As soon as I finished up my questioning with the last educator for the case, I went to see Vincent, who was sitting in the teachers' lounge looking so drained of life sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Man, I am so fucking tired. It felt like forever asking all those questions."

"Well, did you at least get some useful information?"

"Yeah, I did. Turns out he slept a few times in the janitors' closet only to be discovered the next morning all battered and bruised. One time it was so bad he couldn't even walk properly."

I clenched my fist and grinded my teeth at the horrible news. How could your own flesh and blood hurt you so badly about money? It's inhuman. I couldn't believe Itachi was just letting this happen.

"Do you have evidence though…? I mean, sure enough we have someone who can say it happened, but if Sasuke denies it, it would just be his word against ours."

"Well, I knew you would ask for that. I'm coming back on Monday to see the nurse for some medical records. She said she even snuck a few pictures while he was unconscious. I'll get all of that stuff, and hopefully in three weeks we could settle this once and for all in court. What about you? You get anything good?"

"Yeah I did. I managed to find a person who he possibly confides in. I'll go and ask him a few questions on Monday."

"Why can't you go today? I mean, it's not like you have anything planned."


I looked up and down trying to avoid eye contact. I probably blushed a bit too. Vincent immediately caught on to my body language. He jumped me and proceeded to interrogate me.

"You sneaky pervert. Just what were you doing behind those classroom doors?"

His grip on me was tight and I almost couldn't breathe until I managed to shake him off of me. After I broke free, I caught my breath and straightened my clothes.

"Well you know the guy I was telling you about form the shop… the guy I knocked over?"

"Yeah, what? Did you find his brother or something?"

"Ugh… don't be a dumbass. Anyway, turns out he's a teacher at this school, and lucky enough for me he happened to be one of Sasuke's educators, as well as one of the people I had to question."

"No way! Talk about a lucky break. So did you guys do the classic shove the papers off the desk and fuck like wild animals scene? I mean, I won't judge you for defiling school property. Ahahahahaha."

"You seriously watch way too much porn, and no, we didn't have sex. But I did manage to get him to say yes in letting me cook for him tonight."

"Well, what are you standing around here for? Go home and start prepping the place for the fuck fest you're going to unleash."

"You know, I don't know how many times I've told you that not everything is about sex. It's probably the reason why you don't have a girlfriend."

"Hey… I get plenty enough action. The reason I don't have a girlfriend or want commitment is because I don't have time to deal with all that bullshit that comes with having a relationship."

I gave him a heavy sigh before I told him I was off to the office to compile the information I'd gathered and expected his to be emailed to me the very next day.

On my way out I remembered that I offered Oreo a ride to the party and ran as quickly as I could to his classroom, only to discover it was already locked.

Shit, he probably got tired of waiting for me and left. Why do I have to be so fucking scatter-brained?!

Maybe he's in the teachers' lounge or something waiting or the parking lot. Fuck, I hope I'm right.

I ran so fast that I could have possibly covered the entire school campus. He wasn't anywhere to be found. I felt so guilty and pissed that I fucked up my chance to see him tonight that I felt like jumping off of the roof of the school. I proceeded to my car and noticed a figure resting up against the passenger window.

"Uhm… excuse me. You there. What are you doing?"

The figure moved to turn around and couldn't have been happier when I saw his face.

"Hey, where have you been? I've been looking all over the premises for you."

"You told me to wait at your car remember? After you asked me if I was ready to leave, you told me you still had one teacher to question and then you'd drop me off."

"Oh yeah… ahahaha. My bad, so sorry to have kept you waiting this long."

I felt like a teenager who had just started off his date with the person he'd been crushing on all of his life on a terribly shitty note. I unlocked the car got in, leaned over to the passengers' side and opened up the door for him. I watched him get in, and tried my best not to make it obvious that I was staring.

Ok… calm down. Don't be too hasty. Take your time. Relax. You can do this. Just be patient.

"So, where to?"

He must have been zoning out due to nerves because I had to repeat the question at least two more times before he looked at me and asked, "What?". He shuffled about uncomfortably like one of those anime characters ready to profess their love to their senpai. As much as I wanted that situation to occur, it didn't.

"Uhm… if you don't mind, could you perhaps just drop me off at my apartment? I need to pick up the gift I ordered this morning and gift wrap it. I can catch a bus or something from there to the party. I could ask someone for a ride home, and then you could pick me up at 6:30 p.m.?"

"You know I don't mind waiting a bit for you to wrap it and drop you off. In fact, it would be my pleasure to escort you to that party. That's if you're ok with me coming up to help you wrap the gift."

In my head I sounded so desperate to spend more time with him, which I was, but I tried to make sure I smiled and came across as really generous.

"Uh… Ok then. You will have to forgive me though, my apartment is quite a mess."

He gave me this shy smile that made my heart stop for a few seconds, before I snapped back to reality, started the car and drove according to his directions.

When we reached his apartment building I helped him carry up his bags and waited for him to open the door. Once we went inside, I saw that the place looked like it went through a small tornado disaster, but somehow it didn't bother me, even though I was quite meticulous and a bit of a neat freak.

Maybe I could come over some time and clean up the place, amongst other activities.

As if a switch went off, I started to get hard in my pants. I tried to make it look as if I was messily trying to hold his bags, to cover up the fact that I had to readjust myself in my pants to make sure he didn't notice the bulge. I wasn't really watching what I was doing when I tripped over an umbrella, knocked him over, dropped the bags, sent papers flying and landed right on top of him. Our faces were mere millimetres apart and I could smell his skin, which smelled like a bit of sweat mixed with berries. I looked down into his eyes and took in the gorgeous view beneath me, hoping that in future this would happen a lot more, only that we were both naked and in my bed. I tried with everything I had not to kiss him, but I slowly leaned in only to gently pushed off of him.

"Wow... you really are a klutz aren't you?"

Great. There I go again embarrassing myself. Man, I just hope after that he'll still want to have dinner tonight.