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chapter 13
I see silver

Harry felt like he was drifting. He couldn't remember where he was, nor what he had done before. The only thing he knew was that he was drifting. He was aware of every pore on his body. He softly moved his fingers, testing them. They moved very smoothly. Then, after a while, he tried to open his eyes. At first just a little bit, but then wide open. He was surrounded by a white fog. Harry frowned. Hadn't he been here before? This place looked familiar to him. He looked around, and slowly it downed on him. He knew what it looked like: Godrics' Hollow. The only thing different about it was the white haze surrounding him.

Harry got up. He looked around, but the place was deserted. Harry didn't know why but he found nothing odd about that and started walking. His feet led him to the graveyard. He halted in front of his parent's grave, squatting down. Flowers surrounded the cold stone. Lily and James smiled back at him from within the picture. Harry reached out for them, tears starting to blur his vision. What he wouldn't have given to just get to know them. To spend his childhood with them.

"We meet again," Harry heard a familiar voice say behind him. It had been a long time since he'd last heard that voice, but there was no way he was mistaken. It belonged to Dumbledore.

"Professor? Why are we here?" Harry asked, turning around and standing up. He was still smaller than the tall man, and sometimes he still felt like he was only eleven years old.

"I don't know that, Harry. Do you have any suggestions?" Albus Dumledore's silver hair had turned white, and he was dressed in the robes he'd been wearing on his funeral.

"No. I don't know how I got here. I don't even know where I come from." Harry looked back at the gravestone, trying to remember what had happened before he arrived here.

"I'm fairly sure you remember last time." Harry looked back at the blue eyes, twinkling with kindness and mischief behind his half-moon spectacles.

"What do you mean?"

"We met a while ago. Can't say how long. I don't know." It was odd for Dumbledore to know so little, and Harry pondered about that for a while. He looked around, and realised the only gravestone in the graveyard was his parent's.

"We're at Godrics' Hollow now, right? Well, almost Godrics' Hollow. All the other graves aren't present," Harry spoke thoughtfully.

"That's because you don't want them to be here, Harry."

"So I want you to be here?"

"I don't know. I just ran into you."

"Do you see any sign of a Horcrux, professor? At King's Cross there was this part of Voldemort's soul lying underneath a bench. Do you know if it went away?" Harry felt a sharp sting in his head when he remembered how the dying creature got up. But Dumbledore spoke before the thought could capture him completely.

"I'm afraid I have to disappoint you again, Harry. I don't know where it went. All I know is that it arrived the same time as you did."

"Voldemort said something about being connected. As long as I live, he will live, he told me." Dumbledore looked at him intently, a hint of admiration in his eyes.

"That's true. Voldemort will always be a part of you, Harry. Nothing can change that. But it's the part that we choose to be that defines who we are."

"I don't want to be like him." There was a stubborn undertone in Harry's voice, of which he was sure Dumbledore had heard it.

"You might as well live in peace by accepting it, than die while fighting against yourself." Harry looked at Dumbledore. What was that supposed to mean? Was he causing all of this because he was trying to kill himself? Harry's head started to pound, and he needed to change the subject.

"So where do we go now?" Harry more or less could guess Dumbledore's answer.

"I have no idea. You could take me for a stroll down the main street. It's been a while since I've seen my parents' house." They started walking, but Harry was frowning again.

"I didn't mean, here, Professor. I meant the real world."

"This world is real, Harry. It's happening inside your head."

"But why?"

"You tell me. You're the one who brought me here. I was just spending some time with Gellert."

"Gellert Grindelwald? The Dark Wizard you defeated?"

"Yes. We were catching up. We used to be best friends, but Gellert's weird taste for Dark Magic made it impossible to keep seeing one another." Harry knew Dumbledore and his brother had duelled with Grindelwald, which had then unintentionally killed his disabled sister Ariana. That was the reason why they avoided each other.

"So you're getting along again?"

"Yes, we do. Gellert became a lot wiser during his years spend in his cell at Nurmengard. I think it was Tom who made him see that Dark Magic wasn't the answer for the greater good of all."

"It sounds like you have a lot to talk about." Dumbledore smiled, twinkles sparkling in his blue eyes. Sunken in his thoughts he marched on, but Harry halted. A sudden flash made Godric's Hollow disappear completely.

"Harry...If you can hear me,...please come home."

That voice. It reminded Harry of something. Blonde strands of hair appeared before his eyes, a familiar fragrance penetrated his nose. Pink lips touched his lips softly-

"Harry? Are you okay?" Dumbledore asked. Harry looked up. He was lying on the ground again. He looked around disoriented. Draco. Where was Draco?

