Chapter 1

Ziva and Tony were sent out to the Smith's house in Lincoln, Nebraska. While they investigate their ex-teammate's home life the van that Tim was last seen in was sent over and Abby was checking it out for anything suspicious with the help of Ducky and Palmer. Gibbs stayed at his desk as much as he could, just in case Tim did come looking for him, and went through the reports the Nebraska police sent him. First dated back 5 years ago and was reported by a female neighbor. She stated that she hear shouting and loud noises that worried her enough to call the police. The officer who processed her claim reported that a man was answered the door was identified as Tim Smith and he had some kind bruising on his neck and arms. 3 months later Timothy Smith was checked into the hospital for a broken arm. The doctor who checked Tim out also noted he had some bruising in different parts of his body as some small cuts here and there. When asked how he broke his arm Tim stated he fell in the shower but from the notes it sounded like doctor didn't believe him.

The reports followed a cycle of abuse reported by Tim's neighbor and his doctor but never once did Tim file a report until 2 years ago, about 3 months before Tim called him. Gibbs noticed, that months before Tim filed his first report, the neighbor who called the cops on a regular basis for Tim stopped and wondered why this Peggy Kirkland stopped but that's a question for Ziva and Tony to ask when they meet her. 1 month after Tim finally filed the first report he filed for a divorce on the grounds of spousal abuse and his credit card statement showed that he was living in a hotel which was his home until a week after he called Gibbs. He stopped the divorce from going through and it was clear what his reason was.

Tim went to the doctor 2 days after he talked to his old boss due to the fact he was having problems keeping stuff down and found out he was pregnant. Tim reunited with his husband because of the pregnancy and they went to couple's therapy which was probably McGee's idea. They stayed in therapy for a year and it seemed that the couple's problems were solved until 5 days ago.

Gibbs shook his head and closed the file he had just read. Taking a look at his watch he took out his phone and called Ziva.

"Yes boss?" Ziva answered her phone within seconds.

"Be sure to talk to Tim's neighbor, Peggy Kirkland, as well as his doctor and therapist," Gibbs said and gave her the details as to why they needed to talk to those people.

"Will do," Ziva said before hanging up. She and Tony had just gotten off the airplane when Gibbs called. They wasted no time in getting a car and headed over to Tim's house. The house had 2 floors and was white with gray trim. The lawn was un-kept and the dead flowers in the front garden gave a sad feel to what should have been a happy home. They walked up to the front door and found the door was unlocked but fear of what they may find kept them frozen in their spots. Tony finally closed the door and turned to Ziva," How about we talk to his neighbor first."

Ziva quickly nodded and they headed next door to a blue house with a well groomed lawn and blue flowers still lived in the garden. Ziva knocked on the door and a blonde middle aged woman in a blue dress answered the door, "Can I help you?"

"Are you Peggy Kirkland?" Tony asked showing his badge and the woman nodded," We'd like to ask you a couple questions about your neighbors, the Smith's."

Peggy led them to her living room and sat down before them," What do you want to know?"

"Everything," the NCIS agents said together. Peggy got a bit more comfortable and looked down for a moment to gather her thoughts before looking at both of the agents.

"7 years ago the Smith's moved into the house next door to my husband, children and I but you already know that. They seemed like a normal happy couple which was what I thought they were until the one night 5 years ago," Peggy looked off into the distance trying to recall every detail of the last 7 years. Ziva looked through the notes Gibbs gave her," The night you called the police for the first time."

Peggy nodded and swallowed trying to hold back tears that she had to wipe away with the back of her hand," I'm sorry, it's hard for me to…to recall those times, Tim and I were close friends. In all truth the signs of Sam's true nature was clear from the start."

Tony took out a tissue from his pocket and gave it to Mrs. Kirkland," What do you mean?"

"He was controlling right from the start. I'd go shopping with Tim and Sam would call every hour twice, he'd pick out what Tim wore every day, jealous of anyone who spent time with him…myself included, and Tim had to ask him if it was okay to go anywhere," Peggy started playing with her wedding ring while the agents took notes.

