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A smoky cloud of sparks and a smell similar to sulfur pierces the air seemingly out of nowhere. It disperses rapidly and River Song steps into plain sight. She looks around the room; she is on the Tardis, she can feel the Tardis' energy and telepathic messages calming her down. However, she has never seen this room. There are metal workbenches which support numerous projects that appear to be half finished or broken, but the Doctor is nowhere to be found. River picks up a small machine and examines the mechanics; she is not quite sure what the Doctor was trying to do with it so she leaves it be. She begins to wonder where he is when she notices a box sitting on a shelf crammed between rubbish and machine parts. On it is her name written on the very bottom left corner. Of course, River Song is not one to resist snooping, so she makes her way to it.

As she begins to pull it off the shelf, she hears her favorite word spoken by her very favorite man. "Spoilers."

"You got me." River, no longer caring about the contents of the box labeled with her name, pushes it back and spins around towards him.

"River Song, you bad girl." The Doctor steps towards her at a tantalizingly slow pace.

She observes him, checking all the signs to make sure she is in the right time period. Yes. He's wearing Amy's glasses; the ones left behind when the angel took her. He has also got on his purple suit and a top hat. She wonders if he has met Clara Oswald yet. Either way, he is far enough in their relationship to hear the news she bears.

"Bad girl? Sweetie, I simply stopped by to see my husband." She bats her eyelashes and closes the space between them, wrapping her arms up around his neck. She smirks up at him while playing with the hair on the back of his neck. His eyes are hungry for her beauty and his mind too long deprived of her presence. "Although, I could leave if that's what you want."

He nearly growls in response; "No." He leans down and gives her a chaste kiss on the lips. "I am very glad you're here, dear. I am just slightly confused how you got into this room in particular. Only certain rooms in the Tardis are detectable with a vortex manipulator. You'd need special coordinates to make it to this room."

"I'm just that good, Doctor." She pulls out of his arms and begins to circle him. "Although, I did have some help from a very good friend of mine; actually, you could call him a lover." River Song is not one to resist teasing her husband.

"A lover?" His face flushes as his mind begins to work out any possibilities. How dare anyone, other than himself, be River Song's lover. "Is that so?" His voice is nearly inaudible and a twinge of heartbreak is obvious.

"He's a fantastic man; intelligent, gentle, funny, beautiful, loving." she watches his face turn redder in anger with each adjective; an indication she mustn't go much further with her joke, "He's the last of his kind and some people consider him a god. He also becomes very jealous of me."

For as quick as the Doctor usually is, he sure can be daft. He is obviously bewildered and upset so she gives it up easily and wraps her arms around his waist from behind. "You are so thick sometimes, Doctor. You gave me the coordinates."

Immediately, the Doctor's face clears up and his boiling anger cools. He decides not to be upset with her for her cruelty and instead turns around in her arms and hugs her tightly again; physically and mentally telling her to never even joke about not being his again. River feels his energy penetrating her mind. His energy mixed with the energy radiating for her own core and her child's completes her. They stand in comfortable silence for several minutes.

"Hold on, why did I give you these specific coordinates?" the Doctor pulls away so they can converse.

"Well, Sweetie, I have some important news to tell you and future you sent me here." Suddenly, she's nervous. He's so incredibly calm now, but she realizes just how self-destructive he can become when he's emotional.

"Makes sense." His tone is loving and relaxed. He pecks her on the lips again; obviously not reading her newfound distress. "What is it, dear?"

"I won't make you promise not to freak out." She already knows he will. "Just promise me that you won't just go run away as fast as you can." She flinches when he wipes a curl from her face; his own face contorts in confusion. She wonders if he has any idea what she must tell him.

He flexes his jaw and furrows his eyebrows; his signature distress signals. "Wife, I would never run away from you."

"You have before." She has a point; he was terrified of her when he was younger.

"River, I didn't know you. I was afraid of how important you would become to me." She knows he's good for his word; she's already met the future him who is a great dad.

She just has to get through this. She just has to say it and everything will unravel on its own. It's like providing that first push to a slinky on the top step. All she as to say is –

"Doctor, I'm pregnant." As soon as she says it a weight is lifted from her shoulders. However, she regrets how suddenly she shared when the Doctor immediately drops his arms from her waist and e scrambles backwards as quickly as he can. His face shows the most terrified display she has ever witnessed. He's looking at her as if she had committed treason against him.

"Doctor, Sweetie, are you alright?" River tries to approach him; however, he backs away further and runs around the next row of workbenches. She realizes she has to leave him alone and simply stands near the wall and watches him. She can't tell if his mind is empty or overflowing.

