Nine months later

"I don't know what to do with such a huge front pocket," Armin said, picking at the fabric. "Like with other dress shirts, the pocket is pretty small, but I feel like I could fit a Bible in this one, or something."

Eren looked at his fiance and smiled. "Keep track of my camera," he said, dropping it in the overlarge pocket. The shirt dipped down under the weight of it, already too large, and the collar slipped off over Armin's shoulder.

"Take back your stupid camera," Armin said, pulling out the camera and handing it to Eren, quickly readjusting his shirt.

"No, you looked cute like that," Eren complained, but Armin just snapped another button shut and stuck his tongue out at him.

"If you want this to change, you gotta do it yourself," he teased, grasping the collar of the bright orange and pink Hawaiian shirt.

"I take that as a challenge," Eren said, sauntering up to him, and Armin let his hand fall away as Eren popped every button on the shirt and slipped it off his shoulders, revealing his pale chest underneath. "Much better," he said, and Armin giggled, relishing the isolation of the private beach.

"Well, if I'm not wearing a shirt, you have to help me with the sun screen, then," Armin said, pulling it out of the bag and holding the tube to Eren.

Eren took the tube, and said, "Lie down," pointing to the recliner chair that had been put down all the way to lie flat.

Armin followed instruction, laying flat on his stomach. Eren got on top to straddle his upper thighs, squeezing his butt through the khaki shorts and laughing when Armin let out a squeak.

"Hey," Armin said, "You have a job."

"I'm doing it," Eren bit back, uncapping the tube and squeezing the sun screen in his hands. He lathered it over his hands before rubbing it off on Armin's back, spreading it evenly over the expanse of skin, slicking his fingers over the dip of Armin's spine, and tapping gently at his shoulder bones before rubbing in the substances there, the two silent, but in a comfortable way.

After the job was finished, they got up and finished putting on the sun screen, before getting back to setting up for the day. As Eren was pulling out the other recliner chair, Armin kicked sand at him.

"Hey!" Eren called, cheeks reddening a little, "Are you trying to pick a fight?"

"Maybe," Armin said, kicking more sand at Eren before giggling and running away towards the waters edge. "Catch me!" he called.

Eren sprinted after him, choosing not to waste time kicking sand at Armin, and instead going in for the kill, wrapping his arms around his fiance and knocking them both to the ground, the calm, low tide waves biting at the tips of their toes.

Armin had landed on bottom, and he pulled himself up to peck at the tip of Eren's nose before letting his head fall down again, his arms wrapped around Eren's neck. He smiled and batted his eyes him. "Isn't it beautiful here Eren?" he asked.

"Mhm..." Eren said, leaning down to kiss him. Armin's hands traveled from his neck down his back, one hand slipping under his trunks to touch the skin at the very top of his upper thighs.

Armin's eyes cracked open, and he pulled away. "Eren, what the fuck?" He said, pulling out his hand, grasping a piece of seaweed encrusting with sand. "How the hell did you not notice this?"

"I... I don't know. I went for a swim earlier and... I can't explain this."

"Just go take a shower," Armin told him flatly, shaking his head and pushing himself to his feet.

"Yeah, I probably should," Eren said, "Be out here when I get back?"

"Of course I will," Armin coincided fondly. Irritation forgotten, he laid down on the recliner and put his sunglasses on, and closed his eyes. He sat and listened to the waves.

Eren came back a half an hour later with drinks. "Those better be virgin," Armin said sharply, eyeing them wearily.

"Of course they are," Eren said, handing Armin the strawberry daiquiri. Armin took a tentative sip, and nodded in approval.

"So, I guess your lessons from Marco are paying off?" asked Armin.

"Turns out I can make a mean Bloody Mary," Eren said, looking very pleased with himself.

"Gross," Armin said, pretending to gag.

"You just don't like to try new and interesting things," Eren teased, settling down in his chair and staring at the view for a moment, contemplating things. Finally, he said, "I'm really happy that they're happy together," he said.

"Mmm," Armin agreed lazily, his eyes shut. "You know they're moving in together, right?"

"Yeah, Jean told me last night, wanted some help with moving Marco's shit when we get back," Eren said, "Good for them really."

"Yeah," Armin said, "I think he's gonna sell the bar when he gets it. Not exactly the most reputable of family business, honestly."

Eren shook his head and laughed. "That place was weird. It was like it could decide if it was classy or some kind of dive bar."

"Hey, I liked my job there, thank you," Armin said with a smile, "It was better than my job working for you, back when you were just the man."

"Harsh," Eren said softly, sipping at his drink again, the two falling into comfortable silence.

"I just..." Armin began to say, looking at the water. "I'm just really glad things are the way they are."

"Yeah," Eren said, a slight small on his lips, "me too."

la fin

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