Looking over at the 2 members of his team that are still here, he couldn't help but feel a feeling of nostalgia and longing wash over him. He never thought he'd lose members of his team until they left of their own free will or were killed. He wished he could turn back time to stop the unfair deaths of Kate and Jenny as well as given McGee a reason to stay. McGee had a good reason to leave, getting married and starting a family isn't a good idea when your team seemed to be the target for murders and sickos alike. 7 years have passed since any of them saw him through 2 years ago he got a call from Tim asking if he could have his job back and he told him that he could have it back anytime but Tim never came back. He was worried when 2 weeks passed after they spoke and Tim didn't show up, he had Abby do a check just to make sure he was alive and was relieved to find he was. There hasn't been any calls since and sometimes it kept him up at night trying to think of a reason for that one and only phone call, he could never think of a good reason why. He had thought that maybe there was something wrong with McGee's-no Smith's marriage but he always thought that Tim was smart enough to leave if it wasn't a happy union so he quickly ruled that out, he'd soon realized how wrong he was.

His phone went off and he answered it. Tony and Ziva looked up from their computers in anticipation of a new case. It was Vance telling him that he and his team needed to get down to Abby's lab right now than hung up before any questions could be asked as to why. Without a glance at his team mates he signaled for them to follow him and headed into the elevator.

"What's going on boss?" Tony stood next to him while Ziva stood before them.

"No clue, Vance just told me to get down to Abby's lab," He answered.

"Is something wrong with Abby?" Ziva turned her head towards him. He shrugged and the elevator opened. They walked into the lab of the friendliest Goth in the whole world. Vance, Palmer, Ducky, and Abby were there waiting for them. Abby's face was red and puffy as well as a little moist from crying for whatever reason. Ducky and Palmer looked like they didn't have a clue as to why they were here. Taking in the faces of his team he turned to Vance," What's up?"

Vance nodded his head to Abby who turned to her computer and began to type something that pulled up footage from a truck stop on the big screen," We were given this footage from the local police in Nebraska."

Abby pushed play. The footage starts out with a red sport's car getting gas than driving away after paying than a van pulled in after it. They had a clear view of the passenger side of the vehicle because of how it was parked, they saw the driver's door open and a big muscular man they knew as Samuel Smith, Tim's husband, get out and start to pump gas. Fear took them all as they waited to see what happened next but none of them thought that what happened next was what was going to happen. After a couple seconds the person in the front passenger seat moved and turned towards the camera without meaning it. It was Tim…he looked terrible, his face was a bit swollen and he had a black eye as well as what looked like a split lip, the image made everyone tense up and Gibb's hands clenched at his side. Then there was movement in the back seat and what looked like a little girl peered out with tears rolling down her face. She looked frightened and confused. Tim looked turned to look at her than grabbed at something it in the front seat before getting out. Samuel looked up at the sound of the car opening and went around to Tim's side of the car, he appeared to be shouting at him. Tim raised the item he picked up which turned out to be a crowbar and strake Samuel on one side of his head. Samuel fell down and Tim bent over to get the car keys from out of his pockets before getting into the driver's seat and drove away.

"What the hell was that?!" Tony shouted pointing to the screen.

"As of 5 days ago no one has seen or heard from the Smith family until last night when they pulled over for gas. This footage was turned over to us after they found out that McGee used to work here as well as the fact that 4 days ago he tried to get in contact with his old boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs," Vance said looking Gibbs in the eyes.

"What?!" Gibbs growled. Vance nodded to Abby again and she began to play the recording.

"This is NCIS, how can I help you?" asked a female voice

"I…need to talk to special agent Leroy Je-Jethro Gibbs," Tim stuttered out.

"What about mister?" the women asked.

"Could you pl-pl-please just patch me through?" he asked.

"I'm sorry but I can't do that without kno-

"Mommy? I'm scared" a child's voice was heard and Tim's voice was heard trying to comfort the child.

"Sir?" the lady called out into the phone. A loud banging noise was heard three or four times, followed by screams and cries of Tim and what sounded like 2 children.

"Tim? Get your ass out here right on!" Samuel yelled with clear anger in his voice than things got quiet on Tim's end. The lady called out to him 3 times before she realized he hung up and got off the phone line.

The room was tense and enraged at what they had heard. Vance swallowed down his own anger," The van was found this morning in Wyoming, Tim and his twins weren't anywhere to be found. It's believed that because he wasn't able to get to you by phone call that he plans to meet you in person."