Chapter 14


Pairing/s - Sesshoumaru / Kagome

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Inuyasha had smelled his brother and was racing to meet him, His sword
drawn. 'Didn't his half brother ever give up?'

Sesshoumaru stopped by some tree's downwind, waiting for his brother to
reach him. He knew that Inuyasha was coming, and it was taking him forever
to get to Sesshoumaru too. While Sesshoumaru waited for his idiotic brother
He sensed something happen to Kagome.

He narrowed his eyes, and resisted the urge to go to her, making sure she was
okay. Just when his restraint was at it's end his stupid HALF-brother, showed
up. Sesshoumaru glared at the Hanyou standing there with his sword drawn
ready to fight.

" What do you want Sesshoumaru " Inuyasha yelled hurting Sesshoumaru's
already sensitive ears. Sesshoumaru felt Kagome coming so he decided to
wait for her. After all she was the one that had something against him, not
that Sesshoumaru didn't.

Sesshoumaru's eyes were narrow as he glared at his younger half-brother
" I just wanted to tell you that the Kagome you knew is no more, and that
your dead lover Kikyo is once again dead, though this time I don't think
Kikyo will be coming back, oh yeah Kagome won't come running to you either "

Inuyasha growled, and got ready to charge Sesshoumaru.
"What did you do to Kagome you asshole!!" Inuyasha screamed
"Where is she?" Sesshoumru smirked "She fought long, and hard but finally
gave in, begging me to make it quick"

"You BASTARD you'll die for killing Kagome!!" Inuyasha yelled as he ran
towards Sesshoumaru, Tutsusaiga gleaming with malice. Sesshoumaru had
just got out of the way before Tutsusaiga sliced through the tree that he was
leaning against.

Sesshoumaru jumped away again, as Inuyasha used the sword again a deep
burning trench was left where Sesshoumaru had been. Just as Inuyasha was
about to use the sword again an arrow flew by, and scraped the sword causing
it to go into a rusty blade from that looked a thousand years old. (yeah I know
i'm exaggerating)

Inuyasha threw the worthless sword down and looked over to where the arrow
flew from. Another youkai, a female walked from the trees to where they were.
Her eyes were slightly red and if looks could kill Inuyasha would be dead right
now. She had her bow stretched with an arrow pointed at Inuyasha's heart.

Sesshoumaru stood there admiring his mate's new form. He jumped over to
her and stood by her side, Kagome's eyes never left Inuyasha, but she knew
Sesshoumaru was pleased.
"Who the fuck are you!" Inuyasha growled, Kagome raised her right eyebrow
and a look of disgust crossed her pale face.

"You never did have manners did you, all you had was a mouth that would
never shut up" Kagome growled "I thought you would have recognized me,
after all I am your DEAD lover's reincarnation" Kagome smirked at Inuyasha's
face as it grew angry and confused.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha barely said, if it weren't for her better hearing abilities
she never would have heard him. " Good guess Inuyasha you deserve a prize"
Kagome looked to Sesshoumaru at her side. "Let's give him a doggy bone and
a first class ticket to hell" Kagome grinned evilly while Sesshoumaru
smirked "Sounds perfect to me" They both turned back to Inuyasha, their
eyes turning red.

Inuyasha didn't know what to do, so he stood there waiting for them to attack.
What's going on? Why is the bitch mad at me, I didn't even do anything to her

He growled at them and attacked Sesshoumaru, making sure to move out of
the arrows way. Sesshoumaru and Kagome moved out of the way quickly
and shot the arrow at Inuyasha. It embedded itself in his arm and the dark
aura of Kikyo's power surrounded him and he growled as he fell to his knees.

Inuyasha looked around quickly for the tutsusaiga and spotted it 2 feet away
from him. He grabbed it and stood up. If he was going to die someone was coming
with him. He looked at the female demon and it came rushing to him that it
was Kagome, He growled as he stared at her, he pulled Tutsusaiga up and
pointed it at Kagome. 'She killed Kikyo and she tried to kill me too, she betrayed me,
I did nothing to her'

Inuyasha grew angrier and angrier staring at Kagome and took off towards
her. He ran faster tehn Sesshoumaru ever could, his anger fueling him for
the last strike. Before Kagome or Sesshoumaru could move. Inuyasha was
upon them, Tutsusaiga transformed and slashed the blade across Kagome
from her right shoulder to her left hip. Inuyasha jumped back as Sesshoumaru
ran in front if Kagome to block her from the attack but he was a second to late.

He smelled Kagome's blood and quickly turned around to see her falling to her
knees. He kneeled down beside her and put her head in his lap.

Deep in my soul

Love so strong

It takes control

Now we both know

The secrets bared

The feelings show

Driven far apart

I'll make a wish

On a shooting star

Kagome looked up into his golden eyes filled with shock and unshed tears
and smiled slightly. Sesshoumaru looked down at her wounds and tears
fell down his face. Kagome's smiled faltered and she wiped the tears from
his face, letting her hand rest on his cheek.

There will come a day

Somewhere far away

In your arms I'll stay

My only love

Even though you're gone

Love will still live on

The feeling is so strong

My only love

There will come a day

Somewhere far away

In your arms I'll stay

My only love

She looked into his cold sunny eyes and smiled slightly again.
" Wait for me my love, Take care of Shippo for me" She finished
coughing roughly blood coming from her mouth. Her eyes closed and
her smile fell from her face. "I'm sorry, please wait for me"

Sesshoumaru held her body closer to hers hoping to find her heart still
strong and beating, he pressed his lips against her forehead and felt the
chilling cold. He felt another tear roll down his face as he looked down
at Kagome, "I'll wait for you forever and longer" Sesshoumaru whispered
to her. She smiled her eyes still closed. He felt her body slowly disappearing,
fading into oblivion.

You've reached the deepest part

Of the secret in my heart

I've know it from the start

My only love

There will come a day

Somewhere far away

In your arms I'll stay

My only love

My only love

Inuyasha watched with sad eyes Sesshoumaru cried tears of sorrow. Inuyasha
felt the poison taking his life, and he fell to the ground shortly after Kagome
faded from Sesshoumaru's grasp. The Tutsusaiga clattering to the grass
covered dirt.


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