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''My dearest Lola,

I am writting this to you as Bash and I are standing under a tree's cold shadows. It is sunny and warm. I do not know. where we are. I actually do not want to know.

I write this thinking that it will help me. I am not well. Honestly, I am not very well. My thoughts overwhelm me. Oh, Lola, I miss the Court, I miss all people there. Each time I think about the Court, and there is no time for me not to think about it, there a great pain that hits my chest. My heart is going against me. It keeps telling me to go back to the Court, to go back home. However, I know that I can't come back. I am sure you know too. I am sure you can understand me. Please, Lola, understand me. Understand me that I had reasons for leaving and I am not coming back. Neither Bash. He keeps saying that he would love to go back but he can't. We decided we would never turn back willingly. My dear Lola, I am hurting you with those words, aren't I?

I think that because I miss you all so much I am so unwell sometimes. Thankfully, Bash is a great companion. He always takes care of me when I am unwell. I am so grateful to God that Bash is with me.

But what about you? How are you doing, Lola? Are you well and healthy? What about Greer nd Kenna? I hope you three are alright. And... how is Francis doing? Is he well? Please, Lola, you must tell me. It is not that I want to hurt my heart more by keeping Francis in there, but I feel a great need to know if he is alright. Please, Lola.

I am giving you all my prayers each sunset.

I must go now. I and Bash are going to ride until the next village where we will be staying tonight. It is a small village but we heard that the people are kind. French people were always kind, after all. I will send this letter to you when we arrive there.

Your friend, with love, Mary''

Lola kept staring at the letter she has just received. She had thousands of words ready to be spoken but no one could fit. She was happy that Mary was alright, however, in the same time, she was crushed by the news of their decision not tocome back under any circumstances. She couldn't stand the idea of being all alone there. She had Greer and Kenna, but she wanted the two people she felt best with.

It was late night but Lola wasn't sleepy. She couldn't sleep well since Mary and Bash left. And most probably she wasn't the only one, Francis came to her hadn't received anything from them. Mary couldn't. She wouldn't have the strengh to write to Francis. Bash wouldn't think about that. He, most probably, found out the way to keep himself from remembering the brother, the family, the friends he leftwhen he ran from the Court. The thought of Bash forgetting her crossed Lola's mind. She chased it away as fast as she could because it hurt her and her heart so deeply. She couldn't stand the idea of Bash forgetting her. At least, she wouldn't forget him even if she won't see him away.

Lola left her chambers. It was late night but she couldn't care less about that. She wanted air. Lola told a guard that she would be back in few moments, but he wasn't really listening. She ran until she finally stopped after passing Mary's former chambers. Those were still Mary's. Francis didn't let anyone claim it. Lola could understand his doing. After passing the doors of the chambers, she started running again. She finally stopped when she got to the balcony she and Mary and the late Aylee and Greer and Kenna would often stay and talk. She missed so much those discussions.

'Lady Lola...' a voice said.

'Yes' she said mechanically. She recognised the voice. 'Your...'

'You mean Francis' he said.


'Lola, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?' He said. His voice was slow and kind, however it was much changed from weeks before when Mary was there. 'I can guess you cannot sleep.'

Lola was confused. She was ready to tell him about the letter but then she thought that would confuse Francis. He didn't receoved anything but she did.

'Francis, I had been thinking about them. I can't not think about them.' Lola finally said.

'I feel the same. Lola, didn't you received anything? Any letter, any message... Lola, please, you have to tell me. You know you do.' His voice was overwhelmed by pain. His eyes were teary.

Lola felt so much pain watching his face covered in tears, seeing his golden hair turning dirty blond and his blue eyes turning grey. She couldn't lie to him. And he could sense that she had a thing.

She couldn't say anything. She was blocked. And he sensed that too.

Silence reigned for few moments. The moonlight made the beautiful scenery of the French Court looksinister, but it was perfect for the moment. They looked in each other's eyes. He almost stopped his tears from falling, but Lola has just started crying too.

'Francis... I hadn't. I pray each night to receive any word from them, but I do not. And it hurts. Mary was my best-friend and Sebastian was...'

'I know. It is okay, Lola.' His voice was low and deep. He started to control all those emotions which could be heard in his voice before. The pain was gone. He didn't want to look weak in a Lady's eyes. 'You should go back to your chambers, Lady Lola.'

She thanked him and turned around ready to make the first step and go back.

'And Lady Lola, let's not worry about them. I am more than sure that they are all right. And please, do not worry about your future. I will take care of that.' He smiled.

'Thank you.'

She left and quickly went back to her chambers. Francis must've left too after she did. Lola had only one thought all the way. She had to write to Mary too.

