Clark slowly picked up the wooden door that laid in the middle of the road. He raised it up and observed it; there were a lot of cracks on the door and spiked edges where the hinges of the door used to be. He felt Diana approached him from behind.

"How did I do this?" he asked both himself and Diana.

"Clark… Is it possible that this is one of the new emerging powers that your father warned you about?"

"I don't know but this is really strange." Clark put down the door, took his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his nose, "I mean I've never been sick before."

Clark suddenly furrowed his eyebrows when his eyes caught something; a small figure from afar- across the cornfield and by the forest. Due to the distance of the figure, he couldn't differentiate whether it was a simple wild animal in the forest or… a human who hid by the woods.

He called out to Diana and pointed his finger to where he last saw the figure, "Diana do you see tha-"

Suddenly, Clark felt another itch in his nose. He covered his mouth and nose with his hand and tried to hold back his sneeze; but-


Clark and Diana saw the sudden gust of wind that flew in front of them when Clark sneezed. It almost cleared the road off of its sands.

Diana put her hand on Clark's shoulder and said, "We need to treat your cold."

"And call my father."

The bright glow of the afternoon sun filled the kitchen with heat that Diana had to open the kitchen window to its fullest. She slowly carried the warm herbal tea and slid it towards her husband; who sat on the chair by the kitchen counter. His face was serious- as if he was in deep thought- and he sniffed the whole time and held onto the box of tissue beside him.

"Thank you." He told her then took a sip of the tea, "hmm, what is this?" there was a satisfied look in his face.

"It's an herbal tea designed by our physicians to counter colds," Diana explained, "I rummaged through your collection of spices and found the right ones to make that tea."

"It's really good." Clark took a sip of the sweet and aromatic tea once more.

The herbal tea somehow lifted Clark's blocked nose; and he felt himself able to breathe much easier again. He enjoyed his drink when suddenly-

Clark slightly jumped from his seat and almost spilled the tea when he felt his wife's warm hand on his forehead. He looked up to her; his eyes widened when he saw her leaned towards him until their foreheads touched. He felt himself blushed and his warm face didn't help ease his beating heart down. He saw her eyes concentrated on both of their foreheads; as if she was contemplating on something.

"You're warmer than usual," she said, "could it be you have caught a fever?"


Clark couldn't tell her that part of the reason he was warmer than usual was because of his blushing face. But Diana was right; he felt really hot after he had his first cold.

"You need to take a rest." Clark felt her breath on his cheeks.

"Maybe later… once I call my parents." He still felt himself blushing.

Diana pulled away from him and told him, "You're right; perhaps they know how to properly treat your fever."

Clark took out the piece of device his father gave him before they left Krypton, from his pocket. It was a small rectangular device made of a transparent material. There were no buttons at all but with a touch from Clark's thumb, the transparent material lit up and words floated from the device. Carefully, Clark touched the word "call" in mid-air. It wasn't soon after that his father's upper body appeared in front of them in the form of a hologram.

"Kal-El!" his father exclaimed, "It's so good to see you my son. How are you and Diana? Are you enjoying yourselves?"

"Hello father," Clark greeted, "we are doing fine but-"

"Kal-El? Darling, is that Kal-El?"

Clark immediately recognized the voice from behind his father, as his mother's voice, Lara. She immediately appeared in front of them after she pushed her way beside her husband to see him and Diana.

"Kal-El, my son! How are you?!" she exclaimed, "and Princess Diana? Are you two enjoying yourselves?"

Clark couldn't help but gave out a small laugh, "Yes we are," Clark pulled Diana next to him, and "Diana and I are great."

"Hello Queen Lara." Diana greeted.

"Hello Princess," his mother grinned, "I'm glad that the two of you are doing great."

"Actually something has happened." Clark began.

"What is it? Are you hurt? Is Diana hurt? Wait, is the princess pregnant?"

Clark and Diana looked at each other and then to Queen Lara. Clark shook his head and replied, "No not anything big… just something peculiar."

"What is it Kal-El?" his father appeared again.

"I sneezed… for the first time in my life."

"You sneezed?" Jor-El raised an eyebrow.

"We think he might be catching a fever," Diana explained for him, "and he says it's peculiar since Clark claimed that he had never been sick before."

"Also," Clark began, "it's strange, because when I sneezed… the barn door … flew… I emitted so much force whenever I sneezed."

Jor-El was silent for a while as he went over his thoughts. And then finally, he answered….

"Kal-El this might be one of the developing powers I've told you about," Jor-El explained, "and this… fever… that you're having might just be a minor effect to the sudden change in your body."

"But what does it mean?"

"The sudden force from your sneeze might've been from an increase in your lung capacity." Jor-El explained, "You are storing more air in your lungs than a normal human lung can."


"Listen to me Kal-El," his father leaned closer to him through the hologram, "the powers you will have will be just like this; and I want you to be careful when using them."

Clark nodded, "Yes father."