"I... I'm fine, I guess. I need to go. I need to go home."

"I still remember seeing your reflection in that mirror. I was so pissed. You had caught me at my worst, most miserable state. And I couldn't take it in. I was convinced you only wanted to catch me trying to fulfil my task. I was scared to death about that task, about getting caught. You had no idea how disappointed I was when I saw you there. I was in love with you Potter. And - you cursed me. However, the last thought that crossed my mind was the scariest. I was happy. Happy you were the one who killed me. Happy the Dark Lord wouldn't torture me anymore, nor threaten to take away my life or that of my parents. Happy you were the one I could spend my last moments with. Happy you were so close to me, shouting my name, caring about me. Happy to smell you, so close to me. That was the last thought on my mind."

Harry twitched. Why was Draco talking so much? Where were they? Harry was lying down. From what he felt, he was lying on a bed. There was a knock on a door. A squeak of a chair. What was happening?

"Don't forget about me, Potter. I love you." Draco whispered. Their lips met. Harry wanted to kiss him back, but nothing happened. Footsteps disappeared and a door squeaked. No! No! Don't go! Don't leave me here! Come back! Talk to me! I- I - Harry felt the need to cry. Where was Draco gone? Where was he? Where was Dumbledore?

Darkness surrounded Harry. He felt left behind.


"Longbottom stopped by the other day. It was kind of weird, though. He gave us his permission to be together, I suppose. Well, he just told me it was alright. He's a good guy." The voice disappeared again, and Harry waited anxiously for the man to start talking again, knowing it was the only thing to keep him from drifting off again.

"We miss you, Harry. My world has stopped turning, waiting for you to be here again. Nothing's the same without you." Harry swallowed, tears burning behind his closed eyelids. If only he could muster the strength to open his eyes.

"Did you swallow? Did you move?!" Draco brought out. Harry heard a chair squeak and could feel how the mattress on his left side was dented by the weight of the blonde, hovering over him. Harry felt his breathing. 'Come closer,' he thought, but the words got stuck in his head. 'Please! Draco! Kiss me!'

"I saw you move, Potter! Don't play tricks on me! Are you awake? Just stop it already, you fool!" Harry could feel the presence of his lover, but was trapped in his own body. He wanted to open his eyes, lean over, kiss the bloody fool with his declarations of love senseless and hold him tight in his arms to never let go of him again.

If only his arms would listen. "Potter? Harry, love, can you hear me?" Harry heard rustling, then Draco spoke again: "Wait a second, I have an idea. Can you move your hand? Oh, never mind." Long slender fingers were wrapped around Harry's hand. They felt warm and soft against his skin. Harry smiled inside, a wave of pleasure running down his spine.

"If you can hear me, squeeze my hand once." Harry tried to squeeze the hand back, but his fingers refused to serve him. 'Oh, Merlin, please don't go because I can't squeeze your hand. I hear you! I really do!' Malfoy let go of his hand, and sighed. There was the knock again. Harry had started to hate the knock. The knock took his Draco away from him. He wanted to smell him, feel him lying next to him, hear his beautiful voice cutting through the damned silence.

If only he would come back...

"I swear I saw him swallow the other day," Draco said, looking at Potter intently.

"Maybe it was just a figment of your imagination," George replied. He looked at Draco, a worried expression on his face.

"I'm not imagining it. I've been sitting here every single day the past three months! I'm telling you, he moved. I'm positive he can hear us. Sometimes, I could have sworn I saw his eyebrows contract, but then I thought realised I was hallucinating. Until now. I saw his Adam's Apple go up and down." Draco was standing up, throwing his hands in the air, trying to get his point across.

"Okay, okay, don't get mad at me. Calm down already. Maybe you should just talk to him. Or touch him. Maybe he will feel your presence."

"Do you think so?" Draco stepped closer to the bed, linking his hands with Potter's cold fingers again. "Harry? Hi, it's me again. Are you coming back yet? I bet it must be beautiful out there, for you to stay so long. You're missing out on all the good stuff though. Snowball has grown so much! You can't imagine how fat he has gotten. It's all my mother's fault though. She keeps feeding him those treats, while I try to put him on a diet. They both miss you," Draco trailed off again, unsure of what to say next. George encouraged him to continue, throwing an approving nod in his direction.

"Just come home, Harry. I- I can't go on without you..." Draco fought the tears in his eyes, when all of a sudden he felt a soft pressure around the palm of his hand. His eyes widened, looking up at Potter's motionless face in anticipation. "Harry?" a soft squeeze was the only response he got, but it was all the blonde needed. He jumped forward, kissing the Hero on the mouth. He only realised how stupid all of this must have been when George coughed cautiously.

