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Ch. 1

Five years later

"Hey, Superboy," The clone looked towards Kid Flash, his eyes widening as he noticed what the speedster was trying to bring to his attention.


"Yep, the moon."

Superboy's face was one of sheer bewilderment. The real thing was nothing compared to the pre-implanted pictures in his head. It stood out boldly on its dark back drop that was the night sky, it was beautiful. Suddenly, he was aware of everything around him for the first time. The cool night breeze, the soft buzz of the street lights, the stars.

As he became more engrossed in seeing the moon for the first time, he noticed a small black spec become larger and larger. Even with his enhanced sight Superboy squinted to make sure he was really seeing what he thought he was.

Any doubt was cast aside as the figure came closer and Kid Flash spoke again.

"Wow. And Superman." Kid Flash looked towards Superboy, who was focused entirely on the oncoming figure "Do we keep our promises or what?"

"Not just Superman." Speedy growled crossing his arms. He directed a sharp glare towards Superman as the presence of the rest of the League became apparent "Looks like the whole League decided to pay us a visit."

They all looked around as all the Justice League members surrounded them. Speedy glared at Green Arrow as he was lowered with the rest of the non-flying members on Green Lantern's platform. Most of the League kept on the ground above the crevice created by the collapse of the Cadmus lab. That set them at the perfect position to look down on the four sidekicks.

Superman landed in the crevice. He was followed by the group's mentors with the addition of Batman and Black Canary. They eyed the group, trying to assess what was happening.

It was Superboy who made the first move. He started from the back of the group and headed towards Superman. He lifted the top half of his ripped outfit back into place, revealing the symbol printed on it. Superman's symbol.

The man of steel's eyes widened in disbelief but it didn't take long for Superman to recover from his initial shock and his features hardened.

Batman appeared soundlessly behind Superman, before speaking abruptly.

"Is that what I think it is?" It was more of statement than a question.

"He doesn't like being called an 'it'." Kid Flash said warily, edging forward.

Superboy met Superman's eyes. The excitement of meeting his 'original' left him in an instant, the rejection was clear enough. He glanced down toward his chest. Letting go of the fabric, he met Superman's eyes once again.

"I'm Superman's clone." Superboy threw each word out like a challenge, squaring up to Superman.

Shock and confusion crossed the faces of the members of the Justice League. All except one, of course.

Batman looked towards the teens, watching them silently for a moment.

"Start talking."

Batman barely said a word when they explained their story, merely nodding his head slightly or asking short, to-the-point, questions. The other Justice League members who heard them glanced at the four protégés every once in a while, clearly disturbed by some of the facts.

The darkly clad hero talked to the Leaguers, then returned back to the young heroes. Flash, Aquaman and Green Arrow trailed behind him.

"Cadmus will be investigated. All fifty-two levels of it, however-"

"You should've called!" Flash cut in, the distress clear as his emotions showed through his red cowl.

"However." Batman began again, "Results aside, you abused your access to League systems, disobeyed direct orders, and endangered lives. You will not be doing this again."

Surprisingly, Speedy had remained silent slowly steaming as the conversation progressed. He had been staring down The Leaguers, but on hearing Batman's words he snapped.

"Oh, I think we will," he snarled, glaring at his mentor in front of him, then at the younger heroes next to him, "Or at least I will. In case you forgot, I'm out. You have no say in what I do."

"Speedy please," Green arrow stepped forward placing a hand on his student's shoulder. "You didn't actually mean that, did you? Come on lets-"

The young archer gripped his former mentor's wrist tightly, wrenched it away, and resisted the very strong urge to punch the man in the face.

"I was very serious and I meant every word." Turning away from Green Arrow, Speedy looked towards Aqualad, Kid Flash and Superboy once more.

"If you're going to just take this then be my guest. But I'm not about to be ordered around, used, like some 'side kick'." With a final glare in the Leagues direction, he stalked away angrily, his limp forgotten.

Green Arrow started after him but Aquaman stopped him, placing a hand on his shoulder and shaking his head slightly. If he went after Speedy now there was going to be nothing but trouble.

The hero of Star city looked dejected. He didn't seem to know what to do and lowered his head in defeat.

Speedy's outburst created a tense air among the circle of heroes. Aqualad stepped forward with a determined look on his face.

"I apologise, but Speedy is right. We will be doing this again."

"Aqualad," His king warned him, "Stand down."

