Summary: The Death Eaters won at the battle of Hogwarts. As a result the survivors all spread into America and are aware Voldemort's army is on his way but thanks to the Cullen's they've been kept out for now yet not for long. While escaping from it all after a night of heartbreak Hermione meets a girl in a pub and befriends her, little does she know she's changed the entire battle plan by bringing in some key players. And it really is anyone's victory. Jane/OC and cannon couples (maybe more later on.) *Hopefully better than the description*

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Jane's POV

As Hermione and I walked out of the bar I handed her both my address and the secret passage ways. I was going to tell her to give my brother my love when I heard Ryker, my mate, calling me. Many people would be shocked: Jane Volturi has a mate. Well it's a lot more complicated than that! He has a gift which could also be described as a curse. When he gets angry no matter about what he becomes ten times stronger, faster and can think quicker so nothing can stop him. Sadly with my….we'll say snarky ways, he'd lost his temper with me a few times. Because we were mates it always hurt him more than me but everyone in my coven thought it wasn't right. It was probably the first dysfunctional mating for vampires ever. But he was perfect to me when he was calm which was most of the time since he had learnt a lot of self control, plus when I was mortal my arranged wedding would have been a lot worse. I ran through the streets towards his voice, he sounded more irritated than mad. I did tell him where I was going! He's got no reason to be mad at me. I rounded the street corner and found him standing there, relief washing over his features when he saw me. He walked over to hug me but before he got closer I stopped him,

"Are you angry?"

"No, just got worried. Your not usually out this late." He said pulling me into the hug I took in his scent until he pulled away and ran a hand through his black hair, "I don't like you being scared of me."

That's the thing. He doesn't like hurting people but because he can't help it your never sure when his mood will switch.

"Don't worry Ryker. That's who you are and I wouldn't have you any other way!" I replied getting on my tiptoes and kissing his lips softly,

"If your sure. Oh Mary was really worried about where you went." Ryker added moving our conversation along,

"Sorry, I started talking to a witch," I looked around to see if anyone could hear us no one was around but a smell of Death Eaters wafted through the air, "I'll explain when we get home."

Ryker had obviously also smelt it so he gave a tight nod before grabbing my hand and running down the road. I like it when he holds my hand, he makes me feel safe. Mostly. After ten minuets or so we arrived back at our country side home. It was a large building which was painted white with big black crosses creating a diamond pattern on it. Leading to the red front door was a small cobblestone path surrounded by various flowers planted by our coven mother, Mary. A white fence showed the border of our front yard, freshly whitewashed only a few days ago. In the back yard was a large grassy area leading to a forest which were all part of out territory. Their was a well in the middle of the grass where we got our water (old fashioned was the way the coven leaders liked to do things) and also a small lake running behind it with lots of fish and animals that I would watch when I got bored or the others were feeding. We often swam in was a wooden bridge going over it where I would go to think through my worries. It was a truly lovely house.

Their were five people in my coven, Ryker excluded for not wanting to be anything but a loner. The leader of our coven was Nigel, he was a tall man with a large face and short brown hair. He was turned when he was thirty by a vampire just looking for a drink. The vampire had been unaware of the fact Nigel had been changed and just left him there to fend for himself. He was a quiet newborn and didn't want attention drawn to him. He was a good man who was always prepared to help anyone, he reminded me of Alec in the way that he'd never break a promise no matter how drastic it was. About a decade after his change he changed his mate Mary when she was only twenty nine. Mary had dark brown hair always up in a bun, she too was kind and considerate. She loved to garden gaining her the nickname 'Mary Mary quite contrary'. They were the parents I always wanted and they encouraged Cassidy, Ajax and I to call them such. Cassidy took on the role of my older sister as I couldn't remember what mine had been like in my mortal life, she was Irish. She was smart and quick to respond to any red hair jokes Ajax gave her. Ajax, like his name's meaning, was a strong person. He looked out for me in Alec's absence and took over the brotherly role. He was from Greece originally and had been teaching me to speak it lately, like Nigel he was tall but with long blonde hair. These people treated me like family so I did as well calling Cassidy sister and Ajax brother subconsciously at times.

We walked up to the door together and opened it as Ajax walked down stairs. He looked happy when he saw me and waved to Ryker. They were close friends so Ajax was the only other person besides me and Ryker that understood our relationship. I smiled at my 'brother'.

"Hello you two." He greeted continuing into the back room,

"Hey." Ryker replied,

I went to step forward but Ryker kept me in place, when I turned to ask him what was happening he pulled me closer with a happy smile.