"He moved."

"That's great news. Do you - er - need a moment alone?"

"No, silly. I'm just..." Draco wiped his tears away, a wide grin plastered across his face. "It's such great news, George! He's waking up, isn't he?"

"I hope so. Just hurry up a little, Harry. We don't have forever," the Redhead joked. "I'll talk to you two lovebirds later, 'kay?"

"Okay. Thanks for coming, George," Draco greeted. He was really getting fond of the twin brother, waving at him until the man closed the door. He focussed on Harry again. With shaking hands, he linked his fingers with Harry's "Please move again. I-" Draco asked, not knowing what to say. He was overjoyed, but now a gnawing feeling started to make its way through his veins. What if he was imagining this? What if the man would never wake again? What if he was just wasting his time here? What if the love of his life had left him for good? His stomach turned with nausea as he waited for another squeeze. The minutes ticked by, but nothing happened.

"For Salarzar's Sake, Potter, WAKE UP! I can't stand spending another minute in this bloody room by myself!" he exclaimed. When Potter's hand twitched, Draco needed to restrain himself from jumping around the room in excitement. Oh, this was huge!

"Potter? Stop teasing me, okay? Either you wake up or you don't. I don't want to exchange squeezes for the next three months. Just come back here." Potter's eyelids moved. Was this really happening? "Harry? Harry?!" Emerald eyes opened, but were immediately squeezed shut because of the light in the room. However, Draco could see them staring back at him from beneath Harry's eyelids. "Say something. Can you hear me? Are you okay? Do I need to get anyone?" A million questions popped inside Draco's head, but he fell silent, trying to give the former Gryffindor the time to take it all in.

"I see silver," a raspy, deep voice spoke, the very voice that had called him names for years at Hogwarts, and the very same voice that had moaned in his ear while making love to each other.

"Potter. I love you," Draco whispered, placing a soft peck on the man's lips. "I love you so much."

Draco sat in his chair, leaning back relaxed. He looked at the beautiful man sitting up in his bed. The Healers wanted to keep him in St. Mungo's for another week, to make sure the Horcrux – or the damage its extraction had caused – was completely gone and had left no magic behind. If all went well, they would both be reunited with Snowball next week. Draco knew the cat couldn't wait to see Harry. They had been inseparable before.

"Draco, can you rub me down a bit. I'm a bit stiff," Potter asked. It was divine to hear the Hero's voice again.

"Sure." Draco got up and softly massaged Harry's shoulders. After Harry had woken up, everything had gone fast. Draco had already informed everyone and they would soon stop by to visit. When he told his mother, Draco had never heard her squealing like that before. Squealing wasn't like Narcissa at all. Draco felt how a shiver ran down Harry's spine and smiled. "You like that?"

"Yeah," Harry moaned, leaning into the touch. Draco slowly made his way down his back, massaging away the tension in Harry's muscles. The man threw his head back, another moan falling off his lips.

"There. Feeling better?" Draco said after some time. He wanted to continue, but if he did, he wouldn't be able to restrain himself from throwing himself at the man. He couldn't do that to him. At least not now, not until he was completely healed.

"No, you forgot a spot," Harry replied. Draco frowned.

"You're difficult to please," he muttered stretching his arms out to massage Harry's neck again. The touch of his skin made his fingers tingle, and the pleasurable tug in his belly didn't do his yearning any good.

"Not there," Harry whispered, taking Draco's hand. The touch of Harry's fingers sent a hot sensation through his arm. The raven-haired man pulled Draco's arm down softly, along his chest and under the white blanket until Harry let go. Draco's hand was resting on something hard.

"Potter! You horny bastard," Draco exclaimed, bursting out laughing. The Hero instantly turned as red as a tomato. "You're not so sick anymore, are you?"

"It's your fault, you touched me!" the former Gryffindor protested, but he was still blushing, and avoided Draco's gaze.

"I want to touch you there, Potter," Draco whispered, leaning against the man's ear. He could hear Potter's breathing falter as he continued. "I want to softly massage your balls. I'll run my fingers through your black curls, before gently caressing the head. Then I'll slowly stroke your base, soft but firm," Draco paused, seeing that Potter was having a hard time, keeping focussed. His irises were growing dark with lust and he licked his lips seductively. Draco withheld himself from ravishing the man and took a step back instead.

