Chapter 1-Origins of a Conqueror

I am Shao Kahn.

I am Shao Kahn! Konqueror of worlds! You will taste no victory!

I was once the ruler of Outworld.

I am Shao Kahn! And you will bow to me!

I was its Emperor.

Feel the power of Shao Kahn!

I challenged all who opposed me.

Feel the wrath of Shao Kahn!

From the Elder Gods...

The Elder Gods fear me, now. the Thunder God Raiden.

Now, Raiden. Your world ends.

I was once the Advisor to the previous Emperor Onaga: The Dragon King before I killed him and took the throne.

I am Emperor now!

I was a warrior.

You will die, mortal!

I was a conqueror.

You will never win!

But who was I before that you ask?

My answer to you?

I was a boy.


I was naive.

One day I will become Hokage and everyone will look up to me!

I was weak.

The demon is powerless. Kill it! Avenge Yondaime-sama and our loved ones!

I was once a Shinobi of Konoha located in Fire Country.

I never go back on my word! That's my nindo!

My name? Uzumaki Naruto.

Baka! Why don't you just die?! No one loves you!

And I was betrayed by the village I loyally served even if they didn't deserve my loyalty.

For harming the last Uchiha of Konoha with your demonic powers, by the power invested in me as the Gondaime Hokage Senju Tsunade hereby sentence you Uzumaki Naruto to death.

And that was putting it mildly.

(From the Beginning)

Naruto was tied to a pole, chakra draining rope, suppression cuffs, spiked chains covering his exposed bleeding torso, and one wrapped around his neck to make him look up at the woman he brought back to be Hokage. She of course was glaring at him and he in turn glared back with hatred at her betrayal. After he brought back the rogue Uchiha, Naruto found himself restrained, sent to the prison cells below the Hokage Tower, where T&I were ordered by the Hokage herself to get answers out of him about what happened by any means necessary so long as it didn't break the seal holding Kyuubi.

And so they did. They were led by Morino Ibiki and Mitarashi Anko. Neither of them or their subordinates seemed to care about their target's health. Why would they? It would be counterproductive to their jobs. At first, Naruto told them what happened at the Valley of he End with Sasuke when they fought before anything even happened. Simple right? Wrong! Naruto barely got the words out, but within seconds of telling them what had happened, he was attacked by them, demanding the truth, and again Naruto told them word for word what happened. Hoping they would see reason. But they didn't. They did not stop in their methods. Again, he told them the truth, but by the fourth time telling it in the hopes of making the abuse stop failed, Naruto knew it wouldn't like he'd hoped, and it only just increased. They called him a lair, a demon in human skin, a monster that did not know how to speak the truth, and they all tried very hard to beat the "real truth" out of Naruto. However, despite all of this, Naruto's story never changed, and it only made them hurt him more with each passing second. When they realized Naruto wouldn't change his story no matter what, they surprisingly stopped their assault, but brought in Tsunade, and Jiraiya to have a few choice words with him.

It was on this day, Naruto was told his entire life, as crappy as it was growing up, and just about everything else he had been made to believe was true was in fact...a lie!

The Sandaime Hokage was not dead like everyone first believed. Like Naruto had been led to believe. His death was faked. Orochimaru's attempt to kill him? Staged. All of it The Sandaime Hokage was alive, in a new much younger body, and feeling better then ever thanks to his former student Orochimaru of all people providing it for him. His two Godparents (revealing that to him too) told Naruto about the plan to baptize Konoha in fire, blood, and war. One that would make the next generation of Shinobi ready for the future for an even BIGGER war that was foreseen by the Toads and the higher-ups were planning to use to make the Leaf the dominate Shinobi village if not the only Shinobi village left in the Elemental Countries.

At the same time, Jiraiya and Tsunade revealed that Naruto's childhood all been done by the Sandaime Hokage skillful design by filling it with abuse, pain, suffering, and anguish. It was done to cement the boy's loyalty to the village while keeping him too weak to fight back when the time came to subdue should he get to unruly for their tastes. The mere fact Naruto beat Sasuke, who had far more Shinobi training then the other members of the Rookies of his graduating class, spoke volumes to them. The sheer fact that Kakashi only taught Sasuke the entire time, further proved to the higher-ups that Uzumaki Naruto had gotten too strong for their liking. That if left unchecked or allowed to grow further would make the Jinchuriki a threat to the village should he ever learn the truth about his heritage they deliberately kept from him.

