WARNINGS: Contains spanking, dirty talk and very light bondage, but nothing too serious.

Katniss's texts are in underlined italic

Peeta's texts are in bold, underlined italic

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When Katniss's best friend, Peeta, had asked her to prom, she'd been delighted but hesitant.

Delighted, because it meant she wouldn't have to suffer from the teasing of her friends and having to awkwardly get a drink when any slow-dance songs came on.

Hesitant, because she knew it would be painful.

"Just as friends, don't worry," he'd added hurriedly, after seeing her shocked expression. "You're my best friend, Katniss; I couldn't go with anyone else but you."


Once her heart had sunken from the friend-zone to the best-friend zone (which, believe her, was much worse) she had agreed, much to the delight of their mothers. The two women had now made it their life's mission to make them both look as perfect as possible.

Now, Katniss was sat in their boiling math classroom, watching Peeta as he explained simultaneous equations to her. It was lunchtime and Peeta had offered to help Katniss with their maths revision for their upcoming SAT; their teacher had happily let them use one of the math classrooms for them to do it. She watched as a curl of his wavy blonde hair was swept away from his light blue eyes, which were intensely focused on the equations he was trying to explain to her with little success.

"Understand?" he finally asked her, raising his eyebrows and dragging her away from thoughts of how his hair would feel between her fingers.

"Nope," she told him, popping the 'P'.

Peeta rolled his eyes. "Katniss, if you don't listen, you're not going to understand."

"I was listening!" she protested.

Peeta frowned like he knew she'd zoned out, which he probably did. He was always the one to snap his fingers in front of her glazed-over eyes whenever her mind floated away.

"C'mon, we can do some more of this tomorrow. Lunch'll be over soon."

Katniss tried not to sigh as she pushed her chair away from the table and grabbed her bag. She hated math, almost as much as she hated how good Peeta was at math.

As they packed their belongings away, Peeta said, "Do you want to come round tomorrow?"

Katniss and Peeta had been best friends since birth; their mothers had met at antenatal classes, they'd been born in the same week, in the same ward, and they ended up going to the same nursery, elementary school and high school. Their respective parents were as close as Peeta and Katniss were - the four of them were all going away that weekend to Chicago.

"Sure," she said, swinging the strap of her satchel over her shoulder. They walked towards the door that led to the hallway, empty of students who were taking advantage of the warmer weather by spending their lunchtimes on the school field. Their footsteps echoed as they walked along the length of the hallway to their lockers.

"We could watch a film," Peeta suggested. "Something to take our minds off the giant orgy our parents will most likely be having."

Katniss froze, her face screwing up in horror and she shoved him away from her. It didn't do much except make him chuckle.

"You're disgusting," she told him, taking a bite of the apple she'd grabbed from her satchel.

"You love it." His eyes dropped slightly to her lips as her tongue darted out to catch a drop of apple juice from the corner of her mouth.

"I truly do not," she assured him.

To others, Peeta came across as friendly, polite, maybe even a little shy – Katniss knew he had quite a lewd sense of humour and could be quite vulgar at times. Although she pretended it annoyed her, it was one of the things she loved best about him.

The bell rang shrilly, signalling that it was time for their next, and thankfully last, lesson. Katniss almost groaned with relief.

"See you on the bus," she told him cheerfully as she readjusted her satchel on her shoulder, dislodging her long braid with the other hand.

"I'm not getting the bus tonight – I've got biology revision."

Her heart twinged with annoyance. Not only would she have to sit by herself, but she'd miss out on her favourite part of the day; when the heat from the clammy bus and June sunshine caused Peeta to discard his school blazer, roll his sleeves up to his elbows, undo several buttons and push his hair back away from his forehead.

"Damn," she muttered, not portraying even a fraction of her disappointment. "All right, well, text me when you get in. I hate having the house to myself."

"Will do, Katniss." He plucked the apple from her hand and took a huge bite before throwing it back to her, grinning. "See ya."


Katniss lay back on her bed, air conditioning on, speakers blasting The Vaccines. Glancing at the clock on her bedside table, she decided Peeta would be home from his biology revision by now. She quickly typed a text to him, cursing her ancient phone as it froze several times.

What time do you want me to come tomorrow?

The loading symbol twisted a dozen times before freezing, and she slammed the phone down on the mattress next to her in frustration. Several seconds later, it buzzed.

As early as you want. I need company :(

She smirked to herself, typing a reply.

Okay, you needy little puppy.

At least I'm man enough to admit it.

You wanna watch Game of Thrones tomorrow?

Katniss wrinkled her nose, not particularly enthusiastic about watching loads of sex scenes next to her incredibly attractive best friend. On his bed.

Is that the one with all the sex? she typed, playing dumb.

Yeah, but it's not that bad.