Diana slowly placed a blanket over Clark's body as he laid on his bed. He was in deep sleep on their bed and Diana wanted him to remain that way. She had never seen him bedridden before and she couldn't help but worry; but Diana knew he was strong- she respected him for that.

She moved the strands of hair on his forehead and kissed it.

A memory suddenly popped in her head…

The hologram was still on and floating in front of Diana. Clark had just left to take a rest but he also left the hologram on. Diana remained in front of her in-laws.

"Princess Diana." Jor-El called to her.

"Yes your majesty?"

"These emerging powers from Kal-El… he will find it hard to control. So can you please-"

"You don't have to worry, your majesty," Diana stopped him, "even if you don't tell me, I know. Kal-El has always been there for me; and as his wife, it's my turn to support him. I will do everything that I can to help him control these powers of his."

Jor-El gave a smile, "Thank you princess. I'm glad he has someone like you by his side."

Diana gave a small bow.

Afterwards, Queen Lara panicked and called for her son- who was already asleep on his bed. Diana tried to explain the matters to the queen but it seemed the instinct of a caring mother remained, even after the 22 years she and his son were apart. Diana understood the Queen; the times after their reunion were the first times she was able to worry about her son; without the thought that he was probably dead. And although, she hadn't understood the concept of a mother's instinct yet; she hoped that one day, she will.

Diana left Clark and walked downstairs to fetch him a glass of water. It was only their fourth day in Smallville and already, problems have risen. She then thought that a long week laid in front of them.

Clark slowly opened his eyes to the bright orange reflection of the dawning sun across his window. He looked around his room; it was empty. His head felt better than it did earlier and his nausea was slowly fading. He got and up and opened the window beside him. He inhaled the fresh cold air then slowly released it.

His eyes widened when he saw, that as he released the air in his lungs, all of the plants in the cornfield swayed; despite the windless day they just had. Clark then thought, "Right… super breath…"

He sighed and turned away from the window to grab a new shirt from his wardrobe when suddenly-

Ruff Ruff Ruff

Clark shot his head back to the window. He looked outside once more and looked for the source of the sound. There weren't any dogs, animals or anything that could've made the sound near their home. This slightly worried him…

Ring Ring Ring Ring

He looked towards his bedroom door. He thought that the source must've been their own home telephone so he called, "Diana?! Is that our phone-"

Beep Beep Beep

Tssk Tssk Tssk

"Hey have you heard about the new-"

"My boss is killing me with all these works-"

Thud Thud Thud

"Why don't you listen to me?!"

Flap Flap Flap

Clang clang clang

Clark clutched both his ears to try and cover all of the loud sounds that came from all sides around him. The noises were so loud that it filled his head; and prevented him from even thinking one thought. He couldn't concentrate with all of the noise and the noises were all like pins that pierced his head all at the same time.

"AAHHH!" he screamed in agony.


Amidst all of the noises in his head, he still heard his wife's voice. He felt her beside him as she put her hands on his shoulders.

"Clark what's wrong?!" she asked.


"Clark?! Clark! Calm down!"


"Clark there's no sounds at all apart from your shouting."


As the sounds in his head continued, the throbbing pain in his head worsened. He tightly clutched his head and covered his ears with his whole hands. It was no use; the sounds lingered on…

Suddenly, he felt Diana's touch on his hands; still, he kept his eyes closed and his hands tight on his ears.

"Clark! Listen to me!"

His head was still down as he flinched at the throbbing pain on his head.

"Clark my love! Look at me!"

Finally, Clark slowly opened his eyes and looked up at her. Her gentle features were a jewel in the eye but the noises in his head had somehow made his eyesight slightly blurry. Still, he kept his eyes on her and his hands on his ears.

Diana's mouth moved slowly but Clark couldn't hear any of the sounds that emitted from her.

"What?!" he shouted.

He still didn't hear any sounds from her; but her lips still moved. He wanted to hear her voice; even if it was just her voice alone and nothing else. That was when his resolve was set; he had to hear her voice no matter what, in order to calm himself.

He took a deep breath and concentrated his hearing and his mind. One by one, he searched through the sounds that entered his mind, passed by them one by one until… he found it!

"Clark…" her gentle voice was like a whisper in his ear but he understood it, "concentrate… listen only to my voice. Search for my voice Clark…"

As he listened to her voice, all of the other sounds that dominated his hearing slowly faded; until there was only Diana's whisper in his ears.

"I found it!" he opened his eyes and grinned to Diana, "I found your voice!"

Diana smiled," You did it my love. You found my voice."

Clark pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly. He then whispered over her shoulder, "Thank you. Thank you so much! I couldn't have done it on my own."

Diana pulled herself from him and looked into his soft blue eyes. She put her hands on his cheeks and told him, "That's what I'm here for." She kissed him.

Clark sighed, "If this is what it's going to be like every time I gain a new power… I admit, it's exhausting."

"You don't have to worry about that my love." Diana told him.

"Because you'll be here for me?" Clark raised an eyebrow.

"Because I will help you control these powers of yours myself."

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