This is the first Doctor Who story I've written. It was just something I thought of one day that I think would be absolutely adorable. It might be a just this one shot or I might make it a series of one-shots. I don't know. I guess let me know if I am any good at writing Doctor Who.

Time's Greatest Gift

The house is dark when the Doctor parks his TARDIS in the living room of River Song. It's been so many years since he's been in her house that he can no longer maneuver through it in the dark. He miscalculates the distance between the TARDIS and the doorway to the hallway and runs straight into her bookshelf filled with books about him; a collection she acquired while tracking him down after Berlin. The Doctor does his best to steady the shelf, but dozens of books tumble to the floor. A light flicks on down the hall. Before the Doctor knows it, he's pinned to the floor and long curls tickle his nose. He struggles to get the curls out of his face, but his attacker only hold him down tighter.

"River! River, it's me!" He thinks she will let him go but she stays locked on his waist. She releases his left wrist and slaps him across the face. She can't see his face but she can almost feel his surprise in the air. He retaliates by grabbing his wrist with his free hand. He tries to search her face through the darkness, but there's not enough light to find where it begins. "What was that for?"

"You could have called first!" There's something different about her voice. He hears exhaustion and, if he's correct, annoyance. "You can't just show up and make noise in my house! I thought you were a burglar. Wait a minute, what time is it?"

"River I'm sorry! I meant to sneak into your room and wake you up gently. I didn't mean to knock into the bookshelf!" He lets her wrist go and searches through the dark for her face. When he finds it, he cups her cheek and props himself up clumsily to kiss her softly.

He feels her smile into the kiss briefly before she pulls away. "Doctor, seriously, what time is it? I need to go to work early today."

He tries to see his watch but of course it's too dark. "Well, I arrived around 4:30, so it's probably about 4:40 now." She slings herself off of him and hurries to find a light. Finally, they can see each other clearly. He's older than she's ever seen him. She's more exhausted than he's ever seen her. The Doctor steps closer to her. She considers leading him to her bedroom and having her way with him, but she realizes that she's going to be late. River panics and sprints to her room; surprising both the Doctor and herself.

Once in her room, she dashes into her connected bathroom and starts tidying up.

The Doctor reaches her just a few seconds later and just watches for a minute as she rushes to ready herself for the day.

The Doctor catches her arm as she hastily tries to pass by him. "River, dear!"

"Seriously, Doctor, I need to get ready to go." River uses her free hand to wipe a curl from her face and she presses her thumb against her temple. He lets her arm go and takes hold of her hand. "I was sick all night and I didn't get enough sleep. I woke up late and I need to meet my students at the university to take them on a field trip."

She tries to get around him again but the Doctor stands adamant to keep her from her closet. "You look like hell."

River gasps at his lack of sensitivity. "Doctor!" She playfully slaps his shoulder; secretly her anger builds as he keeps her from going to work. When she can't get him to move, she stops and tries to read his features. He seems nervous. There's something he's holding back.

"Whatever it is, Doctor, tell me now or let me go to work."

The Doctor just stares at her and observes every line and mark that graces her face. River, unknown to even herself, is on the verge of tears. The week has been exhausting and she is ready for it to end; she wants to scream but she knows it wouldn't be fair to yell at the Doctor. As River's about to break down in front of him, the Doctor's lips begin to turn upwards. His smile is so radiant; River forgets her agenda. Who cares about a field trip when the most wonderful man in the world is beaming at you?

She can't conjure a smile, but the tears that were threatening to fall before are nowhere in sight. "Doctor, what is it? Have you gone insane? Finally?"

The Doctor's smile doesn't fade; in fact, if it's possible, it becomes wider.

"River, there's something that I need to tell you." He holds both of her hands in his and kisses each one.

She becomes worried quickly. "What's wrong?"

He doesn't answer immediately; he just breathes in her scent and stares. He doesn't know how to tell her.

"Just to be sure; what is the date?" She confirms the month and the year for him. "What does it matter?"

