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DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Double Trouble

Chapter 1

Tiny little feet pitter pattered across the ground as their owner scurried along throughout the village of Berk. The small field mouse lifted up its head to sniff the air, searching for the correct scent. The hurried along, following the trail to the food and avoiding the eyes of the Vikings that walked the streets mere feet from it position.

The field mouse found its way to the sack of grains and vegetables lying out beside a house. After sniffing again, it scurried away to continue in its search for what it wanted.

Unbeknownst to it, a large, black dragon lay down on the ground, eyes big and claws steady on the dirt. The Night Fury's butt wiggled back and forth, ready to spring forward once the little mouse came closer. Toothless' eyes moved from the left to the right as they followed the field mouse; his wiggled increased as the moment to pounce approached.

And just when the little field mouse thought it was clear, a large black paw came down upon it and squished it to the ground unable to move. It let out a scared squeak, the mouse not injured but afraid it will be soon.

Toothless tilted his head and slowly lifted up his paw to see the mouse beneath it, but the little guy started to dash off so his paw was replaced back down. Toothless kept hitting it innocently; playing with the tiny creature like it was the most entertaining thing in the world.

Across the street were the teens, Hiccup, Astrid and the twins to be exact. They were walking over to the forge, Hiccup wanting to pick up his shield for their training exercise.

In the forge, Gobber was going through the old stuff he had stored away up in the small loft where he use to keep Bork's notes. The Viking was standing on a ladder, his body moving to the beat of the tune he was silently singing to himself.

"Hey Gobber," Hiccup greeted with a smile and a wave, looking up at his old blacksmithing mentor as he, Astrid and the twins walked in.

Gobber turned his head around to greet them, smiling as he lay eyes on the kids and turning his body for a better angle to talk.

"Oh, hey Hiccup." He replied with equal everyday happiness.

"What are you doing?" Hiccup asked, walking over to the table were his shield was. He bent down and picked it up, looking back at Gobber with curiousity.

"Oh just rummaging through some old things." Gobber replied, stretching out his arm and bringing down a large chest. He grunted after placing the chest down on the floor of the forge; his hands at his hips as he shook his head at the memories.

"This is the chest where I kept my first weapons I ever made." He stated, pointing down at the large box in front of him. Hiccup came over with furrowed eyebrows, curious as to what was inside. Gobber blew away the dust that collected on top of the lid before proceeding to open it, smiling as he laid eyes upon the babies he first made. He bent down and brought out a stick with nails sticking out of it.

"What's that supposed to be?" Hiccup questioned.

"I made this boy before I even knew how to smith." Gobber stated, "How old was I? Eh, I don't remember." He shrugged and replaced it back in the chest.

The teens leaned over and glanced inside; Hiccup grimaced while Astrid tilted her head with fascination. Ruff and Tuff stared inside with open mouths and awed expressions.

"Those look really lethal," Hiccup commented; "And you used them to kill dragons?" he asked.

"You'd think wouldn't ya, but no, I made them for fun; just tinkering with a few ideas." Gobber replied nonchalantly.

"Whoa," Tuffnut exclaimed as he reached in and pulled out a curled up whip. "Look at this bad boy." He and his sister gawked at it.

"Ah, the whip; I remember this baby." Gobber said, taking it from the twins and holding it out with glory. "This puppy can slice through skin like butter, right up to the bone." He stated before uncurling it, hauling it backwards, and then heaving it forward. The tip of the whip cracked at the air before coming back to Gobber.

Hiccup flinched from the sound, raising his hands up a little and closing his eyes.

"Sounds painful." He commented, relaxing again as the whip was curled back up.

"It was," Gobber chuckled before replacing the weapon back in the chest.

"Well, we've gotta go; have fun with those Gobber." Hiccup said, walking out behind Astrid who was pushing the twins away before they did something stupid.

"Alright, have fun with your dragon training." Gobber said with a farewell.

"Toothless!" Hiccup called, glancing over at his dragon. "Come on bud, let's go!"

Toothless stood up, his mouth flapping up and down as he chewed on the mouse gently with his gums. He stopped this as he looked at his rider, spitting out the tiny creature before prancing on over to him. The field mouse scurried away, all soaked with Night Fury saliva.

Ruff and Tuff flew down with their Zippleback towards the Academy, swooping through the doorway and landing amongst their fellow dragon trainers. They giggled to each other as they dismounted their saddles. Hiccup and Astrid walked over to them, curious as to why they were late.

