SHIT this story was absolutely appalling. That's what I get for writing it in, what, like 7th grade? Ugh I'm embarrassed. It's one of my more popular stories, however, so I've definitely decided to keep it... And rewrite the SHIT out of it. Heh.

The main point will remain the same... Robin organizes a get together after the defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil (since that season hadn't even come out when I first posted this! Lol) and all the Titans attend... Same core pairings, of course. Alcohol will make an appearance. That's all I'm going to reveal for now...


Raven sat in the common room of Titans Tower, perusing an old and somewhat dusty book that had come from the deep depths of her room somewhere. She hardly had to check for this sort of thing as she used her powers to summon certain volumes when she had no idea where it could be, although by the layer of dust coating this particular one she assumed it had come from under her large bed.

As she flipped through to the next page, she reached over to the coffee table to grab for her mug of steaming hot oolong tea, as she had decided to forgo a simple herbal concoction in favor of caffeine that afternoon. As she did this, however, her hands closed around something that was definitely not her mug and she let out a puff of annoyance.

"I thought we'd discussed this, Beast Boy, no one touches my tea. Ever."

A grinning changeling morphed back from the frog that had taken place of her mug and he pushed her tea back into her line of reach.

"Sorry, Rae, I couldn't help myself. Kudos to me for you not noticing... Must be some book! Whatcha reading?" he asked, plopping himself next to her on the couch.

"It's Raven. And I doubt you'd find it interesting" she countered with a glower, sipping her tea daintily.

"Try me" the green Titan replied with eager eyes.

"It's a manual on how to conjure up demons that will eat the souls of annoying green teenagers with animal powers" Raven quipped, a small smile tugging at her lips as Beast Boy blinked, startled. He then burst into a fit of laughter as he realized she was joking, wiping a fake tear off of his face.

"Nice one, Raven! But for real, what's it about?" he gasped. She felt a little silly at the feeling that arose in her as he complimented her wit, but she quickly shoved it off.

"I'm reading a guide to all sorts of magical herbs and plants for potion making. Nothing too fancy..." she admitted finally.

"Oh, cool! Anything in there I'd be down to drink, being vegetarian and all?" Beast Boy asked, and Raven was startled by his genuine interest. She arched her eyebrows in a rare expression of surprise.

"Not really, most of these are for healing or causing internal euphoria, or even to alter one's perception of reality. Nothing as mundane as... snacking, I suppose" she explained with a small smirk.

"Ah well, gimme points for trying!" he said. Raven was actually quite stricken by how he had matured and grown as a person throughout their last year together as a team; the ordeal with the Brotherhood of Evil must have pulled something out of him that he had either subconsciously or purposefully buried deep inside; he had even grown to where they were basically the same height now, and Raven knew it wouldn't be long before she had the title of shortest Titan.

"You ready for the thing tonight?" he suddenly said, and Raven gave him a strange look.

"You're going to have to specify. What 'thing' are you talking about?" she asked with a drip of sarcasm in her voice.

"Uh, the party? Robin's throwing this little victory party in honor of how well we've done and since we've come back from Tokyo... Hey, Raven, are you ok?"

Raven had completely forgotten about the damn party. Her face had immediately morphed into one of dread and abject horror as she realized she'd have to be social and mingle with actual other individuals for the remainder of the evening... Robin of course thought it would be a 'fun, lighthearted way to spend time as a collective group and have some time off all together'... Bull. He just wanted an excuse to placate his newfound girlfriend's desires to go out and be social. Raven knew that Robin would much rather dictate his own terms of socializing in his own domain, rather than go out and have who knows what happen to him. Sneaky jerk.

"I need to get out of here... Hide in my room, pretend I'm sick..." She muttered. Beast Boy unfortunately heard her and he gave her a look.

"Oh no you don't. You're going to stay here and join in for once, ok? You can't always hide from everybody, especially not when you're one of five hosts of this party. I mean, I know you could probably kick us all into another dimension if we tried to force you to do anything, but please Raven? Stay and have fun!" Beast Boy had stood up at this point and placed his arms on either side of her, effectively trapping her into the couch and giving her a pleading look.

"Uh..." she let out an awkward sound of discomfort at her not knowing how to respond to this forward onslaught of speech from her teammate. His response was to get up in her face a little more and pout his lip.

"Pleeeeeeease?" he whined.

His sudden closeness however managed to cause an emotional surge in her powers and they lashed out at the nearest lightbulbs, which all exploded into little bits of pulverized glass. She let out a very un-Raven-like noise and phased herself into the couch in a flurry of black magic, re-emerging in her room and clutching the book to her chest.

'Why is my heart pounding like this?'

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