Chapter 3

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*3rd Person POV*

As Tony entered the bullpen, his brows furrowed at seeing Gibbs with a pile of paperwork on his desk that definitely hadn't been there before he had left.

"Hey boss man, what's all the paperwork for? Vance load all the cold cases in DC on us?" he shuddered at the long hours of working on a cold cases.

"No DiNozzo! It's McGee's file. I took it from the Agent Directory in the director's office. I'm hoping to find something, anything that can tell me what the hell is Tim hiding. And if you had even a shred of sense, you would go find your junior agent and keep an eye on him until I call McGee's sister." Gibbs barked out, his hand reaching out for the phone on his desk.

"Uh Boss? I hate to tell you this but I just checked up on Probie and let's say that we should just leave him alone until Sarah comes here." He told his superior, cringing and waiting for the head slap that never came. Tony opened his eyes and looked at his superior inquiringly. Gibbs, however just raised an eyebrow at his agent as if waiting for an explanation that Tony quickly jumped to.

"Well, uh… you see Boss, McGee is not quite…himself. It's better if all of us just left him to his thoughts until Sarah gets here." He hesitated

Once again his Boss raised an eyebrow, and Tony resigned himself to telling him the truth and getting himself and (most probably) Tim murdered without a single evidence. "Well, Boss, uh… you know about that drinking rule of yours? The unspoken one which you told us about on the first day of joining this team?" he fumbled out. At Gibbs' nod, he hesitantly continued. "Well, currently, Tim is in the break room, and he has a glass of Devil Springs Vodka in his hand." He cringed and looked in his Boss' face for any signs of anger and wondered if he should start planning his colleague's funeral.

However, he needn't have had that thought at all. In fact, at the look Gibbs was giving him, he was pretty darn sure that his Boss had absolutely no idea what in the world was Devil Springs Vodka and was clearly waiting for an explanation from his Senior Field Agent.

Tony sighed and began his explanation in a way that Gibbs would understand. "Devil Springs Vodka is a drink that will basically get you drunk and staggering in one shot. Sometimes even marines can't handle it and they love to drink, no offense to you Boss. It's definitely stronger than any drink I dared to drink and it's helluva lot stronger than Bourbon that you drink. Frankly speaking, I didn't even know McGee drank. Let alone hardcore."

To say Gibbs was shocked at Tony's revelation would be an understatement. In fact, Gibbs was about ready to go and knock some sense into his agent. However he was stopped by the fact that DiNozzo had mentioned that McGee was not in the condition to be disturbed. So, with a quiet sigh to himself, he picked up the phone once again and dialed Sarah McGee's number.

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