So they decided for the good of the village as a whole and their overall plans in general from being put in further cut their losses. And by cut their losses, they meant cut Naruto out of their lives completely by killing him before anyone outside of Konoha knew what was really going on.

But surprisingly that wasn't even the worst news Naruto got that day.

The Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato himself, his own Father was alive. And not just him either. His wife Uzumaki Kushina and their daughter named Uzumaki Naruko were alive as well. The night of the Kyuubi's attack resulted in Minato sealing half of the fox inside himself and the other in Naruto. But what no one, but those in the most highest positions in Konoha knew, was that a plan had been created based on Jiraiya's "Child of Prophecy" to ensure Konoha was unchallenged by the world.

The plan was simple.

The plan was to have Minato, Kushina, and Naruko go into hiding. The Sandaime would be reinstated back as Hokage of Konoha until the time was right to come out of hiding. The plan was for Orochimaru to help provide a body for the slowly growing old man to transfer his soul into it and extend his life through new body. Naruko would be trained by both her parents to one day return and take up her birthright as both a Namikaze and an Uzumaki.

As for Naruto...the plan involved meant he got the short end of the stick.

Why? Because neither Minato nor Kushina wanted him. Kushina had wanted a girl from the start. She didn't want a son. A son meant raising a possible pervert of a boy. She did not want that and didn't want to deal with some whiny boy for a child. But a girl like her daughter would be easy, as she could bond with Naruko, laugh with her daughter, and have all sorts of fun together since they would have the same personalities. Why should she bother wasting her time in bonding with a boy that could be like Minato? Why should she bother raising a son, who would never be able to understand her when growing up? To much work! It was better to just leave the brat in the village for them to get their kicks out of hurting the boy and make him into the weapon they planned from the start.

As for Minato, he also wanted a daughter over a son because like Kushina, he didn't care for having a male progeny, and wanted a daughter to spoil silly. The former Yondaime Hokage had also feared that if Naruto had Kushina's personality, the boy would take up too much of Minato's time. The man didn't want to deal with the brat, as his time could be spent elsewhere doing more constructive things, and not on the boy himself.

Besides, Minato needed time to master his new found powers, and wasn't about to risk the possibility of the both halves of the Kyuubi somehow getting back together again by accident. When they were informed by Jiraiya of what Naruto had done at the Valley of the End, being that weakest Leaf Shinobi of his generation beating the supposed best, the family came back, and were now among those ready to see the Kyuubi Jinchuriki die via public execution.

"So this is how it is going to end for me huh? Everything I did for you, this village, and those pricks here now crying out for my blood openly...was all based on a lie?" asked Naruto while Tsunade just glared at him.

"You are a tool Naruto. A tool that has become too knowledgeable and too powerful. We won't allow you to get strong enough take your revenge on us. Not now anyway with the truth revealed to you," replied Tsunade while Naruto growl at her.

"Look at it this way brat. You dying helps us out in the long run," remarked Jiraiya with a smirk on his face.

"And how do you figure that you perverted old shit?" asked Naruto before his face was grabbed hard by Jiraiya and they were looking the other right in the eyes.

"Because when you die, Kyuubi will materialize in nine years, and we can reseal it up easily into Naruko. With both Father and daughter being Jinchuriki with the seal, we can do some serious damage to Konoha's enemies, and bring this world under heel with the power of our Child of Prophecy. The real Child of Prophecy. Not some weak shit like you!" answered Jiraiya before Naruto bit his hand hard and drew blood.

"If I'm so weak, then I shouldn't have been able to make you bleed," countered Naruto before he was punched in the face by Jiraiya.

