Planet Krypton- East Central Palace

Clark stood in front of the massive door of a room in the East central palace. Due to his announcement the night before, it seemed that Diana's mother, Queen Hyppolyta wasn't happy about the sudden announcement. Clark understood why; he knew that Queen Hyppolyta served not only as a mother but a father to Diana and if two parents who shared one child found it hard to let one child go, how would just one parent feel?

Nevertheless, before Clark could marry Diana, he knew he had to gain her mother's blessings… and Clark already found it to be a hard task before he even began.

He knocked on the door. There wasn't any answer at first but a when a shout of "Come in!" appeared from behind the door, Clark entered.

Diana stared at her mother who went through papers and documents from behind her desk table. Beside her was Queen Lara, who decided to pay a visit to her old friend. The three of them remained silent as her mother carefully flipped through pages of reports on her desk. She stood and waited for her mother's replies to her reports.

"I've sent out several commanders in Themyscira to train some of the new soldiers" Diana reported, "It's only a matter of time when they begin training"

"Very well," her mother didn't turn her head to her, "make sure they send out reports on their progress"

"Yes" Diana bowed to her mother, "If there's nothing else, I shall be taking my leave"

Diana turned to the door and walked away from the desk when a knock came from the door. Her mother invited the person in. Diana was surprised to see that it was Clark. He wore a normal Kryptonian clothing- one that looked comfortable enough to run and walked in. But beside from that, he wore a serious expression on his face when he came in. He gave her a smile but immediately turned to her mother.

"Kal-El!" Queen Lara exclaimed, "what are you doing here?"

"Mother," he bowed to her then bowed to Queen Hyppolyta, "your majesty"

Queen Hyppolyta turned her head to Clark.

She gave him a nod "Prince Kal-El. To what do I owe this visit?"

"Your majesty, I have come here with respect to ask for your blessing in taking Diana's hand in marriage"

Diana's eyes widened at the sudden declaration. She wanted to say something but her mouth forced her not to. She watched as her mother showered Clark with a gaze.

"My blessing?" her mother held her chin up, "what makes you think I will give you my blessing? Why do you deserve it?"

By the corner of her eye, Diana saw Queen Lara walked away from Queen Hyppolyta and towards her direction. Lara gave her a smile and stood next to her.

"Because I love your daughter more than I've loved anyone else"

"I've trusted a man before," Hyppolyta stood up, "and it only led in betrayal to my people"

"I know"

"What makes you so different than any man we've encountered?" she walked to the window

"I'm not," Clark kept his head down, "all men are the same as all women are. We are all living beings; each of us has lives, it is what we do with our lives that define us who we are. And what we do makes us a mile different from the rest. And I want to live my life with your daughter; treasure her, love her."


"My queen, all I'm asking is that you trust me and Diana to make the right decisions for our lives," Clark raised his head and looked at the Queen who stood before him, "So please…"

Clark suddenly dropped on his hands and knees and looked down on the floor.

"Please let me take care of your daughter!"

Hyppolyta remained standing and looked down on him.

Diana gasped. She moved her legs forward in order to stop Clark but a hand stopped her. Diana turned and saw it was Queen Lara. She was watching the scene as well and as she raised her hand to block Diana, she kept her eyes on her son.

"Queen Lara?" Diana called out

Lara kept her eyes on the scene, "Right now, Kal-El is begging for your hand in marriage. It takes a lot for a man… especially a royal like him to do that. It hurts his pride as a man to beg but he's doing it all for you. To show, not only to your mother, but to you as well, that his intentions for you are true… that he loves you deeply." She turned her head to Diana and smiled to her, "So it's best if you let him be. Let him show you how much he cares about you"

Diana gave herself a moment of thought and turned her head back to Clark. He was still on his hands and knees and even though, it was hard for her to see Clark like that; she knew, deep in her heart, that Queen Lara was right. And so she turned her eyes to her mother, whose domineering expression remained the whole time.

Hyppolyta looked down on the man in front of her; he remained on his hands and knees. Deep inside her, she was shocked by the sudden action from the man but to ascertain her position on the matter, she kept a domineering look on her face.

Even though, what stood before her then was a sure answer to their problem, Hyppolyta still felt uncomfortable with the situation. And it wasn't because Diana never came to her to ask for permission but because… she was afraid to let go.

She couldn't bear the thought of letting go of that child she carried in her arms the night she asked the Gods for a blessing. She still couldn't let go of her precious princess; the princess she tried so hard to protect. She didn't want to let go…

"Diana is my treasure, my only child; she is a blessing from the Gods, not only to me, but for my people as well," Hyppolyta told him, "and the last thing I want to see is to see her get hurt"

"I know," he kept his head down, "And I will never hurt her. I will treasure her like a queen that she is"

Like a Queen…

A flashback from the party, occurred in her head,

Diana looked at her with disappointment and told her, "you still see me as a princess"

Unlike her, the man before her saw Diana as a Queen- a capable queen that had the capability to become a greater queen that Hyppolyta ever was. It was a thought Queen Hyppolyta never failed to recognize, it was just a thought she tried to ignore.

