly softened her gaze at her daughter, "You have to show our people that you are ready to take your place as their leader before you can show yourself to them but if you continue acting this way, it would only delay your chance to see outside the palace"

Diana couldn't take it anymore. She tightened her knuckles and took a deep breath as she looked into her mother's eyes with fierce determination.

"Why can't I go now mother?!" she shouted, "Is it so bad for me to leave and explore outside the gates? Was our tradition melted in steel for it to be impossible to break?!"

"You know you are a princess" Hypolytta reminded her, "and with that come great responsibility for you to follow because once you are queen you will devote yourself to your people"

"I'm not even a queen yet! Why can't I take my time to enjoy myself before I take in such huge responsibilities?!"

Hypolytta couldn't take in her daughter's tone to her anymore, "Diana do not raise your voice at me!" she commanded her, "if our fellow sisters and people sees that their great leader is nothing more than an immature and whining child, do you think they can still uphold their faith in us? We have to be the great example our people needs us to be and if it means being patient then so be it!"

"Damn our traditions!"

Hypolytta immediately slapped her daughter on the right cheek. Diana was unable to speak due to the sudden shock. She touched her cheek and looked at her mother with tears in her eyes

"Is this my fate? Has my fate really been sealed from the moment I was born?" Diana asked her mother in a low tone, "If it is, then I would rather discard it and create my own fate and destiny… by myself"

Diana turned away from her mother and marched across the room towards the doors.

"Diana!" her mother called to her

Diana didn't reply

"Diana! I demand you come back here this instant!"

Diana was almost at the doors


"My queen!"

"Your majesty!"

Diana immediately turned around to see that her mother has fallen to the ground- unconscious. General Philippus and the guards around the room ran to their queen's aid. Diana couldn't move at first but finally managed to move her legs and ran towards her fallen mother. By the time she arrived at the spot, General Philippus has carried her mother on her arms


"We have to rush the queen to Epione!"

General Philippus was said to have great strength and it was this strength that she used to bring the fallen queen to the Amazonian healer, Epione, in great speed.

Diana waited patiently as Epione silently examined the queen's pulse rate. By the time she was finished, she stood up and walked towards both Diana and Philippus.

"The Queen has led us through great battles for a long time," Epione reminded them, "and the wounds from those hundred wars she fought with us have finally taken its toll on her. She is growing weak… she will need to take long rests and medications"

Diana was speechless the whole time. She couldn't believe that her mother- the great Queen of Amazons has fallen weak. Diana always admired her mother- her tenacity, leadership and prowess when leading others but now, it seemed her mother could not handle everything on her own anymore. She needed help and as her daughter, Diana knew that she was the only one who could help her mother.

"Philippus" she called out to the General beside her


"Mother… she can't handle everything on her own anymore can't she?"

"Your mother is a great woman princess but there's not one God, Goddess, human or Amazon in the entire universe that can do everything"

"Then it's time for me to change that belief…"

At that moment, General Philippus felt something changed their princess that day. It was evident from her face that was with fierceness and determination. She just didn't know that it would change their princess completely.

Until that day… when that fateful meeting will bring two hearts together and ignite a spark in both their hearts and those around them…

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