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chapter 3: bpov

I woke in a bed a was freaking out. A million scenarios running through my brain. I couldn't remember a thing from last night for a minute before it all came rushing back and i heard my dad cough hard on the opposite side of the bed. I really didn't want to make my dads weak body get up but we have been intruding on Jane and Edward for long enough and even though last night was one of the most amazing nights ive ever had we needed to leave. I looked at my dad. He looked even worse and i couldn't help but feel guilty for not being able to help more.

"Oh dad we have to go. I'm sorry." I frowned. He just slightly opened his eyes and nodded sadly. He knew we couldn't stay long. I felt horrible and tried to say something to cheer him up a little.

"How about we go to the shelter and you can shower and rest and ill go buy us some soup?" By "us" i meant him. We had so much money and i had ate last night and he needed it more than me obviously and he got another treatment tomorrow so he needed to be as healthy as he could be tomorrow. Plus i would be working all night and day until i had to take him to the hospital so i could pay as much as possible while there.

We gathered our few belongings and i helped dad up before walking over to the door and slowly walking out trying not to wake the others.

Thankfully we didn't and we got to the shelter after about 1 hour since i was carrying most of the weight. Yesterday was Jane's last day at the shelter so no friendly faces to see today.

I dropped dad off in our assigned room and helped him in the shower and then in bed before leaving to go to the store and work.

I went to the store first and got dad his favorite type of soup,chicken noodle, from a little shop in the store. It smelt so good and i almost wanted to take a sip but refrained knowing my father needed it more than me.

I worked at a small fast food restraunt when they were low on workers. Needless to say that this was a big reason i was a vegetarian.

Work was slow that night but soon increased as morning and lunch came through. Soon enough though my shift was over and i had made a total of $95 and had to go pick up my dad to be able to get to the hospital by 4. I felt like my body was a dead weight but i had to push through for my dad he needed me now. I had to not pay attention to my needs but more of my dads needs.

With alot of effort on both our sides dad and me made it to the hospital right on time and in no time at all we were in the doctors office waiting for dads treatment to start.

When he first started his treatments it was hard on him and me. He would get angry and sick after them and i would help as much as i could but he really didn't like the help. And while it never got easier it was easier to know how to act around him after them.

In the middle of the treatment asked to talk with me out in the hallway. I told dad id be back soon before slipping out into the hall. seemed worried and that made me nervous.

Was something wrong with my dad?

As if he read my mind he said,

"Don't worry your dads fine, but unfortunately..." he sighed and shook his head.

"What?" I asked meekly.

"...bella you know i love you like a daughter and ive been caring for your dad since he was diagnosed but..." we were interrupted by a voice i would know anywhere. A voice that was forever implanted into my brain.