It seemed Kal-El and her were the same; they both cared for Diana. The only difference was… Kal-El treated her as a woman instead of a girl Queen Hyppolytta had always seen Diana was.

It was then she finally realized that perhaps… the man before her was different than any other man they met or thought. Moreover, ever since they arrived in Krypton, Hyppolyta had seen a glow from Diana's every time- a glow she never saw before.

She took a deep breath and turned her back on him, "I will take her back the moment I learn that you hurt her"

"Does that mean?" Clark's head looked up

"I will leave her in your hands" she closed her eyes and sighed, "Now please leave. I want to be alone"

Clark gave out a sigh of relief and bowed his head to her once more, "Thank you very much!"

Before Clark got up, Diana rushed to his side and hugged him.

"Diana" he smiled, "I did it"

"You did," she brushed his cheek and whispered, "and by the gods, you can be a fool sometimes"

"A fool yes, but a fool in love"

Diana grinned. Soon after, she helped him up from his knees but before Clark and Diana left the room, Clark bowed his head to Queen Hyppolyta once more and told her, "I will not let you down! I promise!"

Her mother didn't reply and continued to stare out the window. They headed towards the door but before the door closed behind them, Diana glanced at her mother and smiled.

Lara watched as the two lovers left the room. She looked at Hyppolyta and saw that she was still looking out the window. Lara smiled and walked towards the table where the drinks sat. The sweet and sour taste of the drink was strong but Lara liked it. And so without hesitation, she poured herself a glass and took it. She took a sip and felt slightly refreshed by the taste.

"You did a wise thing Hyppolyta" Lara said as she poured herself another glass, "I know Kal-El will be a good husband to Diana"

"I did the only thing for me to do Lara" Hyppolyta still kept her eyes towards the window, "I still have to hold up Kal-El on his promise"

"You don't trust him"

"I don't trust any man"


"What do you mean why?" Hyppolyta shook her head and turned to Lara, "You know perfectly why I don't."

"Because you were betrayed?" Lara gave off a sympathetic look, "Hyppolyta, you can't keep living with the thought that you will be betrayed every time you get close to someone… especially a man"

"You don't know what you're saying"

"I do! I am your friend Hyppolyta" Lara moved closer towards her, "I am also a sister to you and your people remember?"

"Perhaps yes… before… but you made it clear that you didn't want to be a part of us when you broke your promise to us Lara"

"That's not fair Hyppolyta" Lara furrowed her eyebrows, "I told you before, I tried."

"What's the point of trying if there's no end result?"

Lara took a deep breath and sighed, "I admit, it was my fault and I'm sorry… with all my heart… but I'm we're here now right?"

"….. Yes"

"Then learn to trust again," Lara stood before her friend and handed her a glass of drink, "just as your daughter had learn to trust a man as well"

Hyppolyta looked up to Lara, who smiled at her. Hyppolyta smirked, closed her eyes and shook her head as she took the glass from her friend's hand, "Trust… huh?"

"Didn't you tell me before that trust between you and your people are the most essential trait of a queen? "

"Yes. But the higher the trust, the deeper the fall" she swirled the drink in her glass, "that's why I choose carefully who I trust"

"Yes… but at least you still have others to catch and you and be there for you when you do"

Hyppolyta smiled, "How can you be so sure about this?"

"Trust is something that takes a lifetime to build… but minutes to destroy," Lara explained, "yet… even though we both thought that your trust in me was destroyed… you still helped me during my times of need and most importantly; you still seem to trust me; because if you haven't, then you wouldn't have taken your time to listen to me this whole time right?"

Hyppolyta slightly laughed. She walked towards her desk and put down her glass. She looked up to Lara and told her, "You know your son seemed to know what he was saying when he spoke to me… just like his mother."

"Then it seems I have found my son."

Clark sat on his bed with the light feeling in his heart. He had finally gained Queen Hyppolyta's blessing in his and Diana's engagement; and he couldn't have been happier.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was his mother, Queen Lara. She sat beside him.

"Your actions earlier were very brave," she smiled, "and I'm proud of you for that. It seems you have grown into a proper man."

"As much as I love Diana, I still have to ask permission from her parent," Clark said, "and the only way to do that is if I promise Queen Hyppolyta that she can trust me and that I will take great care of Diana."

Lara took a deep breath and began, "Queen Hyppolyta doesn't really give her trust that easily."

"I noticed."

"But there is a reason for that," Lara explained, "Queen Hyppolyta and her people once trusted a group of men led by the God of War, Ares; only to be betrayed when their real intentions resurfaced. They wanted to enslave the Amazons."

"Is that why they find it hard to trust men?"

Lara nodded, "Which is why it was a surprise to all of us when Diana proclaimed her feelings for you." She moved closer to him, "Kal-El, you managed to capture the heart of a princess who has kept her guard up against any sign of mistrust from anyone- especially men; and whose whole life's belief revolved around the cruelty man can bring to their life. You showed her the truth: that not all men cannot be trusted."

"I can't promise them that our marriage will be easy but I can promise them that I will do whatever it takes to not break their trust on me"

Lara took a deep breath and smiled to him.