Katniss rolled her eyes, not daring to imagine what Peeta's version of 'that bad' was.

We can watch some porn if you want something a bit more hardcore.

Katniss barked a laugh, knowing that if Peeta was beside her she'd have shoved him and blushed bright red. He didn't need any encouragement.

Definitely not.

Missed opportunity there, babe. Lots of girls would have given their nose job for the chance to watch porn with Peeta Mellark.

In your dreams.

Exactly ;)

She shook her head, leaving their conversation for a moment to undress, changing into something more comfortable and airy. She spotted the Batman t-shirt that Peeta had left in her room after a roasting afternoon of revision which had ended in a water fight last week. She removed her bra, underwear, blouse and skirt, and pulled his t-shirt over her head, pairing it with a pair of very, very short shorts that she would never be seen in outside of her house. She also switched her speakers off, silencing the music.

But seriously, GoT isn't actually that bad for sex scenes.

I suppose you could say the nudity is a bit excessive, but I'm not complaining.

GoT stands for Game of Thrones, by the way.

That's what us 'Throners' call it.

Just in case you didn't get that.



Please don't leave me to die of boredom, Katniss!

Katniss laughed to herself at his barrage of desperate texts, typing out an apology.

Sorry! Had to get changed. It's so freaking hot in my room.

Only because you're talking to me.

Cue eye roll.

Nose jobs and acronyms – try keeping my clothes ON.

I'm sensing sarcasm, but I'm going to class that as a successful seduction.

I'll let you have that one.

A text from Katniss's friend Johanna popped up, revealing a link to the prom dress website they had been discussing earlier. She clicked it after sending a quick 'thank you' back to Johanna and began to scroll through the possible dress choices. Her mom had told her to try to find some dresses she'd want to wear so they could order them before it was too late. She scrolled through the page, wrinkling her nose at some of the puffy, sparkly creations.

Sooo… whatcha doin'? Peeta sent.

She took a sip from the bottle of water she kept on her night stand, her fingers slipping over the keys slightly as she quickly typed a reply.

I'm looking at porn

Her eyes widened in pure horror as she realised not only had she misspelled 'prom', but the text had sent. She began to frantically write an excuse, but Peeta got there before her.


She gritted her teeth in annoyance before replying.



I'm sure that's exactly what happened, you naughty girl.

Katniss gritted her teeth, her cheeks flushing.

What colour dress? Mom's trying to get a tie the same colour.

She sighed, thankful for the change of conversation.

I haven't decided yet, although there'sa gorgeous blue one here.

Send me a link.

Katniss copied and pasted the web address and sent it to him, waiting for his opinion. It was a royal blue, strapless dress that puffed out slightly from the waist and was adorned with silver roses and patterns.

You'll look beautiful in that.

Katniss flushed with pleasure, grateful they weren't face-to-face so that he couldn't see her furious blush.

Thank you.

I might just wear a shirt and tie with my leather jacket.

Katniss's eyes widened in horror, imagining how heartbroken their obsessive mothers would be if he turned up to their prom like that.

No! Don't you dare!

Why not?!

Her phone screen froze again, and she tapped it repeatedly in frustration. Once again, she prematurely hit 'send'.

I want you

Twelve seconds passed. Katniss knew because she was counting them.


***I want you to wear a tuxedo!

Fuck, baby, didn't know you felt that way ;)

Pretending the text didn't elicit any kind of tingles inside her, Katniss used her usual comeback.

Shut up.

You know it's the truth.

Yes, I do,she thought to herself sadly.

You keep telling yourselfthat. She wished there was an eye-rolling emoticon.

Everynight and day, princess.

So, what are you wearing? ;)

Frowning, she replied, Pyjamas, you creep.

Which ones?

The Batman shirt you left at my house the other day, actually, and a pair of shorts.Very short shorts.

That's all?

Katniss frowned, wondering where he was going with this.



Nothing wrong with knowing the exact two pieces of clothing my best friend is currently wearing.

Katniss wondered if, in a fit of boredom, he had raided his parents' alcohol stash.

Are you drunk?

Id b tlkn lyk thiis if i woz.

Then why are you acting so strange?

I'm not!

Because asking me what I'm wearing at half midnight is completely normal.

Yes, and the correct etiquette in that situation is that you ask me what I am wearing.

What are you currently wearing, Peeta?


Katniss's heart leapt.


Aren't you gonna ask me what I'd do to you if I was with you? ;)

Katniss's heart jumped again, but she stopped herself from getting her hopes up.

I am completely lost.


She clicked the link Peeta had sent her, and found herself listening to a song called 'Sexting' by a band called Blood On The Dancefloor.

Sext! Sext! Sext! Me!rang throughout her room, and she thanked her blessings her parents weren't home.

That is the shittiest song ever.

You've got to be textually active if you wanna be mine, Kat.