She stood at a table and started gathering her thoughts. She didn't know what would fit in that letter.

'My dearest Mary,

I must thank you for writing to me. I am very happy now that I know you both are okay. I am grateful to God for that.

I miss you so much. I am as well as a heartbroken woman can be. My heart hurts me when I think that I won't see you and Sebastian anymore.

Greer had been searching for true love for a while, she recently finallt found it. I am happy for her and I want her to be happy, but she cannot be. She misses you as much as me. Kenna miss you too. She had been really unwell recently. She isn't King Henry's mistress anymore. King didn't want to keep her. Diane left few days after you and Sebastian did. I think that the King thinks Kenna had something to do with that. But nothing is certain.

Francis is unwell. He isn't the is sad. It is hard to see him sad. I had been seeing him in the middle of the night staying near your chambers and at that balcony. He isn't himself. I am sure of one thing, Mary, he cannot be himself without you. He cannot live without you and I know you know that too.

I sometimes feel same about you and Sebastian. King Henry and Queen Catherine had been very strange lately. They told us they were going to arrange marriages for us with different French dukes and lords. I do not want to marry a French duke. I know where my heart belongs and I am sure that it cannot be here at the Court or anywhere with a Duke or a Lord. Kenna's father is one. Queen wants to arrange a marriage with someone from the Southern France. Kenna cannot stand that. Greer declined any arrangement to be made for her. She said she would rather give up on her title. She will do that soon. She had fallen in love with a servant at the Court. I think his name is Leith. I declined any arrangement too. Francis said he would take care of us if we decline. I think that Greer and I are saved, but Kenna accepted the arranged marriage. I do not know what will happen to her. She might have her own reasons.

Mary, I might lost my title. I do not know what to do, but it is very clear to me that I won't accept an arrangement. I hope Francis can really help me.

Everything has changed a lot since you left. I really do not know why they didn't keep searching for the Queen of Scotland and King's son. Everything is very complicated and I cannot imagine how this will end. If it doesn't end well, I, at least, want to keep this letter as a confession, a part of me that contains my true feelings. I want to say in this confession how I feel now. I feel sad for being alone, my best-friend being somewhere in France. I feel heartbroken because the man I love is wandering somewhere around this country and I am at the Court, miles away. I also feel grateful that my dearest friend and the man I love are together as I know they will care for each other.

My dearest Mary, at first, while beginning to write the letter, I was afraid I would lose my words and I won't be able to write anything, but now I see that the words are coming easily.

I really do not know I will send this letter or, even if I send it, I do not know if it will reach you and Sebastian. I can only pray it will.

It is very late now and I must rest too. I will send this letter to the village yours was sent from. I miss you, I miss Sebastian, we all miss you and I hope I can receive another letter soon. You help my hurt heart get healed with your letters filled with love.

I will also tell Francis about it. I thought better. I have to tell him too.

Your friend, Lola'

As she finished writing her name, she left her place and left her chambers, passing the now-sleeping guardiam, and went directly to Francis' chamber.

'Francis' she said, almost screaming.

There was almost no sound coming from the room, but the door opened. Lola didn't wait for an invitation and raced into the chamber, only to hit her head on Francis' chest.

'Lola...' he said.

'I lied to you. I have a letter from Mary and I am going to send her one too. She said she and Sebastian were fine and they are still in France, somewhere'

'Calm down, Lola. Breath! Thank you for telling me.' He said smiling.

He then took the letter Lola's small hands were keeping and read it. He smiled full of pain and gratitude that the love of his life was alright. He was, for few moments, happy Mary was with Bash, who would really take care of her.


'Bash' Mary said. 'I am writing a new letter to Lola. Hers was so beautiful. You should read it.'

He smiled full of pain. 'Mary, I did. I read the letter, but I do not know what to say.'

She smiled to him.

'Of course you do. You should tell Lola what do you think. I know you are thinking about the Court, Francis, Lola amd everyone too.'

'Not everyone. I do not miss Queen Catherine.'

Both smiled.

'But tell Lola the truth. You had been talking about her.'

Bash answered with pain. 'I did talked about her. And I also think about her. I always do. But I cannot let myself love her, even if I want to and I really do. I can't do that while I am walking to freedom. Do you understand, Mary? Can you?'

She felt the pain and regret in his voice. She understood him.

'I will write the truth, Bash. I will tell her you also love her, but the fault is in the stars, like two star-crossed lovers. The fate simply cannot let you be together. Is this okay?'

'You know you can write that about you and Francis, my queen.'

'Yes, I guess I can.'

They smiled to each other and thought how life could be if the fate would have been kinder to them.


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