"Unfortunately, you're still under surveillance, Potter. I don't want to influence your healing process." Potter turned his head around, the green glance ready to kill. He got up, stepped out of the bed and over to Draco.

"I want you, and I want you here," the man said. Draco smiled inwardly, shaking his head. This was so much fun.

"But, Potter, you shouldn't-" he started in a fake-concerned tone.

"DON'T YOU BUT POTTER ME! You'd better not turning me on and then leave me hanging, Ferretface!" Potter barked, taking Draco's shoulders and pushing him down on the bed. His strong hands pulled up his shirt, revealing his porcelain skin. "I heard you talk every single day, expressing how much you loved me, and there I was, unable to respond. Unable to move. I want to feel you, Malfoy. You're mine." Draco just gazed at the Survivor, admiring the dominance that radiated off him. Before Draco could do anything else, Potter captured his lips greedily. With a hunger Draco didn't even know he had, he kissed the man back.

It had been so long since he'd been able to touch Potter. It had been so long since they talked. How in the Wizard World could he resist this handsome man, with his beautiful black locks, scarlet lips and goofy smile? Potter pushed him down on the bed, sitting on top of him. His hands made their way down his sides, massaging his ribcage. Draco moaned in reply, burying his hands in Potter's dishevelled hair. He pulled it softly, earning a moan from the man on top of him. Their lips locked again, and Potter lay down next to him. Draco could feel Potter's heartbeat against his chest, looking up into emerald orbs.

And he was grateful. Grateful that they finally stared back at him.

"I love you Potter. I missed you so much," Malfoy whispered. Tears appeared in the blonde's eyes, and Harry reached out to wipe them away.

"Draco… Please don't cry." Seeing the tears fall from his eyelashes was worse than fighting Voldemort or enduring the pain of the Cruciatus curse. If someone would have told him a few years ago he would fall madly in love with Draco Malfoy, he would have advised them to pay a visit to St. Mungo's for a brain-checkup. But now, he could hardly imagine a world without this very person. Even just lying next to him, put him at ease, his presence causing a soothing feeling to wash over him.

It would be hard to eat without him. Sleep without him. Everything he used to do independently, even the most ordinary things, became difficult when he pictured it without this tall, slender man lying next to him. Just the fact that Draco was around made Harry happy.

As long as they were together, Harry could battle Voldemort any time. Harry snuggled closer to Draco, pressing his hardness against the man's leg. His action earned him a big grin from the blonde and Harry buried his nose in his neck.

"I missed you too, Draco. I missed your smell. Your touch. Even your sneering tone when you're trying to pick a fight."

"Don't be silly, Potter. I'm never the one who starts a fight." When Draco spoke, Harry could feel his voice resounding against his face.

"You're so vain," Harry chuckled. "But I love you nevertheless."

"You're never this open-minded. What happened during that coma?"

"It's weird, you see. It's just… I'll try to explain, but its kinda hard, so just hear me out … I used to think I had to save people. Everyone. All I ever did was trying to kill Voldemort to make sure all the people I cared about were alright. And when it all ended, I was useless. I couldn't save anybody anymore. I was alone. The one thing I never realised was that… Somebody needed to save me." Harry paused, observing Draco's cut out jaw line before continuing. "You did."

" I didn't do anything, Potter."

"Yes you did. When you arrived, I started functioning again. I couldn't be without you, but I was too scared to admit it."

"And then you did," Draco said, a smile appearing on his face. Harry nodded against Draco's collarbone.

"Then I did," he whispered in reply.

"And then we made love," Draco added. Harry snorted, the thought about making love to Draco made his arousal from before return with renewed energy.

"You're unbelievable."

"Why? We did, didn't we? And it was good… Or at least I thought it was-" Draco trailed off, moving his arm from underneath Harry to put support his head while looking at Harry.

"You're cute when you're insecure," Harry teased.

"Stop it, you brainless fool. You're the one who tried to take me on this bloody hospital-bed."

"I still want to, you know," Harry whispered seductively, leaning in for a kiss. The kiss was short and sweet but Harry leaned forward, covering Draco's lips once more. He deepened the kiss, and tenderly licked the blonde's lips asking for entrance. When their tongues touched, Harry bucked his hips forward in pleasure, a moan resounding in the back of his throat. Harry pushed Draco down, running his hands through his soft blonde hair.

"I think we should come back later," Molly Weasley whispered from out the doorway, closing it softly behind her. Narcissa Malfoy had a knowing expression on her face and the two women shared a look of understanding.

They walked out of St. Mungo's arm in arm, knowing that the two men would be busy for a while.

The end…

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