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Time passed. Francis couldn't do anything about that.

For some days, he has been overwhelmed by regrets. His feelings finally fought back. He questioned his actions of leaving Francis. Would have it been different? He had no way of knowing. It was all Bash's choice. He chosen something that made Francis have to go back to the Court. It could have been reversed. He'd be with Mary and Bash would have chosen the other girl.

Bash's feelings about Mary were clear. They had a word to say in each of his actions, but it could never be love. Bash knew love and knew what he felt towards Mary wasn't that. On the other side, his feelings for the other one were everything but certainity and clarity. Nobody could say if he did loved her or the mystery around her, the unknown path he can walk on.

She was his uncertainity. That's why he loved her.

Reading again that cursed letter, Francis gathered tension in his fist ready to smash everything he would see in front of his eyes. He released the pressure as he calmed himself. He couldn't let anger blur his mind. Once gone, his mind would hardly be brought back. He muttered some words with no sense and sit.

He cleared his throat to call the guard.

'Sir...' the guards said, lowering his head.

'I want you to help me with something'.

'What, sir?' The guard widened his eyes.

'Take this letter and give it to one of Queen of Scotland's lady, the one with brown hair and light blue eyes'.

'The one closed in the other tower?'

Francis sighed. 'Yes'.

'I am not allowed to let you contact that lady in any way'.

'You will not be allowed to live anymore, if the letter doesn't end in Lady Lola's hands'.

'It's King's orders. I can't'.

'It's okay' Francis replied. Getting closer to the guard, he took its sword and hit the guard in the back. The man fell on the flower, dying instantly. Francis muttered a prayer for that guard's soul and left. Thankfully, there was no other guard on his way to the other tower.

Francis hid after one pillar and waited for the moment when he could attack the two guards that were there. The two were talking about the bad chicken from the day before and swords. When he was sure he could attack, Francis stabbed one of the guards in the neck. Blood stained his face, but that didn't matter. Before the other guard could react, Francis pointed the sword at him and spoke:

'A sound and you're beheaded'.

The guard sighed.

'That's a sound too' Francis replied. He hit the guard, knocking him unconscious.

Francis opened the door.

'What are you doing here?'

She smiled. 'I did know this would happen. She was beheaded, this morning. Long story short'.


'Yeah, I know. She seemed to be the smartest out of all the Scottish devils that ruined all of us. I almost feel bad, but I enjoyed seeing her taken away by the guards. I sometimes have this satisfaction when I see my enemies going to hell'.

'Do you also have this satisfaction when you see me going to hell, mother?'

'Francis, of course not. I enjoy seeing you happy and well. That's why I also love seeing our enemies going down, deep, in the ground'.

'Mother, what about those enemies? Are they our enemies, or yours?'


'Then why 'ours' doesn't imply 'mines'?'

She laughed, but her inner self was confused by his question. She never imagined that what she was doing was against him; what she had been doing was only for him. Yet, his son just couldn't understand.

In a rage, he jumped forward, much to her horror, almost raising his sword against her. But he turned away, dropped the sword on the floor and left without any other word. She raised one eyebrow at his doings, but felt relieve that this didn't turned worse by any meaning. Queen Catherine sighed left that place too. She walked across the castle searching for a certain one's chambers. She knocked, but none was there. She sighed and went back to her own chambers.

He entered his woods fast as a storm. He wanted to lay there, not to exist for the rest of the day. But Francis couldn't even sit as someone called his name. Francis sighed and answered with a mutter. A man was standing next to him.

'What do you want?' Francis asked. 'You stopped me from leaving the Court, now I'm trapped and she's dead. Have you seen this? Did you think something like this could happen? I bet you didn't'.

The man didn't answered.

'Tell me what do you want now'.

'To tell you why I stopped you from leaving yesterday'.

Francis raised one eyebrow. 'Speak!'

'The worst has yet to come. I am really afraid that what's going on now may affect the future of many generation or not at all... may affect the future of no generation, a generation that will never come'.

'What do you mean?'

'A beast, a creature that lives behind the walls of the Court has a plan that will put everyone at stake. Lost heads, ripped off hearts, intriguing things for it, everything can happen. Queen doesn't realize the meaning of my words. The others would never believe. I need you to understand my words before its too late'.

'Why can't you say the meaning yourself if you say that my mother doesn't understand? Why do you need me? Anyway, you know that I can only care about other things right now'.

'I know, Lord, but I can't say my words. They wouldn't be coherent and there are rules, laws made by the darkness, the devil, the heart itself. I can't do anything, I have no power against them. I can't speak'.

Francis widened his eyes. 'Have you had any vision about Queen of Scotland?' he finally said after a pause of few moments.

The brunette man sighed. 'Not any about her. Lots of you all'.

'Us all?'

'Ladies, men, royals. Some may fall some may not. Forces from each corner may come and change the fate of a being and a country at once'.

'How do you that? I see you know about what's really happening now with Queen of Scotland'.

He sighed. 'I see nothing, but what everyone else sees. I know nothing, but what everyone else know. It put every weapon she had in this battle. We have to win it, Lord'.

'Tell me who is that 'it''.

'A creature of darkness. It has a name, but it's disgusting only to name it. Clarissa'.

'The ghost castle'.


'What do you say that I should do now? I have no power. I'm technically closed in the tower with no power and I should have been grateful that I wasn't put in a trial for treachery or something. A heir running from the Court isn't something usual'.

'Fight, Lord'. He left. Francis said nothing more. He returned to the dungeon willingly and planned different things. How could he win a battle knowing nothing about it. He had no support. The only thing that he could do was reach his father, who was still unconscious after the battle from the day before. Anyway, Francis had to play that card.

He entered her chambers without knocking.

'What's going on?' she asked him, with widened eyes.

'I've did what you asked me. I was the one assigned to delivering the food to the dungeon prisoners. I did that, but yesterday after Prince Francis came back and tried to rescue her she was taken away. I asked and the guards told me she was beheaded'.

'What? Are you serious?' she repeated a few times.

'I wish I was lying'.

Greer, as her tears fell down her cheek, embraced him. She needed comfort; she needed him. He was that little piece of world that kept her standing on her feet, that kept her from falling on the floor losing any possible ability of standing again. Leith answered to her embrace. He held her tightly, hoping she wouldn't turn into nothing right under his eyes.

'It's going to be okay. I promise' he said as he kissed her forehead.

'She's dead! How can anything be alright? Aylee died, Mary left, now she's dead too. I feel alone. I am alone' she answered as her voice raised to an histerical, yet sane peak in which her voice was more like a scream. The pain could be felt reigning all over her existence.

'I'm here with you'.

'Thank you' she replied as her feet gave up trying to support her weight and all the pressure. She fell, but he caught her easily. He took and carried her to her bed. Letting her lay on the bed, he took a chair and stayed there. Ironically, it was just like she was sleeping, but he knew about the inner battle in herself, to wake up again and live in the cruel world or stay in that dimension between reality and nothing, giving up on life. He couldn't say what will happen, thought he hoped she'd soon wake up. Actually, Leith couldn't say he would have chosen himself if the roles were swapped.

Night fell. Night has risen. The night was mixed with the daytime, with the world, with darkness, with light and with life. She could see that clearly. She made that happen and she really enjoyed everything was working. She had been seeing everything for sometime.

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