"Enough Jiraiya! For harming the last Uchiha of Konoha with your demonic powers, by the power invested in me as the Gondaime Hokage Senju Tsunade hereby sentence you Uzumaki Naruto to death," declared Tsunade before Minato stepped forward, playing to the crowd, chanting his name, his family beaming with pride, and supporting the man every step of the way.

"Anything to say before I put an end to you son? One final thing to say to your Father before the end?" asked Minato mockingly while looking down at his son who looked up at him with furious and cold blue eyes.

"Yeah. I do actually. Fuck you, your so called family, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and the old fuck monkey Sarutobi standing beside them. I make you a promise on my own blood as an Uzumaki. A promise that I will not let death stop me from having my revenge! I will come back here to this village somehow, someway, and when I are all going to die and there is not a soul in this world or any other that can stand in my way!" exclaimed Naruto, as his eyes became red, and glowed with rage burning behind them.

It was in that moment, time slowed down for the blonde, and he found himself standing in his mindscape before the fox himself.

"I can help you fulfill that promise young one," offered Kyuubi with Naruto looking at him skeptically.

"And why exactly should I receive help from you of all beings?" asked Naruto with the fox looking deadly serious.

"Because like it or not boy...I'm your only chance of even having a shot at burning this village to the ground and everyone in it that has sided with your so called family now waiting to see you die," replied Kyuubi with Naruto narrowing his eyes at him.

"Bullshit! You just want to get your own revenge using me!" exclaimed Naruto with the fox looking furious.

"Even if that were remotely true, does it really matter how you get revenge so long as you get it? We both get our revenge at the same time. You think my other half likes being sealed away in the Yondaime? I can sense him wanting to get out, but the fool's seal makes it impossible. Imagine what they will do once I materialize in nine years after you die? I'll be sealed up again into your so called sister and used like a weapon for their war machine! I WILL NOT BE USED IN SUCH A MANNER!" declared Kyuubi with Naruto nodding since he could see the fox's point of view.

"Okay. I'll help you get your revenge, if only so I can get mine. There is just one problem though. How do we escape from Konoha? I'm currently tied down with just about every seal there is that prevent you from giving me power to break free and just about everyone capable of suppressing you further has my body surrounded. Not much of an escape if I can't even get free from my bonds," stated Naruto with Kyuubi nodding.

"Which is why we will be calling on a higher power to set us free. The power...of the Elder Gods!" answered Kyuubi before looking to his right and Naruto followed his gaze to a seal design that the boy didn't see before today.

"Elder Gods? How?" asked Naruto while feeling the need to go to the strange seal with what looked like dragons surrounding it.

"Put your chakra into that seal and call upon the Elder Gods to honor their agreement when they helped the Yondaime make this damn seal holding me back. Normally, to call upon any God for a sealing like mine requires a contract, or pact be made on the grounds the intentions for the sealing were noble. This seal before you is a failsafe to use in alerting them that the contract has been violated. Call upon them to take you from this realm to another. But be warned! The realm you go to by their hands will be random to the point where not even they will know where you end up. For all we know, the realm in question could actually be Hell itself. Not that it would be so bad for me, but for you...not so good," said Kyuubi with Naruto glaring at him.

"Oh great! Thanks for warning me and scaring the shit out of me at the same time," said Naruto before putting his hands on the seal and channeled chakra into the seal.

"Repeat after me everything I say. Make sure its spoken outside your mind or else the Elder Gods will not hear. Hurry! Your bastard Father is about to deliver the killing strike," said Kyuubi before telling Naruto what to say.

When Naruto's vision refocus on the outside world, he saw Minato's sword held high over his head, and about to be brought down onto the boy's head. However, before he could succeed, Naruto's hands shot to the ground, channeling what he could of Kyuubi's chakra into his throat, and his own went to his fingertips. Within seconds, a seal neither Minato, Jiraiya, or Kushina had ever seen in all his years materialized around his son.

"Elder Gods! Hear me! The contract you made with the mortal to seal up the Kyuubi inside me on the grounds of noble intentions has been violated! I call upon you now to honor your part of the contact to use your power to save this vessel from a death he does not deserve!" exclaimed Naruto to the heavens before the seal below him began to glow even brighter.