You are definitely drunk or something.

You know I'd never get drunk, Katniss!

What would the lord say?!

She laughed to herself, still very, very confused.



The answer to my question is?

I can't remember the question.

Scroll up, dizzy.

She did as he said, and her brows furrowed as she felt an even deeper sense of confusion.

Aren't you gonna ask me what I'd do to you if I was with you?

She decided to give it a go, thinking there would probably be some big punchline.

What would you do to me if you were with me?

PG or NC-17 answer?

Whichever will explain where this conversation is going.

Take a hint, Katniss!

Katniss huffed in frustration; these sex jokes had gone too far. Although Peeta could be quite vulgar sometimes, he usually knew when to stop, before he crossed a line. She opened the prom dress website again and began looking at the sizes and price of the blue dress she wanted to wear. It was soon blocked by an incoming message.

Are you ignoring me?

No, I'm just incredibly confused.

Eighteen seconds passed, in which the speech bubble that symbolised Peeta currently typing flashed on and off repeatedly, as if he was hesitant, or unsure what to write. Finally, a text popped onto her screen.

Would you touch yourself if I asked you to, Katniss?

Katniss stared at the words until the screen faded to black, her cheeks reddening and her chest expanding. Drunk. Definitely drunk.

What do you mean?

Her fingers shook as she tapped out the words, making sure it was all spelt correctly with no sexual typos before pressing send. She waited tensely, the silence in her room seeming to be too stifling.

Her phone rang shrilly, and Peeta's name and photo flashed across her screen, along with two options: answer or ignore. She tapped the green symbol shakily before pressing the phone to her ear.


"If I asked you to slide your hand into your shorts and stroke yourself for me, would you do it?"

His voice was low and breathy, and it took Katniss a second or two to respond.

"Peeta, I don't… understand why you're asking me this. You're my best friend, I don't-"

"I don't care. All I've been imagining for the past fucking... forever is you touching yourself, making yourself moan as I tell you exactly how to."

Katniss's eyes widened to an almost painful width, her throat drying up. The silence between them was piercing.

"If you don't want this, I can hang up now and I promise we'll go back to how we were fifteen minutes ago, perfectly platonic best friends. We'll never mention this again. What do you want, Katniss?"

Katniss took a deep breath. She could hear his unsteady breathing in her ear, matching her own.

"I-I want you to keep talking," she said.

"Good girl. Are you alone? Where's Prim?"

She had to think to remember where her sister was.

"She's at her friend's house tonight."

"So you can make as much noise as you want?"

A tiny thrill went through the pit of her stomach. "Peeta-"

"I want you to put the call on speaker and put your phone on the bedside table next to you."

She did as she was told, fumbling with the call options on her screen, praying that she didn't accidentally end the call.

"Okay," she whispered.

"Lick your left thumb and swirl it around your left nipple," he croaked, his voice now louder and resonating around her room. "Over my shirt."

She placed the pad of her thumb on her tongue and wetted it, and then brought it down to the protruding point of her nipple. They were so rigid and tight it was almost painful, and the pressure on the hardened nub was more than just relief. She let out a soft gasp.

"Do it with the right one," he told her gruffly. "Get your nipples all wet and hard."

She repeated her actions with her right hand and right breast, whimpering as she relieved the pressure.

"Keep making those noises, baby. Keep touching yourself."

She followed his instructions, hardly believing this was happening. Any fantasies she'd had of them together - and there had been a lot - had never been so… kinky.

"Talk to me, baby," he panted. "How does it feel?"

"So, so good, Peeta," she moaned, shocked at how needy and whiny she sounded. Peeta's breathing hitched; he seemed to like it. She suddenly felt the need to be more conversational, and remembered the question he'd teased her with earlier. "Wh-what would you do to me if you were here?"

She heard him exhale sharply. "If I was with you right now, Katniss, I'd pin you underneath me and part your legs a little bit. I'd slowly lift your shirt up and drag it across your nipples. And then, when you're making all these fucking desperate little noises, then I'd finally touch your perfect, bare breasts in my hands and I'll run my thumbs over the tips." His breathing was ragged and desperate, and she could hear clothing shuffling against bed sheets, like he was shoving his clothes off as quickly as possible. "Would you let me do that, baby?"

"Yes," she breathed. "Please, Peeta-"

"You'd let me do fucking anything to you, wouldn't you?" he hissed, breathing sharply. "You'd sit on my face and let me fuck you with my tongue if I asked. I bet you'd suck my cock if I wanted you to, you little slut."

His vulgar words sent such a thrill of pleasure through her that she thought she might be climaxing; her hands left her breasts, where they'd been palming them slowly, to grab a fistful of the sheets beneath her.

