Chapter 17

Raven and Beast Boy were on their way back to the table, smiling softly finally as the tension was for the most part gone before a sudden outburst caught their attention.

"Alright, fish boy, I may have said some questionable stuff last night but that does NOT give you the right to flirt with this bitch right in front of me! When I said I wanted to play the field, it meant that YOU stay at my beck and call, not with some blonde bimbo who can't even control her powers!" Blackfire had stood up, eyes flashing. Her rage was directed at Aqualad, who in that very moment had been talking to Terra about their respective abilities.

"...Oy. Calm down. You don't own me, and just because of last night definitely doesn't give you that right. Plus, we were just TALKING" he enunciated the word slowly, before cursing in Atlantean.

"WHAT did you call me?" she screeched, floating a bit off the ground.

"He called you a spoiled bitch, I believe. My Atlantean's a bit rusty" Terra suddenly interjected.

Startled, the entire table blurted out "How the hell do you know Atlantean?"

"Um... Where I come from, Markovia, they taught it to us. And, um... I was forced to enhance this knowledge during my, um... lapse" she finished off, referring of course to her time with Slade. This was because the crazed villain wanted Terra to help him conquer Atlantis next, starting with Aquaman and Aqualad himself. To do so, he used her knowledge of the language as the first step in his plan to infiltrate her... Although that plan never came close to fruition.

"That's... Actually pretty cool" Kid Flash commented, earning him an elbow in the ribs from Jinx as she shushed him. She wanted to listen to this shitshow!

"Whatever. Bitch, you need to back the hell up from my man, alright? I had him first, and nothing you do will ever change that" Blackfire said smugly.

"YOUR man?" Terra and Aqualad replied simultaneously.

"That is... I'm pretty sure he's allowed to make his own choices! Despite the obviously bad one of spending a night with YOU!" Terra replied, cheeks hot as she looked anywhere but Aqualad.

"Oh that's it, COME AT ME SLUT!" Blackfire dove forward and tackled Terra; both girls had glowing eyes, Blackfire's purple starbolts getting blocked by bits of rock that Terra was pulling from the outside window.

"You're... not gonna do anything?" Robin's question was directed at both his girlfriend and Aqualad, the latter with a somewhat amused expression on his face.

"No" he and Starfire both replied with a simple shrug.

"Well, this is lovely! After a great night with my girl, I get to watch a girl fight while eating a superb breakfast... This is the life" Kid Flash mused.

"You can say that again!" Speedy replied with a wink. Both teens were suddenly smacked by their respective women, however, and they remained silent after that.

"Alright... One more thing and I'll be ready to go!" Cyborg hummed to Sarah, who was sitting on the countertop munching on a waffle Cyborg had finished quickly and especially for her. He opened up a cabinet to put away the remaining syrup bottles and various knicknacks for cooking when..."OH SWEET LORD, NO!"

The little penguin stared back at him, surrounded by empty tuna containers and sardine tins. How he had managed to get those open, no one would ever know, as what happened next would forever overshadow the whys and hows of the moment.

The penguin let out a squawk and, startled, leapt out of the cabinet and landed right by the brawling girls. The two were so startled that they stopped fighting momentarily to separate, Terra skidding to the other side of the room and holding up a rock shield for the oncoming barrage of energy blasts from Blackfire. Suddenly, Kole let out a shriek and pointed at the penguin.

The little guy, in fact, was semi-bent over and looking a little worse for wear in that moment. Perhaps it was due to the enormous amounts of processed fish and oil that it was packaged in, perhaps he just needed this release. Whatever the case, the penguin let out another squawk before sending a jet of projectile bird poop out of his rear... And all over Blackfire. Terra was saved due to her shield, but it didn't stop her from looking over it to watch after she was sure she wouldn't get hit.

When the penguin was finished, it picked up a small rock in its beak that had chipped off of one of Terra's larger ones before waddling over to Beast Boy and Raven and dropping it between them. Beast Boy of course burst into shaky laughter while Raven simply stared at it.

"P...Penguins sometimes give each other rocks... When they want to show courtship signs... You know, when they need to build a nest and stuff... Duuuude!" he finished, clutching his stomach as everyone was still staring at the poop-covered Blackfire. She looked so mad that she could burst into flames at any second; the poop seemed to bubble across her skin as her eyes blazed with rage.

"Dear sister... Perhaps you would like to use my facilities of bathing?" Starfire piped up. Blackfire's head slowly, in a deadly way, swiveled to face her sister. Robin put his arm around his girlfriend protectively, just in case.

"RRRRRRRAGGHHHHHHH! I've had it with this stupid place! Good riddance!" Blackfire screeched, not sparing anyone a last glance before crashing through the window overlooking the bay, and then she was gone.

Silence for a moment, before everyone burst into hysterics.

"Did! You! See! Her! Face?!" Jinx cackled, while Herald and Bumblebee were crumpled onto the table shaking with laughter.

"Sarah, please don't assume every day in this place is like this... Well, actually, maybe you'd better. It's pretty crazy" Cyborg spoke as he led Sarah out of the kitchen, making a wide turn around the penguin poop on the floor that had failed to land on Blackfire.

"I'll have to come visit more often!" she replied with a grin, waving kindly at everyone as she and the half-robot left finally for their date in the park.

Terra sent the rock flying out of the now even more broken window (the first time it was her fault, but Blackfire had only widened the mess) before sitting back down next to Aqualad. She made a point not to look at him, but he nudged her with his shoulder and she caught his eyes; he smiled at her.

After breakfast, everyone split up into their respective groups/couples in order to decide what the next move would be for everyone. Beast Boy had pulled Raven off to the side, and she gave him a look.

"About what I was trying to tell you before..." he began, hand running through his hair for the second time as he spoke to her that day; she smiled at this gesture, and he faltered. "What? What'd I do?"

"Why do you wanna know?" she countered.

"Because I want to be able to make you smile like that all the time" he said with a sheepish grin that caused a blush to color her face.

"Umm... For now I'm not telling. You'll figure it out" she said, regaining her composure. He frowned a bit, but wrapped his arms around her waist to draw her closer.

"Fine. What I wanted to tell you, though, was that I-"

"-love you too, Gar" Raven finished for him. "I can sense your emotions, remember? It took me a while at first to figure out exactly what it was that I was feeling, but I think I've got it no-" she was cut off by his lips crashing down on hers in a passionate kiss that surprised but pleased her.

"Stop talking," he whispered against her lips, "and more kissing, okay?"

She rolled her eyes, but complied nonetheless.

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