"Tell us about the first night," Ziva said.

"I can't tell you if that was really the first time Sam laid a hand on Tim but it's the first time I heard Sam yell that loud and he sounded so angry. At first I figured that they were just fighting about something…until I heard things being thrown about. I finally called the cops when I heard what I thought was glass shattering. The cop came and talked to Tim, when I saw him the next day he…he was covered in bruises. His house was a mess, we spent all day cleaning it up. I begged him to leave Sam but…he wouldn't." Peggy sobbed into her tissue.

"Do you know what set Sam off?"

Peggy shook her head," Tim never told me. I don't thing he really knew himself. He kept on telling me Sam didn't mean to do it and it won't happen again but it did repeatedly. I drove him to the hospital so many times and…he wouldn't leave that monster!"

The agents flinched in surprise at the burst of anger and Ziva quickly recovered to ask," You stopped calling the cops on Sam Smith almost 3 years ago, why?

"Tim asked me to stop because when I called the cops it enraged Sam more and I didn't want to cause Tim more trouble so I did what he asked," She answered looking away in regret," It got easier when Tim woke up one day and decided he had enough. Called the cops anytime Sam hit him, finally they locked Sam up for a night. We packed up everything he owned and headed to a hotel where he'd be safe. He filed for divorce and made plans to return to Washington but then he found out he was pregnant and wanted to give his child the happy family lifestyle…you know…so he took Sam back on the condition that they get help."

Peggy gave the agents a weak smile before walking over to a table full of family pictures and picked up a small picture in a golden frame with a fancy design. She walked back to the agents and handed them the picture that was of 2 2 year olds siting in a backyard. One was a boy and the other a girl. In the middle of the toddlers was the dog Tim adopted after Abby begged him to," That's Tim's twins. Caitlin Sarah and Jethro James, kind of funny because the dog's name is Jethro to but Tim assured me that he didn't name his son after his dog."

The agents shared a smile before saying at the same time," We know." Peggy's left eyebrow rose a bit in question. Tony shrugged before handing over the picture and asked what life was like the last 2 years.

"While at first it was a happy time, Sam wasn't as controlling as before, and Tim even began to grow flowers in a garden than slowly, after the twin's first birthday, things began to turn badly and by their second birthday history was repeating itself…only he was worst. The only thing that kept me from calling the cop was the fear that he might…hurt the children," She sobbed while she stroked the children's faces in the picture.

"What do you mean when he was worst?"

Peggy sobbed a bit more before answering the question," There were days when Tim couldn't get out of bed. He never admitted it but I knew that he stopped consenting to having sex with him."

"You mean that his husband was raping him?" Ziva asked in disbelief because she just couldn't believe Tim would let that happen. Peggy thought Ziva believed it was impossible for a husband to rape his spouse. She turned an icy glance to Ziva and hissed," It happens, Agent David!"

Ziva glared at her and hissed back," I know!"

Tony sensing a cat fight could break out butted in before one of the women could say something to really piss off the other," Is there anything else you can tell us?"

Peggy hesitated for a minute but came clean with a secret she's held on to for months," I think Tim having an affair somehow."


"Well a couple months back Sam started yelling at Tim about someone else and Tim never gave me an answer as to who this person was but what Sam was saying made it pretty obvious who this person was," Peggy responded with a small smile," In all truth I hoped he was because he deserved love and affection more than anyone I know.I..uhm...had fantasies of this Leroy person coming here and shooting Sam in the head."

The agents stopped taking notes after hearing their boss's first name in disbelief.

"Leroy?" Tony asked to make sure they heard her right. Peggy nodded with a smile.

Ziva swallowed," What exactly did Samuel Smith say about this "Leroy person."

Peggy blushed a little and gave them her best impression of the tough Samuel Smith, "Who the hell is Leroy?! You cheating on me Timmy?! You being a whore for this Leroy?! You Slut!"

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