"Apologies my King, but no. We did good work tonight. The work you trained us to do." He motioned towards Kid Flash and Suberboy, "Together we defied the odds and forged something powerful, important. A team."

"If this is about your treatment at the hall then-" Flash began.

"It's not." The young speedster cut his mentor off, "Can't you see we're ready? All the training and the work. What was it all for if not this?"

"Why should we even let them tell us what to do? Maybe Speedy was right." Superboy crossed his arm defiantly. "It's simple really, either get on board or get out of the way."

Wally was slumped on a couch in Mount Justice, their 'new' base of operations, and was shoveling down a plate of Miss Martian's cookies with an absent look on his face.

It had been a week since the Cadmus episode. A whole week! And they hadn't had a single mission to go on. To say Wally was bored would be an understatement, he was a speedster and speedsters don't like to sit still for long. A week of no crime fighting, to Wally, was the closest thing to torture he could think of.

Sighing he looked around the room for anything to distract himself with. He eyed Aqualad, who sat in the furthest chair away, reading an Atlantian scripture on the magic arts.

A clatter of pans brought his attention to Miss Martian, or Megan as she insisted being called, who was in the kitchen trying out new recipes. A flirtatious grin spread across his face as he watched the beautiful green girl work. Man, was she pretty. Megan glanced up and caught Wally's eye, smiling brightly at him. He smirked back at her and winked, before returning to his plate of treats.

After eating the majority of the cookies he turned to look at Superboy, who was staring at the static playing on the TV.

"Hey, Supes."

Superboy only turned his head and glared at the red head causing him to shift uncomfortably. He knew Superboy wouldn't hurt him, (probably) but would it kill the guy to smile once in a while? Wally swallowed before continuing "Uh, mind if I change the channel?"

Superboy's glare intensified

"Well, I mean, statics great an' all but you've been watching it for three hours straight." Superboy only grunted in what could be interpreted as a form of agreement, before handing Wally the remote.

Quickly accepting the remote, Wally flicked through the local channels at lightning speed, a string of nonsensical words erupting from each passing channel. He continued doing this until he stopped on one particular channel. Sirens and frightened shouts blasted from the TV. A news reporter appeared in front of a row of armed police officers who all faced a small building.

"The situation inside the building remains unclear," she stated "I do, however, have official reports that this is a hostage situation. Five people are currently being held inside the vicinity by an unidentified man. A second figure has been spotted but an exact description and their involvement is yet to be confirmed. A demand through radio has been made for several thousand dollars. More on this situation later as we-" Wally had never stood up at such a speed in his life. He knocked his forgotten food onto the floor, a determined grin spreading across his face.

"Hey, guys!" everyone turned towards him, Wally motioned towards the TV, "Looks like we just got our first mission."

The room was large and hollow, but still had a grand feel to it. It was decorated in a traditional fashion, a detailed chandelier hanging at the centre. It was dimly lit and the room showed no signs of windows. Nine formally dressed people sat along a rectangular table, four on either side and an older woman at the head. Two young children, a girl and a boy, knelt on the floor beside the table playing with small faceless dolls. They all wore a plain white mask, engraved like an owl, which smoothed over all features except for their hollowed eyes. They seemed to see everything and pierce through any kind of darkness you could possibly try to hide behind.

Their deadly gaze was focused on a lone dark figure that stood at the opposite end of the table, the same mask covering his face. As frightening as their gaze was, the figure seemed unaffected by it, as if immune.

"You now understand you mission, Talon." It was the woman at the head of the table who spoke, the statement directed towards the shadow at the foot of the table.

"Of course." The boy stated.

"Good. We do not usually associate with the Shadows; however, it is necessary for your mission. Do not disappoint us. I need not remind you of what failure will result in." The last sentence was spoken with what seemed to be light amusement from the woman. However, if the boy noticed her tone he did not acknowledge it.

"No," he replied again, raising his masked face to meet hers, "masters."

The woman smirked through her mask "Very well. Go then, Gray Son of Gotham."

The boy placed his right fist over his heart, bowing slightly, before disappearing through the hall's main doors.

The young girl from the main hall sat atop a tall building, her legs swinging back and forth over the edge. In the gloomy night, her blonde, curly, locks caught the breeze and swayed. She hummed a childish tune whilst watching the shadows of the city move below her.

Beware The Court of Owls that watches all the time

Ruling Gotham from a shadow perch behind granite and lime.

They watch you at your hearth; they watch you in your bed,

Speak not a whispered word of them or they'll send The Talon for your head.



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