It's been a while!

So how have you guys been doing?



Yeah, well I've been a little bit of everything...

So the thing about ATSM, as I've told my beta, I know where I wanna go with this story in the future, but right now with the Sasori fight, I have no idea what I want to do with this. And frankly, my writing style has changed some and I don't write as bad as I have in this story, because seriously, I cringe when I read what I've written.

So, I'm thinking about rewriting this, or continuing. So, I just thought you guys deserve to know where this has been.

So, feel free to leave a review on what I should do.

If you wanna, so you have something to do until this gets updated, you can read my Naruto Fic, Renegade for Life.

Summary: I'm not a nice person. If I know you, I most likely hate you. I'm a selfish person who only cares about my own damn self. No, it's not because of some sad back story. I just choose to be this way, and I enjoy it. I'm Umeko Haruno, mean, uncaring, manipulative, renegade, me. (SI with a Twist)

Spoiler: The twist is that instead of all my good traits to make your average Mary-Sue character, I used my bad traits to make a totally mean character.

So, I will repeat, this story will continue. Somehow. Believe it!

Sorry, and love you guys!