"Where were you guys? We were supposed to start training fifteen minutes ago." Hiccup questioned.

"We were busing snatching this!" Tuff exclaimed excitedly as he held out the whip he kept behind his back. Hiccup and Astrid were taken back,

"Gobber's whip?" Astrid was shocked, but knew they'd pull something like this.

"I know right, here check this out." Tuff unrolled the whip and flung it outward, the tip cracking as it smacked against the atmosphere. The loud crackle made the dragons stir and back up, a little frightened from the sound; Snotlout and Fishlegs, who were on their dragons, grunted with annoyance and calmed their dragons down.

"You guys aren't supposed to have that." Hiccup said.

"Yeah, but we wanted to play with it for a bit." Ruff said, grabbing it from her brother and flinging it in the sky again, grimacing as it crackled once more.

"You heard what Gobber said, that thing could cut straight through skin, right up to the bone." Astrid reminded them.

"Yeah so?" Tuff asked, taking it back from his sister.

"So, it's lethal and dangerous." Hiccup concluded.

"That thing looks like a torture device Dagur would use." Snotlout commented.

"Exactly," Hiccup said, glancing back at Snotlout before approaching the twins. "Now take it back." He said with authority.

"Aw, come on Hiccup. Just let us play with it for a little while." Ruff pouted.

"How 'bout this, just let us whip it a few more times and then we'll take it back." Tuff tried to make a deal. Hiccup sighed and stared at them, turning his focus to Astrid who came up beside him.

"You know they won't take it back unless you agree." She stated in a low voice.

Hiccup sighed again, "I know." He turned back to the twins.

"Fine, a few more and then you guys are giving it back to Gobber." The twins cheered and budded heads; Hiccup and Astrid returned to what they were doing before.

Tuffnut retracted his arm to whip the whip before it was grabbed by his sister.

"Hey, it's my turn!" She complained.

"No it's not!"

"Yeah it is!"

"You had your turn, now it's mine!"

"Give it!"

"Let go!"

They both fought over it, Tuffnut keeping it out of Ruffnut's reach so that she wouldn't take it from him. Their scuffling could easily be heard and Hiccup and Astrid rolled their eyes.

"…knew that would happen." Astrid commented as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Tuffnut yanked the whip back with all his might, not aware that the force of his struggle had caused the tip to journey over towards Hiccup. The tip crackled as it met Hiccup's back, the boy screaming from the pain. The sound of both alerted everyone as to what just happened; Astrid, Snotlout and Fishlegs looking shocked and terrified as the twins look equally as shocked, but now feeling extremely guilty.

Toothless screeched with rage at the twins, growling at them with slit eyes and white teeth.

"Hiccup!" Astrid exclaimed, as she knelt down beside Hiccup who was now on his knees, his left hand clutching the upper right side of his back just below the shoulder and arm pit. Snotlout and Fishlegs jumped off of their saddles and rushed over, huddling around their friend who was hissing and groaning from the pain.

"Let me see it." Astid asked nicely, gently removing his hand from the wound. His breathes were hitched as the pain was too much. The teen's expression was all the same as they saw blood seeping through not only Hiccup's tunic, but his wool jacket as well.

"Hiccup!" Tuffnut exclaimed, "Oh Thor, I'm so sorry!" he pleading for forgiveness as he and his sister ran over, but they were stopped when Toothless hissed at them.

"This is your fault." Ruffnut blamed Tuff.

"My fault?! You were the one trying to grab it from me!" Tuff defended himself.

"Well you—"

"It's both of your guy's faults!" Astrid exclaimed with tightly clenched fists as she held in her anger. "You both hurt Hiccup!" she yelled at them; Snotlout and Fishlegs helping Hiccup up so they could take him to see Gothi.

The twins were frozen after they heard Astrid, glancing at each other with shocked, guilty faces. Astrid stared at them for a few seconds before she left with the others, leaving the twins to think about what they just did.

Author's Note:

I came up with this story on the fly and have it all planned out. Because of my writer's block for A Banished Beast and Night Fury Down, I was going to work on this until I can continue them.

I'm probably not going to have any more author notes in this story besides this one, so thank you all for the reviews, followers, and favoriters! I hope you enjoy the story and apologies for any typos!