"What is that? Stop him!" ordered Hiruzen with the seal consuming Naruto in an ominous light that shot toward the sky while dark clouds formed above with lightning striking in various places.

"Use your most powerful Fire Jutsus. Kill the monster before he escapes!" commanded an angry Tsunade, as she along with every other Shinobi went through hand signs for a Fire Jutsu, and launched it at Naruto.

Naruto held back from screaming out in pain, as the fire ripped into his body, and feeling his flesh tear from being pulled away from the post he was tied down on. The sky above where a portal to another realm awaited him was creating a vacuum of sorts, sucking the boy in along with the large mass of fire that burned his hair clean off.

When the portal finally closed, the sky cleared, and it was all over.

Naruto was gone. He was last.

But the promise of his return remained, echoing through everyone's minds, and it was soon apparent to those responsible for the betrayal that the boy might actually succeed in getting his revenge.

'Naruto-kun. I'm sorry I couldn't help you like I wanted from the start. But I am glad you are free,' thought one person, the only person possibly in Konoha watching everything, and had tear stained eyes at seeing her crush about to die.

The girl's tears of sorrow became one of joy at seeing him escape his intended Fate.

And in that moment...Hyuuga Hinata was inspired to fight to break her own intended Fate within her clan. She would fight to get stronger and wasn't going to let anyone stop her from making it happen.

(Outworld-The Living Forest)

A small group of Tarkatan demons were patrolling the living forest per the orders of their Emperor Onaga: The Dragon King. He had sensed a rift in the realms and something had entered in domain uninvited in this part of his Empire.

"I smell it. Whatever entered Outworld is near here," said one Tarkatan while searching for their prey.

A groan was soon heard by the Tarkatans and they made their way over to the small lump of burned cut up flesh that was on the ground before them. It was oozing demonic energy, but it was clear to them that this creature, whatever it was, or had been in life...was near the end of its cycle.

"What is it? A demon from the Netherrealm?" asked a second Tarkatan while looking the creature over.

"An Oni maybe. His lack of skin resembles one of their kind," remarked another Tarkatan while giving the body a kick and a groan was heard seconds later.

"We will take it before the Dragon King. Our Master shall be the one to ultimately decide the creature's Fate," said the third of the group before they picked the downed creature up and dragged it to the Emperor's Palace.

(Dragon King's Palace)

"Why have you brought me this...thing?" demanded Onaga, as he saw the creature his group of warriors had brought him, and was not impressed.

"He was the creature you sensed had entered Outward my Emperor. We brought him here for you to decide what his Fate would be upon entering your domain," replied the leader of the group of Tarkatans.

Onaga said nothing at the moment, as he rose from his throne, a massive creature if there ever was one, and walked with thunderous steps toward the creature. Staring down at it, Onaga noticed the flesh was slowly healing, and sensed the demonic power within this thing was the source of it. Using his own power, Onaga levitated the creature so it was staring eye level with him, and it was clear this thing was barely conscious.

"Who are you? Tell me your name? Speak!" demanded Onaga with the creature trying to breath much less speak.

"I-I...I don't know," replied the weak creature.

"That's not good enough. How did you enter Outworld? What realm are you from?!" demanded Onaga while tightening his hold on the thing.

"I don't know! All I remember is the pain from torture, suffering at the hands of others, and then...escaping betrayal. Escaping a death I did not deserve," gasped the creature in the Dragon King's grip.

Onaga narrowed his eyes at the creature, sensing no lie from it, but smelled something from the creature, and it didn't sit well with him. When he recognized it, Onaga's eyes widened, and he slammed the thing to the ground.

"You have the stench of the Elder Gods on you!" proclaimed Onaga angrily before he raised his leg to crush the creature in front of him.

"I don't remember anything about that! I don't even remember my own name!" gasped the creature while Onaga paused in movement to crush the creature beneath his reptilian feet.

"Really? Now that's very interesting. Perhaps I was hasty in moving to end your life so soon," remarked Onaga while pondering what to do with this thing and walked in a circle around it.