"Jesus, sorry Katniss. God, I'm so sorry, that was too far," he stuttered, mistaking her silence for disgust. "You know what a sick sense of humour I have – looks like I have a sick mind in bed, too." He chuckled nervously. "God, I'm sorry Katniss."

"No, Peeta, I-I'm not mad. That was… hot." She giggled timidly. "I liked it."

She could hear the grin in his voice. "Katniss Everdeen likes dirty talk. Here come a tsunami of new fantasies."

"New fantasies?" she breathed, her fingers finding her nipples again.

"Yes, new fantasies. To add to my collection of hundreds of wet dreams featuring you. And me."

"Would you… describe one of them to me?"

She heard him shuffling in his bed sheets, and a low breath escaped him.

"One of my favourite fantasies is when I come over to your house one day. I'd let myself in and walk up the stairs to your room. I'd hear you moaning and rush in, thinking you were in trouble, but you'd be lying on your bed, stroking your pussy. Then you'd moan my fucking name and I'd know you were imagining me fucking you. I'd walk over to you, grab your hips and yank you to the edge of the bed, and then I'd suck your clit until you were begging me to make you cum. I'd rub my rock-hard cock against your wet little pussy. You'd be fucking dripping, begging me to take you and I'd slowly slide into you. God, you'd be so fucking tight, kitten. I'd slowly rock into you and you'd be begging me to just fuck you fast and hard, but I'd take my time. You have no idea how long I've wanted to fuck you, Katniss."

As he told her this in a low, harsh voice, she wiggled her shorts down her hips and pulled his shirt over her breasts, exposing her aching nipples to the cool air. She began to stroke the inner section of her thighs, sighing gently and gasping at particularly dirty parts of his speech.

"Are you touching yourself, Katniss? Tell me how wet you are for me. Slide your fingers into your tight little pussy and pretend I'm fucking you."

She hesitated, not knowing what to do. She'd tried touching herself down therebefore, but only on her clit. She'd never been brave enough to put her fingers inside herself, worried she'd do some painful, permanent damage. However, she slipped a finger between her folds, finding them slick, and began to push her index finger into herself. She began to pump it into herself and found that nothing happened, at first, until she hit a certain spot that made her cry out.

"Oh god, I'm so wet, Peeta, I can hardly- Oh."

"Tell me what it feels like," he growled.

"It feels so good, Peeta, I've never felt anything like this before. It - it's not enough, please, I need you to-"

"Put another finger inside yourself," he snarled roughly. "Fuck yourself to the sound of my voice."

Her middle finger joined her index one, and immediately a deep, tingling sensation began to build in the pit of her stomach, much more intense than any feeling she'd gotten from rubbing her clit. She released a low, desperate moan.

"I bet it feels so good, Katniss. I've got my hand wrapped around my cock, but I'd rather it be you - your hand, your mouth, your pussy. Would you wrap your pussy around my cock, Katniss?"

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes. I'd do anything, Peeta, anything-"

"You really would, wouldn't you? You'd let me fucking pound your tight pussy. You'd make yourself cum on the phone to your best friend, you little slut. Are you a little slut, Katniss?"

"Yes," she moaned, the feminist part of herself chastising herself for being so submissive. She was too turned on to care.

"Say it."

"I'm a little slut," she gasped, shocked at how wet it made her.

"You're my little slut, Katniss. Are you close, baby girl? Are you so fucking close to coming all over your fingers, to the sound of my voice?"

"Yes, Peeta. Keep talking, I need you to-"

"I'd get you so hot and desperate - touching you, licking you, pinching you, making you squirm. I've got so many dirty thoughts going through my head, baby. All the bad things I'd do to you, you'd be so fucking offended."

"Tell me," she begged.

"The next time I see you, Katniss, I'm going to shove you up against the wall and take what's mine - I'm going to kiss and touch and tease you until you're begging me to pleasure you and then I'm going to fuck you with my fingers, my tongue, my cock... I'm not going to show any fucking mercy, I'll make you cum so many times you'll forget how to count."

"I-I'm so close!" The feeling in the pit of her stomach was almost unbearable.

"Can you imagine what I look like right now, Katniss?" he hissed through gritted teeth. She could hear his harsh breaths and a fleshy, slapping sound that made her almost tilt over the edge. "I want you to imagine me on my bed, phone in my hand, thrusting my thick cock into my fist, wishing it was your tight, wet little pussy-"

"I'm c-cum- Peeta!"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck - Jesus, Katniss."

They both reached their climax, Katniss's stomach coiling, sending ripples of pleasure through her core and making her buck against her fingers. She cried out loudly, eyes screwed shut and hips thrashing against her bed. Peeta repeated her name through his orgasm, chanting it like a mantra.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, she heard Peeta speaking through heavy pants.

"I need to see you, Katniss. Right now."

"Come over, then," she told him, without even thinking about it.

"I'm on my way," he said, and the call ended.

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