"I love having you in my arms." He said,

"I love being in them." I answered honestly,

He widened his smile and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Ah, Ah, ah! No kissing in the hallway!" Mary's voice spoke up from the living room doorway,

If I were human I'm sure my cheeks would be bright red. Very out of character for a so called 'sadistic' person.

"Sorry ma'am." Ryker smirked,

"Now Jane, where were you? We were all worried sick!" Mary said in an almost angry tone,

"I told you were I was. At the bar…" I filled them in with mine and Hermione's meeting and our deal.

"Oh thank goodness, we thought you'd gone on a rampage." Mary sighed looking at my black eyes,

"Not quite yet I'm afraid."

It was strange really. At first the starvation was the most difficult thing I'd ever done but with time I saw the burning sensation in my throat as pride, *the bags now appearing under my eyes as achievements and the weakness a peaceful alternative to what I was like before. The only downside was occasionally *I'd lose my mentality, not often because it'd only been a year but often enough to make people ponder my sanity. It was usually just my thoughts getting jumbled so I'd talk like a nutcase, unlike most vampires.

"Come on then come in to the living room," She said bustling us through, "Can't have you by the door all day."

The living was small and cosy with a fireplace opposite the door and a bookshelf next to it. On the wooden floor was placed a circular blue rug which took up most of the room apart from the left corner where the couch and television were placed, the couch currently occupied by Ajax, Cassidy and Nigel.

"Hello children." Nigel said turning to look at us, "Coming to watch television with us?"

"If there's room." Ryker replied putting his hand in mine,

"Of course." Nigel smiled,

I opened my mouth and thanked him but they all looked at me confused. What was it? All I said was thanks? I must have looked equally puzzled because they all exchanged a worried look amongst themselves.

"Could you repeat that?" Cassidy asked kindly,

I did.

"Jane, say a sentence." Mary said looking scared, "Say your name."

When I spoke I heard it, utter gibberish "Hxcdbkh."

Suddenly my throat burned an immense pain, like fire was being thrown down my throat. It took my by surprise so I let go on Ryker and had an un-vampiric gasp for air even though I didn't need it. Mary and Ryker grabbed me by the shoulders but everything they said sounded like gibberish. They were all speaking to me but I couldn't make out the words, the fire was spreading now too. Almost my entire body was engulfed in it. I felt my legs go out from under me so Ryker and Mary laid me on the floor concern all over their pale faces.

Then the blaze burning my body felt familiar. Like I'd felt it before. I screwed my eyes shut in a wince but when I opened them I was no longer in the living room. I was in the town square of my old village, laying on a hard material as two strong men held me down. The noise was horrendous, all the people who had come to watch were shouting at us. Horrible things. Some men accused me of 'laying with Satan himself' and my brother of being 'Satan' while the women said things like 'only such beauty can be given by pure evil'. I could also pick out my mothers sobs from somewhere in the crowd while my Father shouted his lung raw in anger of 'innocent children being tried as devil spawn'. I lifted my head so I could see my other four siblings all crying as the watched us, apart from my eldest brother who was shouting abuse like the other village men.

I could feel my heart beat once more in my ears as a tall strong man tied me to a wooden plank. It was my witch trial. I looked to my left to see my brother in the same treatment, being bound on to the filthy wooden cross. His eyes were on me; well, on the tears trickling from my mortal eyes. When both of us were fastened to the wood we were put upright to look over the crowd of townsfolk. A lit torch was lifted high before being brought down on to the straw surrounding the bottom of my stake. I looked over to my brother and attempted to reach his hand, as we both struggled to reach each other I felt the heat rise. The crackling of the fires got louder, I saw Alec screw his eyes tightly shut to block out the pain he's about to endure.

And me?

I felt anger.

Towards all those in front of me. They had killed us for doing nothing wrong. We were innocent! They will pay for hurting my brother and I, I vow it. One day I would get revenge. I promise.

"Jane." A voice called from the distance,

"Jane!" It was closer now,


I was brought back to reality by my mates concerned voice. I couldn't move, I didn't have the energy. I blinked to show him I was back to normal, still not trusting myself to talk. He smiled softly before dropping my hand and getting up of the bed I realized I was on. He grabbed a packet from the chair in the corner which was filled with a dark red liquid. He opened it and a heavenly sent filled my nose.

"Feed Jane." He pleaded holding the packet out to me,

My throat burned.

My voice was dry.

I was starving.

I was going crazy.

But I still said, "No."

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