The Doctor begins to pace along the row. He thinks he's stuck in a nightmare. This is something he hasn't anticipated. He'd thought about what it would be like having children with River Song, but he hadn't believed it was possible; he never entertained the idea. Now that the news was sprung on him, he realizes he has no idea what to do. Every bad scenario possible runs through his head.

What if the baby is attacked by the Daleks or the Cybermen?

What if it's mutated considering that it will be part human?

What if the Kovarian chapter tries to take it?

What if he can't love it like his past children?

What if he's a bad father?

What if he can't protect it?

It. He doesn't like that word in reference to a person.

He's not quite ready to open his heart to knowing the gender though.

Painfully, he slams his hands on the workbench and breathes as deeply as he can, trying his best not to hyperventilate. His arms which usually flail about uncontrollably and his body that always bounces with energy instead become still. After a few minutes, he snaps. Suddenly he's hurling his half-finished projects at the floor and trashing the room. He's not thinking anymore; especially not about River or the baby.

Although River is terrified of his rage on the inside, she keeps a cool demeanor and holds her ground.

"I know you're afraid now, Sweetie, but it's going to be alright." River's voice doesn't betray her. She knows their daughter grows up happily and healthily; they just need to figure some things out.

"ALRIGHT?" Suddenly the Doctor spins around to look at her; his eyes glowing in rage and his face bright with anger. "I CAN'T BE A FATHER AGAIN. WHAT IF IT'S STOLEN LIKE YOU WERE? WHAT IF IT'S HURT OR KILLED WHILE WE TRAVEL THROUGH THE UNIVERSE? WHAT IF I LOSE IT LIKE ALL MY OTHER CHILDREN? WHAT IF IT-"

"She." River interrupts just loud enough to silence him. She's begins sobbing lightly due to the pregnancy hormones. She also dislikes calling her daughter an 'it'.

The Doctor stops immediately; staring at her like a deer caught in headlights. It's a girl. He is going to have a daughter again. The panic drains from him as he realizes who the baby's parents are: The Doctor and River Song. There would be nothing to fear as long as they were on the top of their game. Pride and excitement begin to replace his fears. He rushes back to where River is quickly. Instinctively, she places her arms around her abdomen; preparing to protect her baby.

When he sees she's crying, he realizes he made himself a threat to her. Without a word, he kneels in front of her; his eyes never leaving hers. He waits until she calms down and relaxes her arms before he places his own hands on her growing belly. Feeling completely secure once again, she pulls up her shirt so he can have contact with her soft skin. Moments ago he was screaming and destroying his workshop, now his smile could outshine the sun.

"We're going to have a daughter." He strokes her sides, feeling the energy radiating from inside. "We're going to have a daughter!" He stands up quickly, grabbing her and twirling around.

Once back on the ground, he promises her that nothing will ever take their daughter from them and she knows it's the truth.

She suggests she gets back home; purposefully testing him. As she suspects, he denies her request. He promises her he will not let her out of his sight until their daughter is born. She fears he's not joking. Being in the same room with the Doctor for the next several months would drive her crazy.

"How about you relax a little while we're safe in the Tardis? There's no need to follow me to the bathroom every ten minutes when our little girl decides I have to go." She's back to joking and teasing and all is forgiven. Future Doctor wasn't kidding when he told her it wouldn't be pretty at first. However, he didn't tell her just how amazingly he'd recover and bounce straight back.

"River, I haven't been a dad in centuries." She can tell he's replaying in his mind the days he spent with his children on Gallifrey and the day he met and lost Jenny. He would always look so distant when they were mentioned.

"Well, Doctor, I haven't ever been a mother." She's sure to be gentle with this subject and places her hand softly on her cheek. He returns to the present and smiles at her. "We'll figure this out together."

He nods in agreement and they stand in each other's arms for several more minutes.

Once they realize it's time to return to reality, the Doctor takes her hand gently and leads her down hallways and through rooms full to the brim with random objects he's collected throughout the centuries. In the very corner of the furthest room, he pulls out his worn green cot.

"I feel it's only fitting she spends her first year in this." He presents it to her and watches as she runs her hand over the writing on the side. She sees his given name written in Gallifreyan on the side adjust to say Melody Pond.

"What do you want to name her?" River kisses him on the cheek and whispers his real name in his ear. "In Gallifreyan?"

At first he doesn't know. It had been so long since he'd even spoken in his native tongue.

River helps him out by placing his hands on her belly again. "I think she can help."

Just as she felt their daughter for the first time earlier that day, the Doctor reads the energy she radiates. Immediately, he is overwhelmed by the strength and personality he can feel. He knows then what her name will be and he whispers in River's ear over and over again, between kisses, the same beautiful measure she had heard earlier.

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