"I want to live. Let me live," said the figure while getting to its knees and hearing the loud thunderous footsteps of Onaga with the Dragon King circling him.

"I will let you live. BUT there is a price to pay for your continued existence and in my realm," replied Onaga with the creature nodding.

"I will pay it. Whatever it is you ask of me...I will pay it," replied the figure with his eyes shifting between blue and red to the Dragon King's shock.

"You will pledge your loyalty to me. You will serve me and my army here in Outworld. You will fight! You kill! You will conquer!" declared Onaga while his various Shadow Priests entered the throne room.

"I will serve. I will use all my power, my strength, and skills you give me to fight for the glory of Outworld!" exclaimed the figure while trying to stand.

"Good! Now to ensure that you can fulfill your pledge. As you are now...your body is weak. Too frail to be useful to me as you are in your current form. We need to change that," remarked Onaga before calling upon his power while the Shadow Priests did the same.

The little creature, human from what Onaga recognized after some of the wounds the boy was showing from earlier had healed was now covered in Dark Magic, and levitating in midair before them. Soon, all the Shadow Priests in the room, and Onaga began chanting in ancient mystical tongue. The human child covered in their Dark Magic started to jerk left and right, fighting back the pain he was feeling, and the changes his body was going through at the moment. The boy could feel his muscles expanding, tearing, ripping, the body shredding itself inside, and it soon became too much for the strange child to handle.

All he could do was scream out in pain.

Soon, the scream of a child became the scream of a man, and the figure behind the magic fell to the ground when ritual performed on him faded. The boy now turned man breathed heavily, his body was naked, not an ounce of body hair, or fat was on him. Eyes that had once moved from blue to red were now permanently red and glowing with power. The figure struggled to stand at first before stabilizing himself and looking at his new form. While the figure found himself considerably taller then before, the overall height, and mass of the Dragon King was much bigger. Not only that, but the reborn warrior now found his mind was sharper, more focused, and began to remember things from his past. Images of people he knew, his interactions with them, scenes of his childhood coming in clearer with each passing second, and most of them were unpleasant to say the least.

He also remembered...her. The one girl who caught his interest with her inner strength and passion. A diamond in the rough. She was shy at first from what he remembered of her. Especially when around him, but then an image appeared in his mind of a battle, a fight between someone of her blood, and how this girl kept fighting. The girl showed a warrior's spirit when she kept on fighting, even when she knew she couldn't win. Despite the fact this opponent was stronger then her, had hit harder then her, and intended to kill her. This girl stood her ground, ready to face death at the hands of her own blood, and the memory showed she had looked at him at one point with a smile on her face.

And then the memories of others around him appeared. Only they were not so friendly like the girl had been. Pain from those memories surfaced. It involved training of some kind, but from what the man gathered, it involved his team of kids his age using him as a punching bag, and those from other teams along with their teachers. The laughter, the mockery, the humiliation at being beaten with so little training while the teachers mocked him for it when they deliberately denied him the training to get stronger.

'I will have my revenge on them. All of them! Down to the last backstabbing traitor living in it! I will one day return to that realm, wherever it may be, and crush them!' thought the figure angrily.

"Clothe him," ordered Onaga with the Shadow Priests coming forward before providing the tall figure with clothing and armor.

"Thank you my Emperor. I will make use of this new life you have given me with great zeal," replied the figure after he was properly dressed before a Shadow Priest presented him with an ancient looking spiked, samurai helmet guise carved out of bone, and another presented him with a large hammer with the symbol of a dragon at the end.

"I know you will. Your old life is no more. Your purpose is to serve me and you will need a name befitting it. From this day forward, I Onaga: Dragon King, and Emperor of Outworld hereby bestow on you the name...Shao Kahn!" declared Onaga with the newly named Shao Kahn bowing humbly before his Master before putting the helmet on his head.

"Shao Kahn. Yes. I am Shao Kahn: The Conqueror! The Conqueror...of the Realms!" exclaimed Shao Kahn proudly and made it his mission in life to take each realm one by one until he found the one realm he was looking for that was once his home...before burning everything in it down the ground around him.

He did have a revenge driven promise to keep after all.

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