"Severus," I hissed as the shadow behind the door grew. A greasy-haired robed man slid out of the darkness and bowed before me.

"My Lord," Snape cooed, his eyes trained on the floor.

"What news of Potter?"

Snape straightened up and looked into my eyes.

"My Lord, we have been watching Potter's movements all summer. We sent the dementors after the boy, at your word, and it has been confirmed that Dumbledore has called for him."

I nodded approvingly, stroking Nagini's neck as she curled around the head of my chair.

"Good," I mused, twirling my bone-white wand in my other hand. "And you are sure Dumbledore has called upon the centaur?"

Snape nodded once.

"Yes, My Lord. I was there myself when he placed the request."

I felt my lipless mouth twitch up in a smirk.

"You have done well, Severus," I conceded, and Snape bowed again. I flicked my hand. "Now leave us."

The black-haired man complied and disappeared down the stairs of our temporary residence. I petted Nagini again.

"Well, my pet," I crooned to the snake. "It seems our most important piece has been moved. Our queen of the chess board, so to speak."

I looked out the window to the lit-up city of New York and smiled dangerously.

"Dumbledore was foolish to trust that ridiculous half-breed. Sending his little campers to the school to protect Potter. He doesn't know what they're capable of." I stood up and embraced the window.

"None of them do. So, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, accept that quest and attend the wizarding school for the year. I will await your arrival." I snapped part of the window pane.

"Then you will be mine."

So, usually the chapters will not be this short. I kind of just needed to establish Voldemort's plans. Until next time!

Oh, and this is obviously kind of AU