"You probably haven't heard this yet but, "she began, "I was a high ranking officer of the Kryptonian army before I married your father"

"A soldier?!"

Lara smiled and nodded, "But I didn't work specifically for the royal family; I worked for the planet's army. You see, Krypton's army consists of two main groups: the Civil Army and Royal Army. The Civil Army are the ones who patrol, fights and bring order in the cities of Krypton. The Royal Army, on the other hand, only serves the Royal Family, which is the El family. Their only job is to protect the Royal Family at all costs; so they mainly patrol the castles."


"One day, the prince of Krypton- which was your father at the time- decided to travel across the galaxy for a royal tour around planets." she continued, "of course, the royal guards were sent to go but for extra protection, they asked for a strong group of soldiers from the Civil Army to join the travel. And that was when I met your father."

"So basically you were his guard?"

Lara laughed, "Ye"

"How did you find him then?" Clark asked

"Surprisingly… he wasn't as pompous as people said he was"

"Pompous?" Clark raised an eyebrow

"But he was still troublesome"

At that moment, Clark felt taken aback by his mother's story. It made him feel as if he had known them all along; and hearing those stories for the first time, made him closer to his parents than he ever had before.

"Anyway," she continued, "during the travel, our ships suddenly got trapped in a horde of meteors. I piloted the ship I was in and tried to escape but the ship I was in was the closest to a huge number of meteor rocks. The ship I was in crashed into one; and me and the others lost consciousness soon after"


"And then I woke up to a clear and blue sky; I woke up to the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen. The waters, the skies, even the smell; they were all so beautiful. I wondered where I was then. I looked for the others: some I found were already dead while the others missing. Soon after, there were a group of women with heavy metals on their body and spears on their hands. They took me and asked me questions about what I was doing in their land. As a soldier, I was trained not to say anything much about my missions and ventures. So I was taken to their queen- Queen Hyppolyta"

"Queen Hyppolyta?!"

Lara nodded, "It seemed I landed in Themyscira. It was only when I met Hyppolyta that I finally realized where I was. At first, both Hyppolyta and I weren't in such great terms with each other that they locked me in their cage. But for some reason, Hyppolyta decided for me to train beside them and become a warrior like them when she learned that I was a soldier. So she offered to release me if I train with them. Since my ship had to be repaired in the meantime, I accepted her offer. They equipped me with fighting skills that I never learned before and I did the same with them. All the while, the other Amazons were helping me in fixing my ship. During that time, Hyppolyta and I also grew close and became friends… sisters by bond actually"

"What happened?"

"My ship was fixed" she sighed, "even though I became an Amazonian warrior, I was still Kryptonian by blood and my family was here. So I left. I promised Hyppolyta that I will be back to visit them again." His mother put her head down, "But as soon as I arrived back in Krypton, I was held in custody for multiple questioning on the incident, mine and the other's whereabouts during the time. I had to report to them what had happened and that the other soldiers had died. It took a long time for me to come back in my position as a soldier that members of the council thought that it would be better for me to be transferred to the Royal Army. As soon as I was transferred, I met your father again. Despite circumstances, I fell in love with him and so did he with me. Our relationship was difficult of course, but we managed to pull through. It took a long time, but we finally got engaged. Invitations were sent out all over the galaxy for the wedding… including Themyscira"


Lara gave out another sigh, "It was only then that I realised my mistake: I had broken a promise. With so much that had happened, I had forgotten my promise to Hyppolyta. She ceased from talking to me and I understood her: not only had I broken a promise to her and her people, I also broke a Themysciran culture of being close to a man. Imagine, the first word she heard about a friend who had promised to come back, was that she was engaged to be married to a man. I would feel heartbroken as well"

"But it's not your fault isn't it?" Clark pulled his mother close to him and hugged her

"It doesn't matter now whose fault it was," Lara told him, "it's in the past. Through some twist of fate, we managed to make amends and became friends again. But remember this Kal-El," she looked at him with seriousness in her expression, "don't make promises, you know deep in your heart, you can't keep"


"Once you and Diana are married, not only will you have to fight for your marriage, but for two kingdoms. All throughout, you two will be faced with hard decisions and dilemmas because both of you each have obligations towards your own kingdoms and marriage with one another. I was forced to break a promise to a friend because of my obligations to my planet, don't make the same mistake with Diana or anybody else, Kal-El"

"I won't mother" Clark closed his eyes and nodded

Lara put her hand on his shoulder. Clark looked up to her, "Be careful Kal-El, your marriage won't be easy; it will be complicated. But I'm sure if you always remember that feeling you felt during your happiest moments with each other… your can have a happy life with Diana."

Clark hugged his mother and thanked her for everything she had told him. Since then, Clark made sure to keep what his mother told him, on his mind all the time.

Queen Lara had just left his son's room and had left him to ponder over the thought she told him. She knew then, that everything she had told her son would be essential for their marriage. Her and her husband's relationship was complicated but she knew that her son's and Diana's were much more; because she saw the inevitable truth right then…

Kal-El and Diana were the future of the whole galaxy.

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