"Future you has given me permission to share a spoiler with you and I need to be sure of the date." He excitedly wrings his hands together and rocks forward onto his toes.

"A spoiler? What kind of spoiler?" River is clueless to what he was talking about.

"Have a sit, dear." The Doctor leads her to a chair and pushes it under her so she nearly falls into it. "Alright, what I am about to tell you is something I've known about for a long time now and before I tell you; I need you to know that it's amazing."

At this point, River's mind is swimming with possibilities; however, none of them seem to quite fit his excitement. She becomes too anxious and tries to read his mind telepathically but he is already prepared to block her out. "Doctor, just say it or I am going to go to work." She was ready to stand up and leave.

"Wife, this is a rare moment in which our roles are reversed. Time has given a gift to me and it is that I get to tell you this…" He tries to drop his smile for a more serious demeanor, but it is impossible to hide his excitement. Confusion swims in her eyes. "River Song, you're pregnant."

Immediately, River's hand shoots to her abdomen. This is something she hasn't even considered.

When she finally thinks about it she can feel the differences in her body. She can feel the new hormones flowing through her blood and she realizes she has gained weight.

She is speechless.

"River, close your eyes and listen." The Doctor moves his hands to cover hers that still sit over her stomach. She expects him to speak but he doesn't. Instead, she finds herself listening inwardly. She had no idea it was possible, but she can hear it. Of course what River hears isn't expressed by words but by energy. Suddenly her entire world changes and she knows it will never be the same again.

"What do we name her?" Somehow she knows the baby is a girl. She can feel her daughter, even at the size of a lima bean, and somehow she can read the energy. She knows it's a girl, she knows her daughter's basic personality; she can feel just how intelligent she will be.

She expects him to deny her their daughter's name, but he leans forward and whispers a beautiful Gallifreyan name that humans can't even begin to pronounce. She nearly cries; their daughter's name sounds like a measure of an impossibly stunning song. He refuses to tell her their daughter's English name; he wants her to pick it herself. He assures her that she will pick a beautiful name.

"How old is she to you?" River worries he'll only answer, 'spoilers'. She is desperate to know.

"We're completely linear. Right now, to me, she is seven. The oldest I've ever met her is twenty-five. That was an interesting night. She showed up when my version of her was only four."

By this point, she's already forgotten about the field trip she promised her class. She will just have to reschedule it for the next class period. She allows him to help her up and lead her to her king-sized bed. He pulls her close to him and rests his hands on his wife's abdomen. It's been a long time for him since they laid together so peacefully. With a seven-year-old Timelord running around, they didn't have time to relax.

"Doctor, I've never loved anyone so much." River moves to look up at him.

"Me neither. It's a funny thing, isn't it?" The Doctor kisses her forehead and plays with her curls.

"So what's next?" River has no idea how parenthood with the Doctor will work. Will she keep her job? Will they live in her house or on the TARDIS? Will the Doctor still go on adventures?

"I can't say! I can't give you anymore spoilers. What's next is that you have to tell me!"

Of course! She hadn't thought of that! This Doctor knows because she will tell the younger version of him. "How do you take it?"

"Honestly, dear, it will not be pretty. I was confused and scared. You were relaxed and so supportive. The only thing I can tell you is that everything will work out, so don't be afraid to tell me."

"I suppose I should wait a few days so that I can relax before asking you to."

"Whatever you feel is right."

They spend the rest of the morning in silence.

The Doctor reflects on the last eight years while River looks forward.

When the Doctor tells her later that night that he has to head back to future her, she realizes she can't wait to tell the past Doctor; she wants to wake up to him stroking her growing belly every day. The future Doctor gives her one last gift and gives her the time and space coordinates to locate his past self. He wishes her luck and kisses her once more before disappearing back to her future.

River takes a deep breath and types in the coordinates into her vortex manipulator. She smiles as she prepares to share her beautiful future with her husband.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!