Dream sequence:

He ran. He ran like he had never run before. His side hurt. His whole body hurt. Yet, he ran. Away from his past and away from everything he had known. Away from the horrible nightmares and his old life. To a new life, to freedom and most of all, to a place where they couldn't reach him.

He regretted it now. Going out that night. For that was a night his whole life and identity changed. He would never be the same. His life would never be the same.


"Mom! I'm going out to the park!" he screamed out from the porch.

His mother could care less for anything he did. So could his father. But he still had hope. That maybe someday, just someday, they would come around and all of them could act like a normal family.

But even he knew that it was hoping for too much.

He walked 4 blocks to the park where he went to the swing set and sat down. He looked around and sighed. His whole life, he had spent in this neighborhood. He had gone through a lot here. This park was more special to him than any other place. He came here every time his parents fought about something meaningless. It could be anything, from, who is supposed to fill the car with gas to who was supposed to drop him to school. They had everything. A modest two-story house, 2 cars, one for each of his parents'. Yet, HE lacked something. Something that he craved so much for that he was willing to give up all his possessions. Love and affection. That was all he needed and wanted from his parents. Sure, he had friends but they didn't know what he went through on a daily basis. They didn't know that his parents didn't even have time to say hi to him.

These were his morbid thoughts as he felt a sharp pain to his head and his vision swam. Then, he remembered nothing.

Present day dream sequence:

He saw as he grew up in the slums. He saw as he was taken to an orphanage and the McGee's adopted him. He saw his birthdays pass and as he got into MIT with a full scholarship. He saw his first girlfriend. He saw their wedding and he saw their beautiful Carrie and the heartbreak of losing her.

*End Dream Sequence*

That was when Tim was shaken awake by a very shocked DiNozzo. As his head came up from his table, the first word out of his mouth was "Carrie!"

It was then that he registered where he was and who was standing in front of him. Watching his boss' face, he knew that he had to explain, instead he opted to apologize for falling asleep.

"Sorry Boss"

Gibbs raised his eyebrow at the apology and Tim corrected his statement, "Right. No apologies Boss. Got it. Won't happen again."

"I know it won't. What I want to know is what the heck was that about McGee!" Gibbs snapped

He decided to play stupid and asked "What was what about Boss?"

"Do I look Stupid to you McGee?" asked Gibbs.

"No Boss, definitely not" he answered with his jaws slightly clenched 'But that doesn't mean I can't hope for you to believe my excuse" were his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Gibbs was still waiting for an explanation for Tim's freaked out behavior. "Anything you want to tell us McGee? Anything about the freak out you just had? Mind telling us just who in the world Carrie is?"

While Gibbs was on his tirade, Tim's mind was reeling from all the images he had just seen. However, on hearing the name Carrie, he was rudely snapped out of his stupor and into his reality. Once again, after focusing on reality, he just said two words to his Boss, "Call Sarah."